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Rediscovering Myself On My Blog

Sitting by the lake, drinking wine, and thinking about life

You know how when you are younger you’re one way… and then when you get older you’re another way? Well that’s sort of how my blog is. I created this blog when I was 29. In the beginning it was all very pre-kid lifey. There were no signs of wrinkles, gray hairs, or post-baby body wear […]

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Piecing Together A Work-At-Home-Mom Career That ‘Works’

In today’s mompreneur climate, moms are thinking outside of the box with their career trajectories as they look to re-join the work force. An 8-5 job in corporate America is no longer the only option. I began thinking about dabbling in a few areas to build a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) career for myself, sort of like building a hodge podge career that works while I have two little kids at home.

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The Day I Got My Groove Back

It’s been three and a half years since I entered the world of stay-at-home-momdom and can I be real frank with you; the working girl inside me who was once so tightly associated with my personal identity, has died a slow and agonizing death. Lacking the confidence that having a good job, nice salary, and […]

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