The dreaded scale

Alright, I never thought I’d say this; but I cannot wait to get fat. Here I am, 11 weeks pregnant and I’m in that icky in-between state of not quite looking preggo, but I’ve gained a few pounds, so I just look pudgy. I can tell ya, your self-esteem can really take a nose dive during this time. Sure, at least most people know I’m pregnant now, so it’s understood that I’m gaining weight. But I always thought you weren’t supposed to start gaining until you were like 20 weeks along. I don’t know why I think this, other than perhaps a couple girls I know have said that’s when they started showing. So of course, I’m comparing myself to these people. I don’t want to show too early because at the early stage I don’t know if it’s the baby growing or me eating too many cheeseburgers. But at the same time, I’d rather be showing so I can wear my regular shirts and be carefree about an obvious baby bump because that’s cute. What just looks to be a beer belly however, is not cute.

Dressing in the “in-between” stage

The Bella Band (Not my belly, btw)

I’m not wearing maternity clothes, but I have dawned the glorious Bella Band that allows me to wear my pants unbuttoned and in some cases, totally unzipped, but they stay up because of this little “second skin” band that holds those bad boys up. This is pretty much for work pants that are typically higher wasted and more tailored. For jeans, a fellow preggo taught me the trick of looping a hair rubber band through my jeans button hole and around my button like a figure eight, so I can comfortably wear my jeans unbuttoned. But then I suffer from saggy ass as my pants start to slide down. So no matter what, I ‘aint lookin’ good from the front or the back. Fantastic!

So now I’m just fantasizing about big bellies, maternity pants, and just letting it all hang out. Just for fun, I took a stroll through a Motherhood store in the mall today to see what the clothes looked like. They were kind of frumpy looking to be honest. But then I picked up a pair of jeans and eyed the loosey goosey belly pouch like I imagine an 8 months pregnant woman might eye a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top and a side of salty green olives! I cooed; “Oh mom, look how comfy these look,” practically salivating. Have you ever tried something on in the dressing room and been totes unimpressed with your reflection and then shrugged your shoulders and decided to buy it anyway? I did that today. If I can grow in it and eventually look cute with a full belly to fill it out, I’ll take it – even if I do just look plain flabby in it today.

The beginning stages of pregnancy can really do a number on a vain girl’s self-image. Yes, I’m vain. But really, what girl isn’t to some extent when she’s getting fat? I don’t care if it’s because of a baby or not! I’m not here to sugar coat pregnancy and share only the most glorious of moments. My friend told me she wanted to hear all the gory details of pregnancy, so I’ll do my best to freak you out and endear you to the process of becoming a mommy all at the same time. No, I probably won’t talk about constipation or hemorrhoids (not that I’ve had any of that yet!), but I’ll do my best to keep it real for you. Starting with getting fat…and next up: pregnancy acne! So stay tuned, we’ve got lots to cover in the next 7 months people!

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  1. courtney, i’m so glad you still have a wicked sense of humor during your self-proclaimed pudgy stage. i’m looking forward to seeing pregnancy thru your eyes, espesh when you compare maternity jeans to an ice cream sunday! oh, and ps, you’re still beautiful to me, no matter your size.
    .-= cristina´s last blog ..I- Too- Am America =-.

  2. Oh gurl, you’re too sweet for words! Thanks for your kind words! I’m looking forward to seeing pregnancy through my eyes too!! 😉

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