I like Facebook. I mean, how cool is micro-blogging? It’s a fantastic idea. You can post interesting commentary about what you did each day, like going to the bank or the laundry mat. And you can cyber stalk people for hours and they’d never even know it! But mainly, it’s a nice little way to catch up with people so that you don’t have to worry about calling them anymore. I had a friend tell me once that although we hadn’t spoken over the phone in forever, she felt like she was up-to-date on my life because of my Facebook status updates. Fair enough. I’m lazy too.

But what’s interesting about Facebook is the abundance of high school people that come out of the woodworks and suddenly want to be “friends”. I would say a huge percentage of my Facebook friends are people that I haven’t actually seen since 1998. Hell, a few of them were probably former frenemies back in the day too! (But now they’re nice.) Half the time I just accept any old classmate that says Penn High School in their bio. I figure; if they want to glean about my “Twilight” and Adam Lambert obsessions and read my latest blog posts – they must be awesome. Click, Accept!

But what do you do when you get that random friend request from someone you really did not like, such as your class’ biggest bully? Do you take the high road and accept? Or do you ignore – no – DECLINE friendship? Today, this happened to me. This particular person was like, the biggest dickhead on the planet and super mean to me in high school, so why does he want to know what’s up with my life now? Is it because his went nowhere? (Oops!) I just don’t get it. I’m not holding grudges or anything. I could really care less to be honest. Just curious what others do in this type of sitch.

And what about the complete strangers that send you a friend request? At first, I never accepted anyone I didn’t know. I mean, I was guarded about who knew what TV shows I was watching and what books I was reading. But now, I’m kind of like, whatever. Do they look like an axe murderer? No? Click, accept. In my mind, more friends equal more potential blog readers! Yes, I’m a shameless self-promoter.

But I really think that anyone who has over 400 friends must be an “accepting whore” because nobody knows that many people. That’s the limit. And then there’re people like my brother who have over 700 Facebook friends. Impossible! But don’t think I haven’t asked him to pimp my blog linkies on his wall! Shameless, I know.

General thoughts

Aside from the odd friend requests, there are a few other things about Facebook that will cause an automatic eye roll. For example…

Whatever you do, don’t tag me in pictures when I look really drunk or chunky. I have one friend in particular that has been guilty of this on numerous occasions. (Ya, I’m lookin’ at you, Stuz!)

Absolutely under no circumstance should you post bikini pics of me! Unless it’s from 2006 and then it’s ok.

Truthfully, I’m not really a fan of the instant messaging. So no offense if I log off right when you IM me.

Farmville. Enough said.

Overall, Facebook is a glorious waste of time. When I come home from work I have a nightly online ritual. I check Facebook, Twitter, my blogs and other blogs I follow, and then Facebook again. Did anyone “like” my latest status update? Did anyone respond? No? Click, refreshhow about now? What a time suck.

So tell me; do you accept pretty much anyone on Facebook that seeks you out? Should I take the high road or smugly ignore the aforementioned dickhead? What else do you love/hate about The ‘Book? (Farmville, anyone?)

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  1. Betty White had it right—Facebook can be a waste of time if you don’t use it right. I never do any of those games or whatever they are — Farmville and some others. I don’t know what it is and don’t have time. Just breezing thru the Friend feed it appears peeps have a lot of time.

    Anyway great post and because of my blogging and biz — yes I tend to accept friendships if they don’t look like the ax murdered or Freddie!! And Twitter — I really dig because you can only say enough to equal 140 characters. (That’s why SOME people don’t do Twitter–haha).

    One thing you didn’t say is the security part of all these platforms. Telling too much about where you are (away from home) or home by yourself. There are cyber stalker perverts who may actually live nearby. What a great home to bust into!! Peeps should be careful how much they personally say.

    Great post!! Oh and yes — your brother does know that many peeps.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Don’t Make Your Pet Have To Take On An Armed Intruder! =-.

  2. I know 95% of my friends. Granted, I’m friends w a bunch of people I’ve only met once or twice (mostly girls). What’s funny is that even tho I have 708 friends, I only see ‘status updates’ from about 50 of the same ppl all the time – why is that? Are there that man ppl that have FB that don’t use it…or are there that many FB creepers? You know, the ones that don’t status update or comment, but always know what you are up to?! Creepos!

    I usually take the high road when I get friend requests from h.s ppl I didn’t like or know – obviously they knew who I was apparently! Ha! Although, I’d probably deny Walter Howard. Haha!

  3. I agree with Cheryl on posting when you aren’t home, etc…..that always freaks me out! I browse FB a couple times a week for about 15 min. I usually only look at pics. I really don’t like FB…people need to get a life! It’s kinda fun to destress for a few mins and update yourself on people’s lives that you care about and can’t see often….but otherwise, I feel like these peeps should start living their lives and not manufacturing some cyber relationships in front of a computer, it’s messed up! Some people post so much, I don’t know how they do it. This crap perpetuates the overweight issues our country has, as well as relationship problems – you could be builing a true relationship with friends or your partner instead of doing this. It’s a “soft addiction” that most people have and don’t view it that way…..including Iphones and blackberries and all that stuff. Oh, and I deny peeps all the time….but even though I accept some, I have all my pics and stuff hidden anyway. I don’t want everyone seeing my stuff!

  4. Oh no, Erin just called me out for my “soft addiction” to the Internet. It’s true, I’m addicted. I’m not as bad with Facebook to be honest though. I check it, but I’ll sometimes go days without changing my status. Does that make me sound better?

    I’m 100% addicted to blogging though. But it’s my hobby. It’s a release. Hey, I go to the gym too though! I work out 4 days a week AND hang out with friends all the time! In fact, tonight a friend is coming over for wine, pizza, and New Moon, and tomorrow is Ladies Night! I’m doin’ it all baby – managing relationships and blogging like it’s a second job!

  5. Facebook is a great way to reconnect or stay in touch with friends that live away. Since I’m always moving, it’s nice to know where friends are and what they have been doing with their lives. However, if I was not friends with someone in H.S. or they were simply an acquaintance, I decline. If that someone was an old boyfriend I now despise, DECLINE! If I want you to know where I live, see pictures of my family, and know what’s going on in my life I will let you know by clicking accept!

  6. I should add that this person that “friend requested me” on Facebook somehow found my OTHER FB profile page that I started once but never use and he requested to be friends there too! Geez dude! He’s got the full court press on me for realz!

  7. Yah, but blogging is your hobby…and that is different….you are writing and expressing yourself…it’s art! But I guess some could maybe argue that’s what they are doing on FB?? Most people don’t do it all like you do….they sit in front of FB all night and are not active! What did you do for ladies night? email me deets.

  8. I am totally laughing because I just sent you a friend request about 5 minutes ago BEFORE I read this! And, yes I qualify as an “accepting whore” and probably a “requesting whore”. And, I won’t feel a bit bad if you say NO.

    A few days after I joined facebook a girl from high school emailed me a huge email telling me all the reasons she hated me in high school…huh? Thanks. That was 25 years ago…can’t we all just get along?

    If ya need a reference, I am a good friend of Shauna’s! hahahaha.

  9. HA! Somehow I feel like I can trust you Holly! You just seem like a trustworthy kinda gal. And don’t worry, I’m growing into an accepting whore and becoming more and more of a requesting whore myself. This whole blogging thing makes me feel like I’m constantly like, “Look at ME, look at ME!” Sometimes I’m embarrassed about it. But I’m kind of an attention monger, so me likes an audience!;)

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