In case you’ve missed my numerous references to my fantasy boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, you should know that I’m absolutely in love with all things “Twilight,” therefore, there will be some serious counting down going on as we get closer to the third “Twilight” movie, “Eclipse.”

Being that today we’re officially 40 days out, I felt like posting the latest TV previews that have surfaced just this week for “Eclipse” and mostly new stuff that we haven’t seen in the trailers already.

Happy Friday!!

2 Comments on 40 days to Twilight’s Eclipse: new previews and movie posters!

  1. OK…I will FINALLY admit it. I love Twilight. It took me a while to get into the books and now I am hooked. I was almost bitter with the women in my life that didn’t get me into this sooner and I am forever in debt to my sis in law who did. I can’t wait to come home just so I can read it. Edward is the kind of man every girl should have a relationship with. Why Kristin? They couldn’t find someone hotter than her? He couldn’t find someone hotter than her? Puh-lease!

    I am going to cut this off before I say anything else that will humiliate me more than I have already humiliated myself.

  2. Tanja!! Now I KNOW that I told you about my Twilight obsesh ages ago and I’m pretty sure you blew me off! I remember telling you about all my obsessions, including the Adam Lambert one and you weren’t having any of it! I’m just glad your sister-in-law was able to knock some good sense into you! YES, every girl should have an Edward in her life, but unfortunately, most girls never will. I mean, I don’t think vampires truly exist and stuff…

    I think Kristen Stewart is pretty in real life – when she’s dolled up – but they def made her look like a plaine Jane to play Bella. Those brown contacts totally make her look blah. But in the books, she’s supposed to be a very average looking girl. And remembs, Edward isn’t necessarily drawn to her at first because of her looks. He likes the way her blood smells and it drives him nuts that he can’t read her thoughts! HA, that sounds funny when you type it out…the blood part.

    I’m def glad you’re into the books/movies now so we can gab endlessly about it. I mean, it’ll only make our friendship stronger! LOL!

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