Being the good non-Catholic that I am, I’ve given something up for Lent every year since 2008. You see, my husband Jeff is a shopping cart strict Catholic and so I do this for him. Last year I even gave up chocolate and I only cheated a couple of times in 40 days, so that’s not bad for a non-Catholic. But this year I think that it’s time to step it up a notch. It’s time to give up something that’s seriously going to hurt.  After all, it’s not a sacrifice if I’m not bitching about it daily, right? Well my friends, I’m giving up Diet Pepsi. I should say Diet Coke too just to be clear.

This is going to be mucho difficult because I don’t drink coffee. And, I NEED THE CAFFEINE! Hell, I usually go to bed at midnight because I’m constantly up late blogging or screwin’ around online, so what else is going to get me through the AM? I’m just going to have to suck it up and get used to flavored water or something.

To lay it all out there; I have between three and four Diet Pepsis a day. I feel like a total sloth just admitting that. The facilities manager at work told me today that he’s thinking of signing me up for a 12-step program to wean me off of Diet Pepsi. Basically, he’s sick of calling the vending machine guy to refill the damn machine! Oh I’m so embarrassed!

It’s not my fault really. My mom put Pepsi in my baby bottle. JUST KIDDING, MOM! I know she’s going to call me as soon as she reads that. She didn’t put “Pesi” (what I used to call it as a baby!) in my bottle, but I believe I started drinking it around age 3! In fact, around that age I remember begging my Granny to let me have some Pepsi as she stood firm in front of the out-of-my-reach cabinet saying a definitive “N-O!” And then we heard my brother scream bloody murder from outside as he had just stabbed a giant tree trunk with a humongous construction nail causing a pack of bees to come out and swarm his head. Granny raced outside and I raced up the countertop to grab the Pesi. Hmm…victory never tasted so good!

And so the story goes; my name is Courtney Rice and I’ve been a Pepsi-holic my entire life. And I know it’s SO not good for me. I drink diet to avoid the calories but then there’s Aspartame which is supposed to suck for you. Of course we’re always hearing about how researchers are claiming that diet soda intake can be linked to cancer and stuff, etc. etc. But the most compelling reason to quit diet soda is that I hear you can actually lose weight! Imagine that! I guess you eat more when you’re drinking it and you also feel bloated from the carbonation.

So anyway, I’m blogging about this because I feel like if I say it to the world (or my three readers) then I’ll have to stick to it. I’m going to hate it and I might be pissy here and there, but I’ll deal. I like a challenge – never tell me I can’t do something because I’ll show you I can!

So alright all of you Catholics out there, whaddya giving up for Lent? Now come on, it’s got to be something good. No, it’s got be something that’s going to suuuuuuck for you! I don’t want to see anyone cheating and giving up something they never do/use/eat/drink. For example, Jeff told me he was giving up ice cream. He probably eats ice cream like once in a blue moon. What happened to his usual 40-day ban on hard booze? So c’mon, if this non-Catholic can do it, then surely the real ones can! But hey, I encourage all the other “nons” out there to do what I’m doing. Give something up that’s going to be a healthy change for you and just blame it on Lent! The good ‘ole Catholic guilt will pull you through!

It’s going to be a long 40 days and 40 nights, but we can do it people. I’d love to hear what you’re giving up if you are indeed participating in this annual sacrifice!

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  1. Chris is going with a different approach…. instead of “giving up” something, our priest has encouraged everyone to work on improving something. More like a resolution than a sacrifice. So Chris going to work on being more patient. Maybe sit down for an entire meal with me and Alex instead of getting up in the middle of it to start cleaning the floor. We’ll see how long he can do it. Alex is a very slow eater.

  2. Oh that’s a good idea! I wish I’d heard of that before I posted this blog post! I could’ve saved myself a lot of future caffeine withdrawl headaches! Oh well, I’ve already made the declaration! But I’m def telling Jeff about this resolution vs. sacrifice. Jeff needs to work on his patience too. He ALWAYS gets up as soon as he’s done eating no matter what I’m doing. HOW RUDE!

  3. I agree with Jenny, the intent of lent in the Catholic Church is not to give something up but it’s a time for of penance, preparation, and spiritual renewal. Although I do usually give something up as well because I think it’s a good thing. The real challenge is to reflect on the past year and work on changing yourself for the better and to renew your spirit. The real challenge for me is the fasting that occurs. I almost passed out at work on Wednesday from the lack of 10 meals I usually eat every day.

    So I would say sit down have a diet and find some internal things to work on as well.


  4. Ok now that I’ve seen Jenny’s comment I’m wondering about “giving” something up. Oh well since Court is doing it I will too. I’m going to give up having a glass of Chardonnay through the week. This is only for 40 days – now that doesn’t mean I can’t drink a glass of Cabernet or a beer – this is just white wine!! I don’t usually have it thru the week anyway :), but this is something I will abstain from for 40 days. I will still be able to have it on the weekend if I want – and you know the weekend starts on Thursday (from the ole college days). Jenny I like the fact that Chris gets up and cleans the floor – I’m going to suggest that to Kenny. Or maybe the dishes!

  5. I can’t tell you how many times I said I was going to give up swearing for lent. I mean, come on…that is completely unrealistic, as is the trying to improve yourself movement (no offense intended). As a catholic, I understand the importance of bettering yourself and that is what the lenten season is all about but it is pretty challenging. Along with the 12 items on my New Year’s resolution list – 2010 – a year of Health and Wellness, I am giving up all sweets with 2 clauses – my friend’s baby shower this weekend – I ordered these amazing champaign flavored cupcakes and my cousin’s twins baby shower (next weekend). I put the whole thing together – – let me eat cake. Giving up sweets helps me with my yearly “get slim for summer” plan and gives me a jump start! I really encourage it. The first 2 weeks are the hardest but I have good news ladies – – if you hold off for two weeks with no cheating those cravings will diminish…poof…gone! There is hope : ) This makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t have cake two weeks in a row….hmmm?? I don’t want to have to start from square one, going through the two weeks and have night sweats again. Courtney – eat an apple. I have read that one apple can provide the same boost that coffee and pop can give you. Take it from someone who doesn’t drink anything caffeinated. Diet Pepsi/Coke is the devil! It makes me feel really loopy and like I am on speed. Hubby David gave up meat. He used to give up alcohol – we are kinda bad ass when it comes to lent…lol. He can’t give up the booze anymore since we own a bar. No, seriously though, what am I supposed to make for dinner? I am almost a vegetarian. Since my pregnancy, I can barely eat chicken. I enjoy tofu and veggies but David…no chance. Dinner is becoming a third job – – 1.) daily job 2.) baby 3.) trying to figure out what to make David. I decided tonight he will eat frozen cheese ravioli and I will have a grilled veggie wrap. BTW: David and I barely sit at the table so you girls are one upping me.

  6. Eat cake! Eat it two weeks in a row! You look AMAZING – better than ever! So I wouldn’t worry about a couple pieces of cake! You’re busy being a supah mama and wife…my how things have changed since the good ‘ole Justin Timberlake days!! HA HA!

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