What I tell my husband...

For some reason, every day my husband asks me if I feel pregnant. I guess he’s just curious about how I’m feeling and maybe it all still seems a little surreal to him. At 15 weeks and 3 days along, I can’t remember at what date my answer went from “nope,” to “yep,” but these days, I definitely feel pregnant. There are of course, every day physical reminders that I’m “with child,” and then there are the things that have nothing to do with how I feel, but just things I sort of neglect now that I once spent so much time on.

The Bump

If you’ve been paying attention to my weekly Baby Bump Watch pictures, you know that I’m not really that big yet. I still have more of a pooch then a real genuine baby bump. But it doesn’t matter how small it is, it makes itself known all the time! Like, it hurts to sit on a chair and bend over to put my shoes and socks on, I get all crampy and stuff. Jeez, what’s it going to be like when I have an 8-month bump?? Last night my lower back was sore, so I decided to lie on my stomach for a little bit in bed – not directly on the belly, but sort of putting my weight on my side. But as I was lowering myself down like a push up, I got a sharp cramp in my lower stomach. It was like a warning sign! But I did it anyway; lightly, slowly. And within three minutes I got a shooting cramp in my toe. MY TOE! Needless to say, I flipped over.

The Waddle

Now obvy it’s WAAAAAY too early for me to be waddling. But sometimes, when I get up from my seat at work, or at home or, well, anywhere, I feel myself getting dangerously close to a waddle. What is that about?? I was talking to a fellow preggo at work and we discussed the dreaded waddle. We pondered; why does it feel so comfortable to waddle? Idk, it just does. I seriously hope this pre-waddling doesn’t turn into a full-on waddle. I used to have a sexy walk ya know. Just kidding, but once my husband did tell me I had “swagger.” Can I have pregnant swagger? If so, I’m gonna try real hard.

The Change in Past-time Entertainment

Jeez Courtney, I MISS YOU! Come back to me!!

My Us Weekly magazine subscription ran out three months ago and I’ve yet to renew it. I’ve missed so many issues, you have no idea. And my book club on my Pop Culture Junkie blog is barely even on life support these days. I’ve had the book “Water For Elephants” sitting on my coffee table for an entire month and I’ve yet to read page one. I want to, but damn, these baby books dominate my reading time! I used to come home and blog about “Twilight” and Robert Pattinson until well past midnight, and now I’m blogging about pregnancy acne and waddling, and I’m in bed by 11pm – and that’s still not early enough for my pregnant self. When I go to blog on my pop culture blog I just stare at a blank Word document and a blinking curser where I’m supposed type something. I’ve got nothin’ to say! I need to renew that Us Weekly subscription or get back to reading “Twilight” blogs for a little inspiration vs. mommy/pregnant blogs that are freakingmethefuckout! TV, movies, and celebrities tell me one story about motherhood, and mommy blogs tell me another. I fear the latter is the real story. *Biting nails*

Career Drive

Pre-pregnancy, I was thinking about my next step at work and where I wanted to be in five years. Now, all I want to do is nest. I want to spend all my time preparing for baby and reading all there is to know about breastfeeding – it still scares me. Look, work is getting in the way of my creative juices flowing in which I’m supposed to be thinking of ways I can be a stay-at-home mom and somehow still make money. Who wants to advertise on my blog? Baby’s R Us? Target? CALL ME!

So yes, I feel pregnant. And I’m sure this list of in your face reminders of pregnancy will only grow the further along I get. But like I said; as much as this was all a surprise to me, I can’t imagine my life playing out any differently than it is right now. And though I feel bad about it, I’m sure Robert Pattinson understands that he’s not my #1 anymore.

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1 Comment on The daily question from my husband: Do you feel pregnant? (Um…ya.)

  1. Haha…I never thought about that in the early days of pregnancy…but when I got about 7 months I did have the humpty-dumpty syndrome. I felt absolutely huge and your brotha only weighed 6 lbs. Ugh!! It took for–ever to get back into jeans!!

    Keep up the great job!! Can’t wait to see this little one.

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