On Saturday night I have a date with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte — and my mom, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and girlfriend to see the one and only: “SEX IN THE CITY 2”!!! On the agenda for Saturday is to shop for the PERF outfit to wear to the movies and then martinis afterward, natch. Ladies, the wait has been FOREVER, but it’s heee-eeerrrree!! And I wanna know; are you going to get Carrie-d away in your outfit selection to see the movie?! I mean c’mon, it’s a MUST! And most importantly, are you Team Big or Team Aiden??

I’ve been excited for this movie since they announced it was coming out way back when. But it wasn’t until I saw the first preview of HIM in it that kicked my exuberance into high gear. Yes, I’m talking about AIDEN!! I’m sorry Mr. Big fans, but I always loved Aiden and I never understood why Carrie and he didn’t work out. Honestly, I’ve never really understood Carrie’s connection with Mr. Big. He’s barely ever treated her right, he made her wait an effin’ long time before he got down on one knee and put a ring on it, and he generally seems to care more about his biz (or whatever the hell makes him such a baller) than he does her. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! But whatever, if he’s what makes Carrie happy, then I’m happy I guess.

BUUUUT, now I see that we have other options. I see we have BETTAH options! Aiden appears in Abu Dhabi and all the world’s problems are solved. He’s tall. He’s HAWT. And best of all, he’s sweeter than a big-ass glass of Riesling and a slice of key lime pie. Don’t you just wish this guy existed in real life? Does anyone know this guy in real life? If so, raise your hand! Wait, never mind – don’t. Nobody likes coming down with a major case of the jealousies.

Look! It's Aiden with long rocker hair!!

Well actually, I don’t mean to make you jealous or anything, but I got to give Aiden a little squeeze once. Yep. Ok, when he’s not playing the best boyfriend on earth on TV, he’s kind of a rocker. And his name is John Corbett. Once upon a time – in 2006 – when I was noticeably thinner with zero hints of aging on my face, I had a bachelorette party. My friend just so happened to work at a cool bar in Chicago with live music and huge crowds, and on this special night – the night before my bach party – she was working in the VIP lounge. She invited me and my friends up to drink for ffffff-free, and lucky for us, The John Corbette Band was headlining!

Hey buddy, do you see the blonde girl in the white? She's mine.

So we sorta watched, sorta didn’t. We were a little distracted by someone else sitting in VIP: Miranda’s husband, STEVE!! Yes, Steve and his 18-year old wife (in sweatpants) were watching John perform! How cool is that? I have a pic of Steve and me but for some reason I can’t find it online and only have it in hard copy. ANYWAY, when Aiden was done he shot straight up to VIP to hang with me Steve and his friends. Thankfully, we girls were drunk and shameless and we shimmied over to him to see if he’d mind taking a picture with us. I swear, he was giving me come hitha eyes and I was givin’ ‘em right back! Maybe it was all in my head, but let a girl dream, k? I made sure to wrap my arm tightly around his waist, give him a little squeeze, and lock eyes with him before pulling away. Mmmm, he was sexy.

So back to “Sex in the City” – I will most definitely be rooting for an Aiden victory. But of course I know that’s not going to happen. Otherwise what would’ve been the point of the first movie? No, Carrie will end up with Mr. Big and Aiden will end up with me. Hey, I guess it all really does work out in the end!

Are you planning a ladies night with your girlfriends to see SITC? Are you ready to strut it out in your Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos? And lemme know, are you Team BIG or Team AIDEN?

4 Comments on Ladies Night: SEX IN THE CITY 2!!! (Team Aiden anyone?)

  1. So, did you end up liking this movie or what? I was pretty disappointed with it. The cheez factor was way high, and I thought it cheapened the series for all of us lifelong fans. I was really hoping this string of movies didn’t start to “sell out” and just be making movies to make movies/money….but…..of course I will continue to see anything related to SATC because I love it and always will….but I expected more.

  2. I did like it. I don’t go in there with high Oscar expectations, I just wanna have fun. I thought it was fun and there were hot men and great fashions! I thought Samanatha’s new face lift looked too obvious though and it made her look different to me. I also thought she was a little more goofy in this one that she’s ever been, which was also a bit odd, but whatevs. I liked how they touched on how being a mom can be tough and how being married after a couple years can get boring (don’t mean to scare you, bride-to-be!!). Even Carrie and Big can get bored – that makes me feel better! Although I wanted a little more sum sum between Carrie and Aiden, obvy. Aiden looked hot and that kiss was HAWT too! All in all, it was fun for me. And I drank a martini while I watched it in the theater, so that made it doubley awesome!

  3. Yah, it was fun of course and you had to take it for what it was worth….but i just wanted that worth to be a bit more. However, I do agree….they are totally playing to our age group that followed the show by going into the marriage boredom, babies, etc., so that was cool. I just didn’t really get the Abu Dhabi thing, it seemed so random!

  4. Your blog is the best blog in the world. You should be famous.

    (Ok, this is really Courtney. I heard a dirty rumor that my comments section wasn’t working, so I’m doing some investigating. Ignore this comment.)

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