It’s a little too early to be painting the baby room and picking out nursery themes, but it’s the perfect time to redesign my Life At Thirtysomething blog to correspond with my brand new blog topic: PREGNANCY! You may remember that my old tagline was “Embracing the dirty thirty,” because I used to think it was going to be a HUGE deal to turn the dreaded 3-0. But once I turned 30, it was no big deal anymore! So now that I’m mommy-bound, my new tagline reflects my new writing focus: Diaries of a soon-to-be baby mama! (For fun, I always love to add a little “ghetto flare” wherever I can!)

You’ve gotta check out the adorable blog header that shows the progression from a martini glass, engagement ring, house, and then baby rattle – my current stop on life’s journey! (Thanks to my friend Erin for the cute idea!) But just so ya know, I still throw back dem martinis! (Just taking a 9 month break!)

(If you’re looking for a blog designer, please consider Jessica from The Frilly Coconut Design Shoppe. She’s super efficient, SUPER sweet and really patient! Plus, her designs are so fun and bright and happy!)

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Baby bump watch continues!

Alright, that’s all the bloggy love I need from you for now. SOOOO…the baby bump watch continues! Today I’m 13 weeks pregnant which is the final week in my first trimester! At 13 weeks, the fetus is now the size of a peach and is about 3 inches long. As I’m sitting here, suddenly I’m thinking how cool it would be if women’s stomachs could be windows during this time so you could see the natural progression of babies from conception to birth! Wouldn’t that be fascinating?! As I was looking at my 12-week picture from last week I can definitely see that I’m a little fuller around the midsection this week, and I swear I’ve eaten pretty healthy, so it’s not just pizza or anything! But yes, in this picture I am eating popcorn. Hey, it’s Saturday night, I’m allowed! Stay tuned for next week’s bump watch pic to see if I’m starting to look undeniably preggo or if I still just look like I’m growing a beer belly! (Subscribe via email/feed and never miss a bump watch!)

6 Comments on Check out my new blog design! Plus, baby bump watch continues – week 13!

  1. Looking pretty “fly” 13 weeks into your pregnancy! No morning sickness? That’s the only thing I remember from all three of my first trimesters! Btw, I love these blogs.

  2. Love the new design and direction your blog is taking. Getting new to be mom’s involved would be a great idea. See you got your Twittermom’s widget set up. Good connection there. Your picture looks wonderful. Little showing is good. This will probably cause time to go by faster as you anticipate your blogs, pictures and letting others now the preggy things you’re going through.

    Since I can’t be near – I’m glad I get to follow along with you & Jeff from 2,000+ miles away. Speaking of Jeff – be sure to give us the daddy perspective occasionally.

    Love, Mom

  3. Thanks Mira! No morning sickness, and now that I’m in my 13th week, I think it’s safe to say that I missed that boat! And I’m SO thankful! Glad you’re liking the preggo blogs!! 😉

  4. There’s no way Jeff would ever do a guest blog to show the “daddy perspective!” He doesn’t really like it when I talk about him on my blogs, idk why! I guess he’s not as into living out loud as I am. But what I will say about him so far is that he’s been very supportive and sweet throughout the process. He gets me water when I ask for it and last night he brought me ice cream! He’s very happy and excited about having a baby and I think it’s eased his generally anxiety-ridden personality! Plus, when I go off on him like a crazy woman he doesn’t freak out or get upset, he knows it’s just the hormones, because usually I’m a total sweetheart. 🙂

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