Today I had my second OB-GYN appointment and I was thrilled to pieces that I was going to hear my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I was a little bummed that my husband was traveling on business, so I decided to record the sound of the baby’s heartbeat using my Flip Cam so he could hear it later. I wasn’t sure if the doc would have issues with me wanting to record this, but she had no problem with it, so I dug into my purse and pulled out my Flip and laid back into position so the little fetal Doppler could do its job. Well, of course I turned the Flip on and it says CAMCORDER FULL! NO, not now!! The doctor has already started and I can hear a static-y sound but I’m too busy fiddling with my video cam to pay attention. Finally, after what seemed like a minute I figured out how to delete another vid so I could record what was happening at that very moment. And there it was…the heartbeat, beating very fast.

Take a listen in the below vid. First of all, the doctor tells me that my heartbeat is the lower one while the baby’s is two times as fast, and immediately after she says this I ask which one is mine! But you have to realize that when you’re in this sitch you’ve got a lot of thoughts running through your head, and being a good listener is not a skill you possess at the moment! Also, sorry about the view…

Ahh…confirmation! There IS something in there!!! Yes, I know I’ve already had an ultrasound at 10 weeks, but as weeks go by and nothing new develops as a result of your pregnancy, you start to wonder if everything is ok down there. And even though I know that little heartbeat is happening inside of me, it’s still so surreal. I feel like it will REALLY feel real when I have my 20-week ultrasound with that super 3-D technology where you can really see a baby in there and it actually looks like a baby this time and not an alien like at 10 weeks!

The false advertising about pregnancy, or, the lie I always believed…

You’d think a growing belly would be a clear indication that a baby is in there, but for me it’s not. Because for some reason I just think it’s me getting fat. Everything I read tells me to start talking to my belly and rubbing it or having my husband sing to it (HA!), but I can’t help but feel a little silly about that. I mean, I want to and will soon I’m sure, but for now, I just feel like a chunky monkey rubbing my chub, not my baby. When will I start thinking of it as a baby in my stomach and not a just chocolate chip bagel? I guess when it’s hard and not soft!

P.S. This is not me!

Speaking of weight gain, I have a confession…I’ve gained more than I’m supposed to in the first trimester. You’re supposed to gain between 2-5 lbs and since my last appointment 4 weeks ago, I’ve gained 7 lbs! And I’m pretty sure I had gained a few lbs before that 10-week appointment took place too! Look girls, getting preggo during the holidays is a bad idea! You’re over-indulging because you believed the lie. You thought you were eating for two. You thought you could hang up your running shoes and just walk on the treadmill. You thought you could eat pies and popcorn and pizza because you’re no longer binge drinking on the weekends and it all evens out anyway, right? WRONG! As it turns out, I have to watch my diet even MORE now that I’m pregnant!

I mean, I’m already eating way more health consciously than I ever have. During the day I eat things like oatmeal, apples, grapes, salads, cottage cheese, and carrots!! Sure, I might have a normal dinner and a handful of Oreos at night, but it’s not like I’m eating like a freagin’ cow or anything!! Ok, so on the weekends I’m less mindful when I go out to eat and stuff, but this is no diff than how I was pre-pregnancy. So why am I gaining so much?? Well, for one, my work outs are really low impact compared to what they once were. Hey, I ran a half marathon in November (while I was 5 weeks preggo!), so for months I’d been training 6 days a week. When you go from that kind of activity to walking on an incline on the treadmill or reading a mag on the stationary bike you better believe your body isn’t kidding itself thinking this is burning any real calories. Who made up this whole “eating for two” B.S. anyway? Apparently, you only need to eat 300 more calories per day for your baby.

My doctor told me she’s not worried about my weight gain, but she said at 20 weeks it’s normal to have gained about 10 lbs in total. WHAT! So I gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks, yet I can only gain 3 more in the next 6 – when I should be getting noticeably bigger?? Oh how the hell am I going to manage this? I need to go on a diet! At a time when I should be basking in my pregnancy, vain girl over here is drowning in body image issues and fear of not falling into the “normal range.”

So I guess eating whatever you want and taking it easy at the gym during pregnancy is a giant crock of baby poo. The irony that I have to eat better than I ever have while I get bigger than I ever have is not lost on me. *Rolls eyes* Pass me some carrots please.

 Please tell me some of you gained more than the “normal” range!?

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  1. Yep – I gained more and I am telling you – it was really hard to loose. In fact with each pregnancy, and I had three kids in 5 yrs. – a few extra pounds stayed. They are still on me. My advice is to eat when your hungry, make it healthy and keep exercising.

  2. This is EXACTLY what happened to me – I gained a bunch (like 8 or 9 lbs?) in the first trimester and now I’m 31 weeks and have only gained 20lbs. You are so fine. And I was totally confused b/c I was eating healthy and still being active. It all evens out – don’t even worry about it. I read somewhere that if you were skinny to begin with your body gains weight quickly to ensure you have fat reserves if you need them later on – that’s prob whats happening with you.

  3. Thanks Melissa! Oh that makes me feel so much better! I ‘ve also heard some people tell me that they gained a lot in their first trimester and then later on they leveled out and their doctor had to tell them to gain more weight in the end! I hope that my weight gain evens out because I definitely want to be enjoying this time and not worried about every pound or thing I shovel into my mouth!

  4. Thanks for the advice Colleen. Ya, I pretty much only eat when I’m hungry and don’t just sit around eating because I’m bored. But the problem is, I’m hungry like every hour! This is mainly because during the day I eat really small portions or light snacks like fruit or string cheese, so it doesn’t take long to get hungry again. But I am going make sure that I’m getting to the gym at least 3 days a week, maybe 4. That’s really all I can do. The rest is up to nature I guess!

  5. Courtney you will be fine. You already have a great mindset for your health, exercising and wanting the best for this little baby!! So what if you gain a lb or two over what the doc says. Being in really good shape and condition when the baby is born will make it much easier to lose that weight afterwards.

    When you have the second baby — you know so much more and are usually better at the preggo thing. When I was pregnant with your brother, I got up to 164 lbs. I weighed like 124 before getting pregnant and your brother only weighed 6 lbs. That means I had gained substantial weight – or so I thought – but it wasn’t long after having Shaun that I was able to lose weight since a lot of it was “water” and other stuff.

    Don’t spend all your time fretting over the weight gain and other stuff that you don’t enjoy the experience of being pregnant. Listen to your body and the baby. That is what is really cool. All the other stuff goes away. Get into the moment of being pregnant and connect with that little “baby” inside.

    We look forward to helping you whenever you need us after the little one is born.

    Love, Mom

  6. Thanks Nat, I needed someone to tell me to shut up. I’m gonna try to relax a bit and stop thinking about it so much. Like today, I totes pigged out and I barely thought about how it was going to affect the scales!! 🙂

  7. I was so sick while pregnant I had an I.V. feeding me and my baby (Payton) for months. Please enjoy your experience, eat what you like, and try not to fret about the small stuff!

  8. I just found your blog thanks to Jessica at Frilly Coconut. 🙂 It looks like we are due about the same time (I’m July 9th). I agree with the others, if you were skinny to begin with, you are likely to gain faster than others. Frankly, I am jealous that you have an appetite at all. 🙂

    I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog!

  9. Oh cool Mommy C! It’s so fun to meet peeps that are going through the same experience at the same time! So wait, you’re due July 9th, meaning you’re in 2nd trimester and you still have no appetite? Oh man! My friend had nausea really bad her whole pregnancy. I hope you don’t experience that!

    p.s. I’ll check out your blog too!

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