This is one blog post I hope my husband never reads. (Not that he reads any of them without my pleading anyway!) You see, I’ve noticed that since I’ve become pregnant, my husband has suddenly become the sweetest, most loving and patient guy I know. For example, he makes my lunch every morning before I go to work and is sure to include all the healthy snacks I need to fulfill my veggie/fruit quota for the day. He gets me ice water or ice cream when I ask and it’s almost like he enjoys doing it!? And my favorite part of this new man is that he tells me he loves me like, all the time and he showers me with affection – and I don’t even have to ask for it! And to think I’d been nudging pregnancy off for as long as possible, and this was always waiting for me around the corner! Is this just my husband, or is this normal for all husbands? Do guys just really love their wives so much more when they’re carrying their unborn child? I mean, I get that husbands are probably always happy and excited when they have a little one on the way, but this is more than just happy with Jeff. He’s like floating on cloud nine all drugged up on lovecrack and over the moon about making ME happy. (Who IS this guy???)

The other night we were staying up late watching movies, and every time Jeff got up to do something he told me he loved me. Sure, he was throwing back a few cocktails, but whatever. Finally I asked the question: “Hey, do you love me more now that I’m pregnant?” His response: “Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? We’re supposed to grow in love as we get older?” Hmm…that definitely sounds like Jack Daniels talking. Anyway, I hope this new Jeff stays for good and never goes away! If I have to remain barefoot and pregnant the rest of my life, I will. Just kidding. But really, this is one of the best results of pregnancy so far for me – TLC from my husband. I can only imagine how sweet he’s going to be to me when there’s actually a very prominent baby bump to behold! Thank the Lord for lovecrack brought on by pregnancy! I mean, who the hell knew?!

Baby bump watching continues – week 15!

Ugh, this picture! I need to stop taking these pics at the end of the day when I’m looking so tired! Sorry about that!

So, now my baby is 4 inches long and approximately the size of an apple. He’ll make his way, size-wise, down the produce isle throughout the pregnancy, ending on a watermelon. I’m cringing at the thought of childbirth at this very moment. According to, the baby is very active at this point, partaking in acrobatics within his little house in my belly. I should start feeling little flutters in my stomach between 16 and 22 weeks. That’s as early as next week! Whoa! I think I’m going to freak out the first time I feel movement down there, that is, if I can tell the difference between a baby kick and gas or hunger pangs! Apparently first time moms often don’t know the difference.

As we get closer to the baby’s big gender reveal in 5 more weeks, I get more curious about whether we’ll have a boy or a girl. Yesterday I asked Jeff what he thought we were going to have and he thought about it for a moment and then said… “I think it’s going to be 50% boy and 50% girl.” WHAT? So we’re having a hermaphrodite? Oh dear God. Now I’m going to have anxiety for the next 5 weeks.

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  1. I have been wondering about this too lately?!? My hubby has been overdosing on the Love & TLC and I keep thinking ‘wow I should be pregnant all the time’. I thought he was wonderful before but now I think i have hit the jackpot. So sweet!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..24 Week Homebirth Midwife Appointment =-.

  2. AHHH, so it IS a real thing then! I think our husbands just appreciate us so much more when they see us going through all the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and then eventually – labor! I’m pretty sure the appreciation will be at an all time high after he sees us push a watermelon out of, well, you know! That’s a good time to drop hints that men are supposed to buy their wives jewelry as an appreciation for having their baby! Get ’em while their high as a kite on lovecrack!! HA!

  3. Jason was more for Korbin, but think he knew I might be trying to milk it with Kora 🙂 For me, just the little things he did while I was pregnant with Kora to help out with Korbin meant the world to me b/c I was so sick and so tired all the time.

  4. Ahhh, I can’t imagine having to deal with a 2-year old when I’m dealing with morning sickness at the same time! So yes, having your husband take some of the burdon off your shoulders with the toddler is a HUGE help!

  5. hmmm… my husband isn’t… I don’t really feel that tlc… this is my third and hasn’t yet… he does has his moments but I just don’t feel adore or whatever y’all get…

  6. Hey I have come across the exact same thing did not know what was going on with my living partner but now I do its crazy he comes home from work on his smokobreak just to check in and kiss me hello and it’s just amazing how living he has become 7 weeks pregnant and a couple of days heart crossed everything turns out this time

  7. Yes it’s a real thing!! My husband has been very affectionate and better at expressing his feeling. He told me on several occasions he feels closer to me and hugs me all the time and tells me how grateful he feels that I am carrying our child. He doesn’t let me lift a finger, so I am actually feeling like the grateful one for having all the love, attention and affection during all the pregnancy changes.

  8. Aww that’s so sweet! What a good husband. You’ll be barefoot and pregnant forever if he keeps up this level of TLC amiright? lol! 🙂

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