A year ago I told myself that I would be in the BEST shape of my life come March 19th, 2010. This monumental date is of course the dreaded 3-0 for me. I say “dreaded” because when I turned 29 I was quite melancholy about exiting my twenties. But these days I’ve grown to see it as a positive thing. I feel like you really come into your own; you know yourself more and you’re more confident. That being said – I still wanna be in the best shape of my life within the next 3 ½ weeks!

And you know what? It ‘aint gonna happen. Like most people, I use the scales as my barometer of how successful my weight loss plan is going. I think back to my wedding day and I want to be that number. But that number is still 6 lbs. away! That might sound doable, but I’ve already lost 6 lbs. since Christmas! And now I’ve hit a plateau.

It’s quite frustrating considering all the exercising I’ve been doing since January. As you know now, I’ve been training for the “Cinderella Classic” 65 mile bike marathon, otherwise known as my “30th birthday challenge”. Since early January we’ve progressed from 17 mile rides to 25, 27, and a couple of 35s.

I even joined a new gym that I consider a “magical place”. It’s the kind of place where people just want to be. I think that’s half the battle – getting you there. And I want to be there like, all the time. During the week I go to the gym three nights and mix it up between jogging on the treadmill, the elliptical, and the stationary bike. I do no less than 45 minutes of cardio and then I lift weights. I also attend an hour long weight lifting class once a week! So shouldn’t fat be sliding off of me like butter on a hot knife? You’d think!

But maybe it is. Maybe the fat isn’t my problem on the scales – maybe it’s the buildup of muscle! You know the saying; “muscle weighs more than fat” and I think that may be why I’ve hit my plateau. All this biking and stuff has bound to be building me some serious quads! I mean, just check out my thighs to the left.

I’m leaning towards this explanation because I’ve had multiple people at work tell me I look like I’ve lost weight, and my clothes have been fitting way better recently. I even went dress shopping for Cabo the other day and I didn’t even flinch at my reflection in the dressing room mirror! I thought I looked pretty good actually! So maybe I’m getting leaner. And you know what; that’s what I’m going for!

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to live and die by the scale. I’m going by how my clothes fit. I’m going by how I look in pictures. If I feel lighter on my feet and firmer to the touch, than I’m happy.

What about you? Do you have any weight loss goals this year and if so, how’s it going? What are you doing? Any good tips to share?

Oh I have a good tip: stop drinking diet soda! Supposedly you’ll lose weight. And if anything, you pee a lot less!!

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  1. Seems like things never change…we (women) always trying to lose weight – – the story of our lives. Great realization that the scale means nothing. That is the first thing a personal trainer will tell you. It is all about the way your clothes fit. It looks like you are already becoming older and wiser ; ) Like I said in a previous entry, 2010 has been marked as my year for health and wellness. I am making better choices and thinking about things before I plow them in my mouth. Sweets are my weakness. AhhPregnancy…although I am lighter than I have ever been before, my body just isn’t the same since having the baby 9 months ago. I am fixing to tone up a bit or else I am not putting on a swim suit this summer. I have some trips planned so that is not an option. I have to get my ass back (in gear). I think I seriously lost my ass somewhere…I can’t seem to find it these days. My sis in law always told me I had a twelve year old ass but now I think I have a nine year old ass. I am resorting back to the basics. Pilates 2 – 3 days a week (side kick series, what?) and yoga 1-2. I really have no time but I am going to make time. If that means getting up at 6 am or getting home later after work. Any suggestions would be great.

  2. Ok now I feel like a slug after reading your blog about working out. I had put on my jogging outfit, sneaks and was ready to go downstairs and hit the treadmill. Then hubby called and wanted dinner – so I started fixing rigatoni & meat sauce. Well of course I had to grab a beer because I kept tasting to make sure it was seasoned just right and that made me want a drink. And since you made me do the 40 day lent thing I couldn’t have a glass of chardonnay. Now I’m on the computer and guess what? I haven’t worked out yet!! Ugh!! There is always tomorrow!! Glad you’re getting into shape!! 🙂
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  3. It takes 21 days to form a habit. I’ve been doing this stuff consistently for almost two months and it’s part of my life now. Without it, I’d feel like something is missing. You have to get to that point. It’s about incorporating it into your daily life where your days don’t feel complete without getting your workout in. I’ve seen you get in AMAZING shape before. You had the best arms evah! You can do it. It’s about challenging yourself. It’s not about what anyone else thinks. You just have to prove to YOU that you can do it. 🙂

  4. Oh no Tanja! I can’t afford to lose anymore of my butt – it’s already flat! AHHH! I’m not having babies now. You’ve ruined it for me. JUST KIDDING!

    I hope I’m like you and just pop into a skinnier body after having a baby! You’ve always been into yoga and I’m going to try to get into myself. I think yoga will be great for sculpting my arms! Hey, Jennifer Aniston lives by yoga and look at her!

    I’ve thought about getting up at 6am too, but it’s a total lifestyle change. I might try it out for a week though. It’s all about deciding you’re doing something and doing it. You’re only letting yourself down if you don’t do it! You can do it! 🙂

  5. I love the gym and working out. It is my time to myself and my escape from the chaos of work! For 2010 I pledged to take a spin class at least once a week (and not die) and at least a weight class once a week. Then hit the gym for my own cardio and weights 2x per week. Total with my classes – min 4x a week. Plus, I check out the class schedule weekly and take pilates with my mom when I get out of work on time. Mixing up routines definitely helps keep it exciting and fun! Plus, a rocking ipod doesnt hurt either!! The new bf has taken up a bit of my work out time, but its all good! Get your sweat on! Whooo hoooo

  6. Sounds like you’ve got your work out regimine down pat. I took my first spinning class tonite and it was hard but a GREAT work out! I’m going to try to do it twice a week!

    No worries, I’m sure whether you’re at the gym or with your *new* BF, you’re getting your sweat on! LOL!!! !!

  7. If I have to be in a wedding dress in October, I’m willing to try anything! I work out at least 3 times per week, but my crazy work schedule really messes with my workouts, my eating habits, and my motivation! It’s so easy to get thrown off track on a week when I have a big deadline and am working around the clock. I’ve tried working out in the morning because (1) it makes the most sense – I don’t have to take 2 showers in 1 day and (2) it’s the only guaranteed time of day that I can definitely make it to the gym. But it’s SOOOOO hard! I feel like even when I do make it to the gym at 5:30 a.m., I am so freakin’ tired that I don’t get a good enough workout. For you people who get up super early to work out…how do you do it? Seriously, tell me the secret.

  8. Ashley I was getting up early for a while to work out (right after my wedding) and it’s just a lifestyle change. You need to go to bed by 10pm to get up that early. But once you get in the habit of getting up that early you’ll naturally want to go to bed early too! It feels so much better getting it over with in the A.M. and knowing your workouts are done for the day.

    That wedding day was a HUGE motivatator for me! I ran 30 minutes three times a week and lifted weights. And back then I was on Weight Watchers, so that helped a ton. You’ve just got to get a lazer focus and not let work deter you from feeling your best on your big day!

  9. Water, water, water! Are you drinking lots of water? Even though you have to pee so often, you have to drink water to lose weight. I’ve pretty much plateaued too…i’m finding it harder and harder to shed lbs. Especially now that I’m working so much I don’t go to the gym quite as often. However, despite that, it’s all about food. Yeah, working out is a great supplement to weight loss and strength, and is without question completely crucial. However, it really boils down to the food you eat. Those 5 pretzels, 1 chocolate, and few crackers will put you over the edge and sabotage your goal. p.s. aren’t you back on WW? Also, did you buy a dress for vaca? I’m packing mostly jeans.

  10. Yes, I drink water all the time now. I’m getting sick of it! I’ve incorprated lemonade or grean tea for variety here and there. I totally agree that what you eat is most of it. In fact, it’s 60% what you eat and 40% exercise. I think I eat really light during the days and my dinners aren’t that bad for the most part. I think it just gets harder the older you get! That’s my defense! Because it’s not from a lack of trying! I feel like at some point though you have to decide if it’s worth it to skimp on food too much. Like, if I’m getting plenty of exercise and I’ve hit a plateau and not losing anymore then maybe this is the weight I’m supposed to be.

  11. Ok, am I only the only one who noticed the picture of your legs. Are those really your legs??? Those are some pretty cut muscles.

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