Did you miss me?

I thought I’d check in during my blogging hiatus and let you know what I’ve been up to. Yes, I know blogging during my “blogging hiatus” sort of defeats the purpose, but it’s what I want. . .

So, I just watched the season 3 premiere of “True Blood” and it was ok. I mean, I was kind of confused the whole time, like I had no idea what was going on.

I’m re-reading “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” before the movie comes out in two weeks so that I can be really annoying and point out every single detail of the movie that doesn’t match the book.

I re-joined Weight Watchers because guuuurl, my pants are TIGHT. I’m a pro at WW. The first time I did it I was super motivated because I had a wedding dress to fit into 9 months down the road. But now I do it because another day in this fat suit is going to make me wanna jump. Ok, I’m not really fat. But I’m really hating on these rolls around my waistline that I’ve recently acquired. I blame my chunkiness on turning 30. My metabolism hit a brick wall. See how easy it is to not take responsibility?

I just dropped a small fortune at the GAP because they were having a big sale and if you used your GAP card, you’d get an additional 25% off. Let’s hope I don’t lose too much weight or else these ill-fitting purchases will really piss me off.

I rode 22 miles on my bike this past Saturday with my cycling group. After one hour and 45 minutes in 85 degree weather, I was so ready to get off that mutherfucker. How I ever did a 5-hour 65 mile bike marathon back in April, I’ll never know.

You can blame my bloggy hiatus on my recent 10-day trip back home to Indiana. I was on the go so freaking much that I never had time to sit down and veg in front of the computer. On the one hand, I was itching to blog as soon as the opportunity presented itself. But on the other, I kind of welcomed the break. Blogging can be such a therapeutic way to purge and cleanse, but it can also drive you mad and make you feel incompetent and uninteresting if your blogs suck enough to not elicit a single comment from readers.

I’m also driving myself crazy contemplating a blog name change. I don’t really like “Life at Thirysomething” anymore. I named the blog before turning 30, when I thought it was going to be this big deal. Now that I’m 30, I know that it ‘aint no thang and so the blog title no longer fits my focus. Problem is; I can’t think of anything cool that’s not already snatched up by some other douche blogger.  I’d ask for readers to post new blog name ideas in the comments section, but I have this terrible fear of blogging rejection in the form of “0” comments when I ask the question, therefore, I won’t ask. But if you want to offer a suggestion despite me not asking for your opinion, go ahead. I won’t stop you.

Part of the reason I thought about taking a blogging hiatus is that I think I need to focus on things such as getting more sleep, spending more time in the gym, cleaning my house, and spending time with my husband. You see, all these things suffer when you have a blog. They almost die when you have TWO BLOGS! So I thought perhaps I’d step away for a bit, work on being a little less selfish with my time, and then after a month hiatus or so, I can come back with fresh new topics!! I can already see this going down the path of my Lent sacrifices. I give up a bad habit for 40 days and then indulge in said habit with 10 times the fervor when the sacrifice time table is up! But I’ll try not to let blogging re-take over my life again like Diet Pepsi did.

This blog feels more like an email…

Alright, I’m going to get back to my blogging hiatus. I just wanted to say “hi” and give you a bunch of really random bullshit so that you didn’t totally forget about me.

I will be back.  Hasta luego!

6 Comments on Blogging during my blogging *hiatus*

  1. Hi Courtney! You don’t know me but I read your blog and I ride with the Feather Pedals too! I started reading your blog after your post about The Cinderella and I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts since then. Don’t get discouraged, I bet there are a lot more people out there reading than you know.

    As for blog title suggestions, I don’t have an answer for you, but I definitely feel you on how difficult it is to come up with a name that you love, isn’t too cheesy, or isn’t already taken by another blog!

    Anyhow, rest up but don’t give up! I’ll be reading 🙂

  2. Nerissa, you’ve made my day!! I live for comments like yours! Ha! Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it. I’ll keep blogging, I won’t give up. I’m just hoping for that surge of bloggy inspiration that I had a few months ago. I feel all bipolar about it. Like, I want to blog but I can’t make myself just sit down and do it. And then I yell at myself for not blogging and then I hear myself screaming back; BUT I DON’T WANNA! But really, I do wanna. I just need to get on some Bliagra. That’s blogging Viagra. (A friend and I plan to patent that shit, so no one better get any ideas). ANYWAY, I will rest up and come back refreshed soon. Keep checking in girl! 🙂

  3. first, true blood’s premier sucked, and not in a good way. all the storylines are completely nothing like the book, so i’m pissed to no end. alan ball better pull something magical out of his ear, and not in the maenad sense either, to make this season better.

    second, i’m totally rereading eclipse so i can do the same– point out all the “differences.” this time around, though, i’m annoyed even more at stephenie for constantly reminding us that edwart is so phenomenal. enough already. i need some jacob love from ya, steph! i know i’ll never get it from the book, so i’m waiting to get it from the movie.

    third, i have no new blog name suggestions because i like your blog’s name. i promise if i come up with something really fantastic, i’ll let you know. i’m considering doing some vlogging on my blog, just to get past the whole “i wanna blog, but i’m not inspired” feeling. idk, i’m still waiting for the bliagra to kick in.

    .-= cristina´s last blog ..Can I have a dollar? =-.

  4. In Eclipse, Edward really started to bug me. He was WAY too possessive. I don’t care how hot-sexy-vampire-ish he is, possessiveness is only hot if a steamy sex scene immediately follows the argument. And all we get are “hugs” on icey marble skin. Ugh. I started really liking Jacob in Eclipse because I felt like he was a relatable, real and flawed guy. Edward is just TOO perfect and he isn’t relatable in this one. He was more relatable and playfully funny in Twilight.

    Ya, I saw on some blog about how to be a better blogger that vlogging was a good thing and really helped your SEO and stuff. I’ve tried to use my Flip cam a couple times but I’m so not funny on cue. I’m too aware of myself and I end up being mucho critical of myself! In Cabo, I made this HI-LARIOUS video where I was 16 sheets to the wind and I gave a little “State of the Union” address for our rainy Cabo experience. I think that’s the trick. I need to have a martini or two before I vlog.

    I think we should get a group of us bloggers together and do a vlog with martinis and bitch about blogging! LOL! We can call ourselves the “Martini Bloggers Support Group”!! We could give weekly tips on blogging as we laugh our asses off when one of us flubs up our lines!! HA!

  5. I think “Dirty 30” is a good rename. First time I’ve enjoyed your blog – but will tune in on a regular basis!

  6. Thanks Colleen! I’ve been on sort of a blogging hiatus lately because having two blogs is a lot of work!! I’m working on getting my bloggy mojo back to write on this site as well. Mainly, a redesign of the site is going on right now behind the scenes, so I plan to come back better than ever with my new look as soon as it’s done! Stay tuned!

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