It used to drive me nuts when I’d look at pictures in the goss magazines and celebrities like Jessica Simpson would be holding their cell phones in hand everywhere they went. I always wanted to puke over it, like; oh you’re SOOO important that you have to keep your phone in hand just in case you get that dream job call, or the 411 on the next Hollywood partay.  Gag me with a spoon why dontcha!

That was a couple years ago. And now – this is who I’ve become! I’m Jessica Simpson! I’m that girl that carries her celly in hand and not in my purse!

Me and my Crackberry make a lovely non-sociable couple when we’re out in public. I barely walk from point A to point B without having a phone conversation with someone – or checking my email! I don’t even need to read books on the train anymore because I can read Twitter and Facebook status updates from my phone! And when I’m home, I’ve nearly given up TV (except for “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars”) because I’m in a committed relationship with my laptop. I mean, how else am I going to maintain two different blogs if I’m not fiercely devoted? I suspect that my husband, Jeff, has a voodoo doll with my lime green Dell’s face on it.

Relationships gone digital

My point is – I’m feeling like I’m a little too “digitally connected”. I know I’m not the only one by far. It’s a huge problem with society right now – especially with kids – because young people today are spending more time texting their friends than having real conversations and developing genuine relationships. They’re writing their Senior English Paper in short hand like; “IDK wha I wannabe when I growns up. I jus wannabe famous. LOL!”  

These days, we have a huge problem with texting while driving, where we’ve seen countless unnecessary deaths occur over silly text messages that you know just ‘aint the deep, thus, not worth a human life. Personally, I’ve made a concerted effort to not check my email or text messages while driving. I keep my phone in my purse. I’m also trying not to talk on the phone in the car as much either. Have you ever been driving and talking on the phone and then when you hang up you realize you can’t remember that last 10 mile stretch of road? That’s scary! What if something happened when you were zoned out talking about last night’s “American Idol” results with your friend? This is enough to make me think twice about reaching for my phone in the car.

Weaning off the Crackberry

I had a slightly nerve-racking experience in early March when I went to Cabo San Lucas and realized I couldn’t use my phone there. I thought; “How am I going to get through five days without calling someone and bragging about my position on the beach? Or blogging, checking email, Facebook, etc.” But I got through it just fine! In fact, it was quite liberating! I realized I didn’t need that damn little piece of shit phone that interrupts my life and conversations with real, living, breathing people.

I’m not cured of my addiction by any means, but I’m trying! Hey, I’m reading a book right now that I’m almost finished with and it’s only been like three weeks since I started it! The last book I read took me six months! It’s because I’m reading more and phone ‘net surfing less. A marked improvement!

What about you, are you married to technology? Or have you found a happy medium between real and digital friends?

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  1. I am happy to say i am not married to technology! (however i am online now.. haha but getting off after this comment and staying offline all weekend!) I do go online for my job hunts, email, and surfing web/ facebook etc. but i limit myself. I do the same with TV (1 hr max a day) and refuse to get internet on my phone for this same reason. I really do think there has to be a balance. Sometimes i go out with friends and they are all on there phones and I am like… helllo??! So i make them put it away! We need more facetime, quality time and less tech time. 🙂

  2. Me neither! I’m exactly like Victoria (hi Victoria!) with limiting myself on internet, TV, and I have also not broken down and bought a phone with internet. I know my personality, and I know if I did have one, I’d be addicted! I just want to keep my phone as simple as I can. I sent you that article a while ago about how technology is a “soft addiction,” and I truly believe that. People use it to pre-occupy themselves with whatever it is they don’t want to think about in life, just like a drug – and at the expense of relationships. However, my fiance argues that the internet has taken the place of what our parents used to do at night to relax – read the paper. I can see that, but I think it’s more addicting. I guess you just have to put limits on whatever it is that you are doing and don’t forget about what is really important – real relationships. Technology should just be an enhancement, not the only way.

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