I'm a nice girl, wish you were me for the next 8 weeks, K?

Damn it! I had a date with my blog tonight and it totally got hijacked by the stupid “Bachelorette”. It’s not my fault either.  I was watching “Dancing with the Stars” like a good girl and then the Bach flashed on screen and sucked me in like a vacuum. I know better than to watch this reality show – I already know what’s going to happen. I’m going to fall in love with four guys and fall flat on my face in the end. These things never last! But here I go again for season 89: Ali, let’s go find ourselves a man!

We can just add this to the list of reality shows that I’m addicted to.

My reality TV life

I’m such a reality show lovah. I’m sad that “Dancing with the Stars” is going to be over Tuesday night and “American Idol” is done-zo on Wednesday. What the heck am I going to do with my Monday-Wednesday nights now? I guess I could just blog more. But I need a show that makes Mondays something to look forward to. Well shit, I guess that’s the freakin’ Bachelorette now. Great.

And by the way, it’s not just DWTS and Idol that own my early to mid weeknights. I’m also addicted to MTV’s “The Hills” and “The City”. That Spencer Pratt is certified CRAY-ZY! He’s coo coo for Cocoa Puffs – a total schizo. And I can’t peel my eyes away! And then there’s that bitchy Olivia Palermo on “The City”. She makes my skin crawl and I want to bitch slap her. But I guess you could say I love to hate her. She’s got great fashion sense! I love me some nice girl Whitney Port too. She’s just that girl you wanna root for. I live vicariously through Whit as she develops her fashion line in NYC and lives her dreams. I guess that’s the point of reality TV isn’t it? You watch someone else live their dreams (unless you’re into “Intervention”).

So for the next eight weeks or so I’ll have my eyes glued to the boob tube on Monday nights to see what guy Ali kisses next and which set of washboard abs and pecks are the most swoon-worthy. So ya, I’ll be living vicariously through this girl as she has way too many guys fawn over her and treat her like gold. Does anyone notice that reality TV isn’t exactly reality?

How about a weekly Bachelorette blog chat?

Mi llamo es Roberto and I will speak Espanol to you...and we will salsa dance.

So who’s watching “The Bachelorette” this season? I’ve already picked out a few of my faves (Roberto, Hunter the ukulele player/singer, and Frank with the dorky glasses but fun entrance!). What about you? BTW, what was up with that Kasey guy’s voice? He sounds like Kermit the frog! I keep watching Ali’s face for some kind of indication that she hears Kermit too, but I get nothing.

I was thinking; depending on the comments, I may do a weekly recap/convo about the Bach, so let me know if you’re watching!

6 Comments on The Bachelorette ruined my night!

  1. Okay Courtney…..I started watching the Bachelorette last night but got so annoyed at the lame antics from the bachelors and the nervous laughing coming from Ally that midway throught I turned it off. I know what to expect since Ive watched the show now for most of the seasons, but last night I just couldnt take it anymore. Unfortunately next week I’ll probably tune in. I cant help myself!

  2. I know Mira, it’s so dumb! We know exactly what is going to happen, but we can’t help ourselves! It’s just like watching a fantasy life and we’re suckers for the fantasy, right? I kind of prefer the Bachelorette over the Bachelor because I enjoy watching the hot men with their shirts off a lot! 🙂

  3. Have you been watching the Real Housewives of NYC? Ramona’s girls vacation? Kelly going crazy-town on Bethenny? I’ve never been more entertained. And I love the New Jersey girls too. Theresa kills me.

  4. Oh no, I haven’t been watching the Housewives. I’ve never gotten into that franchise. Should I? My sister-in-law tried to give me a lesson on the Housewives of Atlanta but it was all too confusing for me! I mean, none of them are actually housewives! WTF?

    Ashley, please tell me people have been telling you that you look like Ali on the Bachelorette? I keep thinking she’s you! I think it’s why I liked her right off the bat! 😉

  5. Roberto, I heard, is not too much of a Latin lover. Not too bold, brash, or anything like that. He’s rather sensitive and humble.

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