I’m in my final week of my first trimester and then it’s on to part two of the baby making process – the second trimester.  By all accounts, this next phase is the breeziest. Supposedly, you’re energy magically reappears, your face clears up, and your morning sickness is a thing of the past. But before I get to this heavenly space in time (T minus 4 days), I thought it would be ‘fun’ to recount the joys of the first trimester body and mind altering changes that we lucky ladies get to go through…or, at least what I had the pleasure of enduring.

1)      Pregnancy Acne – This is by far the worst side affect of my first trimester. Due to the massive hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy, things can go either way for your complexion. You can either have luminous skin or have a face that resembles a slice of pepperoni pizza. And because pregnancy acne is so cruel, why would it stop at your face? Why not have a couple matching pepperoni slices on your chest and back for good measure? Forget showing off that new cleavage. Hmph!!!

2) Peeing, like all the time – I can’t pass a bathroom that doesn’t draw a sense of yearning from my Southern regions. Even if I don’t have the urge, I must go sit in the stall and just see if I have to go. Surely in about 3 more minutes, I’ll need to. I get up on average 4 times per night to empty my bladder. I literally have dreams about peeing where the major source of angst in the dream is my, well, need to pee. More on pregnancy dreams later.

3)      Non-descript weight gain – There’s that point at the end of your first trimester where you don’t exactly look pregnant, but you just look like you’ve gained about 5 lbs. This seriously sucks. Your pants are tight and barely any shirts in your closet mask this emerging baby bump quite well enough. People at work are whispering, suspecting… And don’t forget, you’ve got a serious case of teenage acne on top of the chubbers. (Your confidence has never been so high.)

4)      Me so sleepy – I need 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night, plus naps during the day. But the bummer of it all is, 5 days a week – I have to work!! I try to get 8 hours of sleep during the week but if I get so much as 7 ½, I’m toast the next day. I’m literally the most useless person on the planet. I stare at the clock willing it to move forward. I fantasize about 3-4 cans of Diet Pepsi. I think about slipping underneath my desk for a 10 minute snooze – anything! I take frequent trips to the bathroom just to wake up… Bonus: I get to pee again!

5)      Bitch on wheels – Have you ever been screaming at your husband and had an out of body experience where you fly over yourself and watch it all unfold? I have. It looks a little like this: my nostrils start to flare, steam comes out of my ears, my eyes look deranged and bug out of my head, my hands ball up into fists, and fire shoots out of my mouth like a dragon. During these times, my husband looks a little like this: eyebrows pushed upward in shock/surprise, ears pinned back, frozen. I hear/see myself as it’s happening and I can’t believe it, but I can’t stop. And when it’s over, I always feel better. That is, until I feel bad. Usually, if I went a little too ape shit on him I apologize. Thankfully, he just takes it like a man and doesn’t fight back. He’s a smart man when he wants to be.

6)      It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to – I like to think I’m a pretty even keeled person and not overly sensitive. So I knew it wasn’t me but the hormones working their magic when my husband left the dishwasher door open in the kitchen one night – for me to load my dishes of course – and I walked right into it, hitting my shin, lunging forward having to grab the counter to break my fall. Cue the water works! I screeched in a high pitched voice that could break glass: “JEFF! DON’T EVER LEAVE THAT OPEN AGAIN – I COULD’VE FALLEN!!  AND I’M PREGNANT!!!” Wah!! This display of emotion seemed to have little or no effect on Jeff. There have been other times, but why re-hash, and risk tearing up again?

7)      Vivid dreams – I’ve heard that when you’re preggo your dreams are pretty vivid. And good grief, they are! I’d say about every night I have the most elaborate and freakish dreams and a lot of them border on nightmares. I’ve only had a couple actual pregnancy dreams. Just last night I dreamt that there was an earthquake while I was out to lunch with my mom. The whole restaurant tipped over onto it’s side. And I was freaking out because the baby was home with Jeff and I had no idea if he knew the proper earthquake precautions. Also, the baby was like the size of a Barbie doll.

8)      No immune system – I’ve been sick for two months. Because this little growing baby inside is sucking up all my nutrients, I pretty much have no immune system at all! I have chronic dry throat making me live in a constant state of dehydration in which I’m coughing all night long, every night. My husband has even resorted to sleeping on the couch some nights because he can’t take it. I wish I could sleep on the couch away from me and my coughing too. It’s miserable and the coughs are so violent. I picture the little baby being sloshed around in my uterus like George Clooney’s ship in the movie “The Perfect Storm.” I hope he/she isn’t sea sick all the time as a result or anything!!

There are no guarantees that any of these will disappear in the next 4 days when I cross over to my second trimester, but I’m hoping some of them ease up soon. One thing I didn’t mention that I’m super thankful that I didn’t get was morning sickness. I think because I missed morning sickness God gave me a double dose of preggo acne. But hell, I’d take bad skin over praying to the porcelain god any day.

Did you experience any of the above symptoms? If so, how did you deal with them?

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  1. I had morning sickness with both kids for 4 months of my pregnancy…it was hell. I sometimes would just slmp over the toilet and cry at night and wanted to get sick so I would feel better.
    I also cried at commercials and country music songs on the radio. I gave Jason a yellin’ every now and then too 🙂

  2. Ha! Well, thank God you made it through all that morning sickness! Four months is so unfair!! I was lucky to miss the boat the first time, but just watch, I’ll get it in spades next time!!

  3. You poor thing! Think about mommies back in the “old days” who had 5-6 kids. Your grandmother (bless her soul) had 6 kids. Can you imagine if she had had time to think about everything before she got pregnant again, your lovely aunt Beth may not be here. Wow! Those were tough women. The just did it!

    You will get through this — and it is kind of cute to see the struggles. I guess I don’t really remember that as being all that bad. So I’m thinking — like pregnancy you kind of forget the pain afterwards. And that’s probably why you’re not afraid to do it again and again!

    We’re all here for you and look forward to your stories. You’re strong and resilient…so you’ll get through this with flying colors!!

    Love, Mom

  4. Well honestly, I’m dramatizing everything (no I’m not), but pregnancy has been pretty good to me so far. I guess numero uno worst symptom is nausea, and like I said, I don’t have that and I thank God everynight for it (I really don’t, but I should). It’s actually more funny to me than anything. I have a gift for seeing the funny in everything in life, even if it is in the form of a jiant zit on my face. (Actually, that’s not funny.)

  5. oh man… I knew I have been lucky… but I didnt know I was THIS lucky! I have had hardly any of that! Im 7 weeks so still 5 more till the 2nd trimester… so it could grace me at any time. But, Ill keep praying it doesnt 🙂

    .-= Piece´s last blog ..OMG No Way!! =-.

  6. I turned 9 weeks pregnant on Tuesday (yahoooo)
    I’m experiencing morning sickness and acne so bad. I also feel exhausted all the time… I never had such crazy dreams before…
    The other day I dreamed my mother in law had stolen my baby and taken him to church where he could get baptized without us knowing… It really was a nightmare.
    Like I’ve saying for four weeks now, since I found out I’m pregnant… The Joys of Pregnancy.

  7. Congratulations Monica! Don’t worry, I’m here to say things get better in the 2nd trimester! I didn’t have morning sickness, but the acne – WHOA. I started using Clean & Clear Continous Acne Cleanser and within 4 days my skin was already clearing up! Then I used the Clean & Clear Persa Gel 10 acne spot treatment. Both have Benzoyl Peroxide which my doctor said was a safe thing in pregnancy. Try it out and see how it works for you. By the way, your dream about your mother in law kidnapping your baby is hilarious! Lemme guess, she’s a little overzealous about this baby huh? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 😉

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