Hey Everyone! My name is Courtney, the lovable voice behind Life At Thirtysomething. 🙂 I’ve been writing my way through pregnancy and motherhood on this blog since it all began in 2010.

I’m a mom of two little ones, Annabelle (5) and Leo (nearly 3). They are my pride and joy; the source of great happiness and… OK let’s be honest, at times, great frustration! I love spending time with them and also love getting away and having girl time with WHITE WINE.

My style is not to wax poetic about motherhood and marriage. I’m just going to keep it real, and write how I talk. So you’ll probably read my posts and be like; “ME TOO, I LOVE HER! She speaks my language!”

That’s right. #soulsisters

Anytime you want to email me or leave a comment with that exact message, I’m all ears.

To take it way way back, I first started this blog at 29, when I was freaking out about the dirty thirty, and before my first anti-aging purchase. Just kidding, I started anti-aging products way before that.

I created this little space on the Internet so that I could complain about my advancing age, and build some sort of bucket list of life to-dos, as if it was suddenly flashing before my eyes and I had to document it before I completely lost my mind due to old age.

In the early days, I blogged about fun trips to Hollywood and Cabo San Lucas, and regularly blog-swooned over my celebrity Top Five List, it was all very pre-kid lifey.

And then I got pregnant.

Suddenly, my topics shifted to my expanding waistline, the joys and pains of pregnancy, and delivering my precious Annabelle. And that’s when I think Life At Thirtysomething blog was truly born, so to speak, and I found my audience: Mommys! We bonded over sciatic nerve pain, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, and losing the baby weight!

Fast forward six years, and I’ve gone from a budding marketing and social media guru in corporate America, to moving across country from Cali to Indiana, becoming a stay at home mom, and having my second child, Leo.

Since becoming a stay at home mom I have had my share of blogs wallowing in self-confidence issues, indecisiveness about whether to stay home or return to work, and a general loss of a personal identity outside of motherhood. I didn’t realize how much of my self-image was wrapped up into having a career and being an independent working girl that got P-A-I-D.

And then something changed.

In recent months I got a jolt of motivation, energy, and confidence when I began doing freelance marketing work. OMG, I discovered my brain is still in my skull, alive and well! IT’S ALIIIIVE! And I discovered I’ve still got IT, too. WHAHOO!!  *Picture me catwalk strutting*

So here I am, dabbling in a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, trying to make an income that brings me the freedom to shop without getting side eye from the husband! If I never have to run a purchase by him again, I will be the happiest woman in all the land. No, seriously.

My new purpose here is to not only share noteworthy motherhood moments, and the occasional fashion post, but also to inspire moms who may be in a similar situation that I found myself in; struggling to keep a sense of self outside of motherhood. I want to motivate, energize, and boost your confidence, mama! You’ve got this!

SO, now that we’ve got introductions and a brief pep talk out of the way, let’s grab a glass of wine and get to bidness…

Cheers, girl!

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4 Comments on About Me

  1. This will be great. I look forward to you making me laugh…like you always do. The site looks nice! Clean, sophisticated and not too cutesie. Talk to you soon missy.

  2. Ahh Court, I love it. You crack me up. Always have such a way with words…I hope that we manage to give you some good material/inspiration on our little getaway! Think we all were Carrie at one point…I used to with my NYC/Miami Mr. Big….but those days are long over 🙂

  3. Courtney, can I be selfish here for a second – let’s start a page called “Can someone please plan my wedding?” After weeks of talking about it, throwing out ideas and going back and forth, Jase and I are back at square one. The only thing we’ve decided on is that neither of us want to deal with planning this dang thing. So, we’re going to abandon the wedding at least until I’m back from vacation. Maybe by then we’ll come up with some great idea……or else everyone will just forget about it and we’ll just go to the courthouse. Seriously.

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