I’ve been itching to blog about my new little “sitch” for weeks now, but because I’ve barely told anyone I’m preggers, I can’t! How lame would it be for my friends to find out I’m going to be a baby mama through a blog post!? At this point, I’m 10 weeks along and have already had my first ultrasound, so I can officially tell peeps my big news. But I live in Cali and that news sharing equals a lot of phone calls! I get overwhelmed by the idea of sitting on the phone for hours calling my friends in Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Vegas, Florida, etc. that I just don’t call anyone!

Then I thought; well, I’m going to be home for Christmas in less than two weeks, so I can just hold out and tell some of my besties in person! Even better! As soon as I stepped out of my ultrasound appointment I called my mom to tell her everything went well and I had what looked like an extra terrestrial in my uterus. I then gave her the green light to officially tell people I’m pregnant (she’d already unofficially told everyone). And within 5 minutes of leaving the doctor’s office I got a text message from my girlfriend in Indiana saying: “ARE YOU PREGNANT????”

SHIT! How does she know already???

I wrote back, “What? Why?”  She writes back: “Your brother posted ‘I’m gonna be an uncle on Facebook.’”

FACEBOOK! You bastard! Modern technology just doesn’t jive with keeping secrets these days! So then I immediately call my brother and tell him to DELETE THAT POST until I’ve had a chance to tell everyone. He proceeds to berate me for not hurrying up and telling everyone. I’m like; “SHAUN, I JUST LEFT THE ULTRASOUND APPOINTMENT TWO MINUTES AGO!” Then I have to call my friend and tell her my big news SECOND HAND over the phone. Damn it.

But it didn’t stop there. The next day I get a Facebook wall post from my aunt saying; “I hear congratulations are in order, I’m so happy for you and Jeff!!” Then, two minutes later another aunt adds the comment; “I guess we’re going to be making another blanket!” And then two minutes after that my other aunt writes: “I HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT THIS ON FACEBOOK!!”

FACEBOOK – YOU’RE TELLING EVERYONE MY NEWS! Facebook is like the telephone game on steroids. So I disabled wall posts from friends until I’ve had the chance to get my news out.

Now, getting the news out… this has proven to be a challenge. But not a challenge in which I’ve actually done anything to try to conquer. It’s just been a secret I’ve been keeping for so long that it almost feels weird telling people. Like, this has been my little personal bonding time with my own news; getting used to the idea…accepting it…and ultimately embracing it. Telling people will be like letting people into my little world of vulnerability. I feel differently now. I see myself differently. And now people are going to have to get used to seeing me this new way too. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s just an odd feeling of interpersonal growth that I’ve done quietly behind closed doors unbeknownst to anyone else. So I guess I’ve been a little too slow getting the news out, and it’s time to expose the new me – and my big news!

So here goes…..Hey world, I’m PREGNANT! I know right? So weird!

And now that I’m talking about it….I’m not gonna be able to shut up about it! Herein lies the new purpose of my Life At Thirtysomething blog: it’s going to be the pregnancy diaries of THIS soon to be baby mama! I do hope you join me for the ride!

4 Comments on Spread your “baby news” before FACEBOOK DOES!!!!

  1. Damn Girl, you are good!!!! I feel like I’ve ridden that ‘tell the whole ‘fam damily’ ride with you….Good luck with that little one…I feel sorry for ‘the little one’ and Jeff, the whole damn world is going to know about it!!!
    Love your aunt Beth, whom your mother told first!!!! Love you girl!

  2. court, this totes reminds me of a friend who found out her sister was preggers via fb! now, that was something of a shock.

    i imagine that your family was just excited to share their pride in adding to the family, but i agree that you need to spread the news on your terms. now, are you gonna start wearing a life@thirtysomething baby bumb t-shirt?
    .-= cristina´s last blog ..I- Too- Am America =-.

  3. I don’t know that I’ll be wearing a Life@Thirtysomething tee only because there’s no need to announce to the world that I’m 30 espesh if there’s a chance that peeps think I’m younger. Ha! I can’t believe your friend found out her sis was preggo through FB! What a buzzkill!

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