Sun tan lotion. Check. New bathing suit. Check. Supah fly new shoes. Check.

Yeeeees, Cabo is upon us. In a few hours I’m boarding a plane for five days of fun in the sun with my good ‘ole sorority sistas for our own version of a “Sex in the City” Mexico vacation! I’ve been looking forward to this vacation for so long and now that it’s only hours away – I’m having anxiety about it! It sounds strange, but I’m afraid it’s going to be over before it starts!

Does anyone else ever think like this? You look forward to something so much and within a blink of an eye you’re back at work slogging away on some poo that you don’t feel like doing, only daydreaming about your recent vacay. My dad always says; “It never seems like you’re on vacation, you’re just remembering when you were.”

Dang it! Cabo, don’t’ do this to me! Don’t be over before you start!

Just this past weekend my husband whisked me away for a *surprise* early 30th birthday getaway to Palm Springs! He was totally being the best husband on earth and got me tickets to see my fave new singer, Adam Lambert, perform live in concert (to read about my trip, go here)! I found out about the surprise (on the sly) two days before, and it seemed like one second I was wistfully telling an audience of co-workers where my husband was taking me, to recapping my weekend to the same peeps the very next second. I guess the saying is true; “Time flies when you’re having fun”. But at times like this, I wish time would just walk. Not fly.

Loose Cabo agenda

In Cabo we plan to spend a lot of time at the pool, namely, the swim up bar. We are headed straight to the spa for messages and facials at the first sign of a sun burn. And we plan to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Let me tell you, we love to chow down! Screw the salad! BRING US MEXICAN FOOOOOOOD! Back in Cancun circa 2001, we went to this restaurant (do you call it a “Mexican restaurant” if you’re in Mexico?!) and they were serving us an inappropriately small portion of chips and salsa, and no sooner than the bowl landed on the table we were asking for a second batch. After about five refills we were getting the raised eye brow look from our server. So ya, we like to eat. Nothing has changed. Only now, we can afford to eat at better places!

We’ll probably hit up a few bars at night, but knowing how unfortunately jet lagged our Midwestern/Southeastern chicas will be; we’ll probably be in the hotel lobby sipping pina coladas, rubbing our sore feet, and people watching most nights. It’ll go something like this; “Oh, look at her outfit! So cute! OMG, look at what she’s wearing – if I ever leave the house like the, slap me! You know, the usual shit talking girls do when they’re amongst friends.

Oh speaking of outfits (this was funny); one of the girlies in our group that I’ve nicknamed “Jetsetter” mentioned that she’s bringing a one piece jumpsuit thingy on the trip. Naturally, the rest of us immediately pictured some sort of J.Lo-esque ensemble. One of the other girls fessed up that the mere mention of Jetsetter’s “onesie” gave her anxiety!! She doesn’t want to compete with that! I don’t either. My Old Navy sun dress is going to look pretty churchy next to that!

So anyway, I’m looking forward to making new memories with my girls and having a book full of new vacation “quotes” that we can laugh about for years to come. I just hope time stands still on this vacay. And I want to prove my dad wrong. I want to be “ON VACATION” and know I’m there, not simply reminiscing when I was!

 Does anyone else get vacation anxiety? Or am I totally stupes on this one?

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  1. I think we all get alittle anxious when vacations roll around because there is so much anticipation, then you’re there and having so much fun, and of course time flies when you’re having fun….then it’s over!!! Ugh. Such is life. Enjoy as much as you can–take pictures — enjoy your friends and the experiences.. So it’s over — you have great memories/pictures and you’ll do something fun again real soon!! Don’t sweat the small stuff just enjoy your vacation with yor sistas!!

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