In exactly three weeks I’m leaving for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a long girl’s weekend. I cannot freaking wait to be laying in 85 degree weather having a hot pool boy bring me a free pina colada upon command. I say “free” because we got a sweet deal on an “all-inclusive” resort and it’ll feel free since I won’t have to pay for anything on the spot.  

This isn’t just any ‘ole vacation by the way. This is the “kiss my twenties au revoir” vacation. Another girlfriend on the trip is saying sayonara to her twenties in March as well. But she already had her first kiss-off in the Dominican Republic in January (she’s my jet-setting friend with a charmed life), so I’m a little more excited then she is, I’m assuming.

This vacay has been in the planning stages for years. I believe around the age of 25 we girls talked about celebrating our 30th birthdays in Italy. But we’re now settling for Cabo (don’t cry for us). As I’m sure all girls do, we are of course comparing this trip to the one taken by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in the “Sex in the City” movie. We already know who Samantha is (jet-setter) but we argue over who is Carrie. I get tossed Charlotte’s name but only because I’m the only married girl. I’m not like Charlotte, FYI. But instead of mourning a failed wedding day we’ll officially be celebrating the brand new engagement of one of the other girls who thinks she’s Carrie!

Now I haven’t had a “spring break” since college so this is going to be a little different. Aside from jet-setter, most of us haven’t had a girls trip since the good ‘ole sorority days (Vegas doesn’t count).  In Cancun back in ’01 we were doing booze cruises, making out with hot strangers, walking barefoot home from the bars by ourselves, and going to bed at 4am only to get up at 7am to be in the audience of Jerry Springer’s MTV spring break show.

Things have changed a bit these days. Our standards are higher. We’re essentially grannys who want to spend half our time at the spa and the other half eating at nice restaurants. We’ll probably get sleepy at the hotel bar around 10pm from too much sun exposure and one too-many daytime margs. We’ll be taking advantage of the early bird breakfast this time around because we’ll actually be awake for it. And we’ll definitely cringe at any spring breaker who comes up to us and tries to hump our leg.

Yes, we’re getting older and it shows. We want the finer things in life which include eight hours of sleep, no hangover mornings, and relaxed shoulders. Do I miss those spring break days of yesteryear? A little. Would I trade them for our granny “Sex in the City” vacation next month? Hell to the no!

I’m almost 30 and I’ve earned the right to be classy!

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  1. I am glad that you girls are following through. My girls planned to take a “Shit! We’re all turning 30” trip but we didn’t get to it. Between babies, weddings and divorces there wasn’t any time. Maybe we can do a “F***! We are 35 trip.” – this theme would apply to the next 30-40 years in 5 year increments. F***! We are 40 trip. F*** we are 45! and of course the Holy F*** we are 50! You know the rest. I will have to talk to the girls. I am so jealous.

  2. HA! I love it – “F*CK! I’m 30!” We don’t actually have a name for our trip.

    Ya, it’s hard getting a group of girls to decide on a time, location, and WHO’s going to be the coordinator (aka credit card girl). It almost didn’t seem like it was going to happen as I only booked my flight a couple weeks ago and our hotel only like 3 weeks ago! But we take off in a week and a half! I just hope it doesn’t go by too quickly!

    I say you take a “F*CK, I’m 31” trip to San Francisco girl!!!! 🙂

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