This is a direct quote from my husband. Swear.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m like, a major pop culture junkie. I love me some suuuuurrrrreeeaallll life like you wouldn’t believe. It’s true. I follow entertainment blogs on a regular basis and get daily e-newsletters from People Magazine and Us Weekly. I mean, it’s important that I know the breaking headlines. (What? There was a big volcano eruption? Where?). I watch “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars” with fervor and I see a new movie almost weekly.

The most notable of my pop culture obsessions has to be the “Twilight” series of books and movies. Ok… and as long as I’m being honest, I also have a freakish obsession with Adam Lambert. THERE. I SAID IT! The cat’s outa the bag. You know me. You really, really know me now. Are we still friends?

Well, up until now, I’ve saved my fan girl ramblings on the likes of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for my other blog, Pop Culture Junkie. I guess I thought Life at Thirtysomething was going to be about my OTHER interests. You know; the ones where I don’t have to hold my breath and pause for reaction when I hit the send button. But lately, I’ve been gettin’ tired of two bloggy blogs. It’s too time consuming to be two people – the 30-year old, and the 13-year old. Truth is; in many ways, I AM 30 going on 13. It’s my form of escapism form normal, everyday life. And so, if I’m going to write a blog about my life and the shiznet I care about, pop culture is going to weigh heavy on the menu of topics.

Spastic fan girl

What? You mean you haven't told them about us?

So there you have it, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to start blogging about pop culture here. I should warn you; I’m not as classy and mature as you perceive me to be now. I know, I know:  surprise, surprise. But sometimes I’m just a spastic fan girl about my celeb love. Sometimes I want to gush about how freaking GORGE Robert Pattinson is… like in a way that a married girl shouldn’t. I want to delve into why at times he just looks OK in pictures, and other times he’s so HAWT, it’s stupid.

And I won’t even mention my life-size cardboard cutout of RPattz. No, it’s too soon. I’ll save that for a later post when I’m sure you’ve accepted the real me.

To my mature audience who couldn’t give a lick about pop culture, don’t be skerd. I’m still going to blog about life stuff, like how my dog’s giant balls are meeting their maker any day now, or how I plan to run naked in San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers annual 12k race. Ok, I’m not really going to run naked. I’m going to wear a bag over my head, you know, so no one knows it’s me.

So ya, I’m just going to infuse all of me in this blog now – not just my better half.

…And guys, I think you’re really going to love me! xoxo

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