Uh oh…it’s happening: I’m starting to get really, really Twitarded again! I just watched Oprah’s much anticipated “Eclipse” special with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart and all I want to do right now is cartwheels across my living room floor!  O-MIGAWD, this show just reaffirmed my apeshitness over all things TWI-LIGHT!  

WHOOHOO! Can you feel it in the air? It’s electric! June 30thget here already you muther!

I’ve been chomping at the bit for about three weeks now knowing that the big “O” was going to have the cast on her show for a special “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” episode. The idea of having RPATTZ and TayTay on one show for an entire hour sent me to the moon and back faster than Neil Armstrong! And lemme just say; the show did NOT disappoint!

Excuse me while I dissect the cast on Oprah…

Courtney, there are many sides to me. I can show you...

Robert Pattinson, you funny boy! I always just thought you were eye candy with nothing else really going on. I mean, that’s ok because your hotness certainly carries you through every possible scenario in life. But you are super cute and funny too, Robby! When you knocked on the door of those unsuspecting “Twilight” fan’s houses and the mom screamed, “OMIGAWD YOU’RE SO HOOOOT”, you really took it in stride. In fact, you even made my husband “LOL” with your funny commentary about breaking in to one of the houses that weren’t answering the door quickly enough. You’re sooo baaaad. I like it. What other bad things are you capable of? (Courtney, SNAP OUT OF IT, people are reading!)

Kristen Stewart, you were a bit more tolerable today. So that’s good. I need to continuously remind myself that you’re just a 20-year old girl only dating the hottest vampire in the world and I should cut you some slack. Wait, NO I SHOULDN’T! Step it up girl! Stop being so effing awkward already. Twitch, twitch, studder, studder! GAH! Cut that shit out! Just go sit on RPattz’ lap and shutz up. You do have really pretty green eyes though. And ok, I like you because you’re Bella. I kidded about the previous stuff. *winks*

Court, you can touch 'em if you want. I'll let you...

Taylor Lautner, Taylor, Taylor Lautner: come to mama! Your abs KILL ME! They’re really inappropriate to be honest. A married girl shouldn’t be worked up into a tizzy over your eight pack like this. It really should be illegal to be that hot. And that young (Oh be-have!). That “Eclipse” scene with you leaning up against the car with your shirt off and your 12-pack flexing inappropriately was so mind boggling that I think the rewind button on my remote is permanently stuck in the down position. I mean really, you’re so flippin’ ridic that my husb even admitted you were good looking! Of course he was trying to say that he didn’t think RPATTZ was a good looking guy, but he thought you were. You see, you have power over men too. Not fair, you 30-pack tease! *winks again*

And GOOD GRIEF, that brand new scene in “Eclipse” that Oprah showed (watch here) where Edward and Jacob were fighting over Bella, well, it had me doing the Irish jig in my living room! I was a giddy mess wanting more and more!*Sighs*

A passionate explanation

One of the “Twilight” Mom’s summed up this ridiculous obsession perfectly when asked about all the fan fair surrounding these books and movies. She said: “I think you miss the passion of your first love. It was just so passionate. And now you’re married, you have kids. You’re working. It’s a 24/7 job. And this is an escape. You relive your passion.”  I concur girlfriend. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Ok, in T-minus 47 days “Eclipse” will be upon us. And I cannot be held responsible for my fan girl blog talk over this timeframe. So, consider yourself warned… And let the countdown begin!


4 Comments on Countdown to Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE!!!!

  1. My calendar is marked and I’m on the count down as well. My weekend escapes are “Twilight” and “New Moon” watching them over and over again.

  2. HA Stacy! I love it! I just watched Twilight on Thursday with one of my girlfriends and I have a date with another girlfriend next Thursday to watch New Moon! It never gets old! It’s an escape.

  3. Great post Court. Love the way you break it down and we think so much alike. I’m like that mom you mentioned – it can take me into another realm too. I kind of dig those 6..8…12 packs myself. (i’m bad!!)

    I’m looking forward to June 30th and will have to make it a big event!!

    Thanks for making my morning.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Don’t Make Your Pet Have To Take On An Armed Intruder! =-.

  4. You “kinda” dig those 6..8..12 pack abs? Oh come on, who are you kidding? You LOVE those 22 pack abs? You can’t get enough! Don’t lie – it’s unbecoming! LOL!

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