Over the holidays, my friend Kate got me a book called “The Pregnancy Journal” that goes through each day of your pregnancy and tells you what’s going on with your baby. It’s supposed to be something you keep on your night stand and read each night before bed I guess. Well, in the beginning of the book there’s a little “About Your Pregnancy” questionnaire that you’re supposed to fill out, which will of course be cute to look back on years down the road. And as much as I tried, I completely failed at getting my husband to sit down and answer these questions with me. It was never the right time; either football was on, or he was reading his Men’s Journal, or he was sleeping on the couch. So I decided, SCREW HIM! I’m gonna fill it out myself. So I did, and then I thought, hey, it would be fun to share some of the questions here on the blog! So here goes…

What is the best thing about being pregnant?

It’s easy to get caught up in the side effects of pregnancy, such as sleepiness, overactive bladder, acne, weight gain, etc., but I’d say the best thing about pregnancy is when I stop and just let it sink in that there is a new life in the making inside of me. There’s a second heartbeat. I’ll tell you, hearing that heartbeat definitely takes the surreal factor of this experience to a whole new level. It makes it more real. And it truly is a miracle. Other than that, maybe all the extra attention I get for being preggo! I love attention!! 🙂

What hopes and dreams do you have for this baby?

Well, if it’s a boy, I want him to grow up and be a famous ice skater like Evan Lysacek, and if it’s a girl, I want her to be a famous pop star like Katy Perry! HA! I just think that’s funny because that’s literally the first thing I thought when I read that question!!!

But honestly, I want them to have a happy childhood, a painless high school experience, fun college years, a successful career, and to find the love of their life and start their own family and live happily ever after. What, too perfect? Ha! Well, there’s that natural part of any parent or soon-to-be parent where you want your kid to have the perfect life and for nothing to ever hurt them. But really, I do want them to learn from their mistakes and be better because of them. The biggest hope I have for my baby above anything else is for them to be happy. If they’re happy, then I’m happy. Even if it means a professional male ice skater vs. an NFL football player!

What were the best things about your parents as parents?

My parents gave me so much love and affection growing up. They told me they loved me all the time and when I was a chubby girl worried that I’d never get a boyfriend, they’d tell me that one day I’d grow up to be the prettiest girl in school. They never told me I couldn’t do something. They encouraged me as an artist and my dad would spend time teaching me drawing techniques to make the little people that I’d draw look more real. He taught me how to shoot a basketball and cheered me on at my games with the same enthusiasm that he did at my brother’s games, even though I know girls basketball can be frustrating to watch!! My mom taught me that thinking positively isn’t always something that comes naturally; it’s s something you have to teach yourself to do. At first it drove me crazy that she’d literally listen to positive affirmation tapes in the car driving around town. But deep down, everything she told me was sinking in. And today, my positive outlook on life is one of my favorite qualities about myself. All in all, what my parents did with all their love, affection, and encouragement was to instill a strong sense of confidence in me that I’ll have for the rest of my life. This is exactly what I plan to do for my kid.

What facial and physical characteristics do you want your baby to inherit?

Hm…I want a mini ME! HA! But if I had to choose, I’d say I’d like our baby to have Jeff’s beautiful green eyes and long eye lashes and his hair color, which is a light sandy blondish-brown. I’d like the baby to have my nose and my mouth and smile, mainly because I have my mom’s smile and it would be cute to pass it on! Both Jeff and I are tall, so I hope to have a tall kid that can play in the NFL or NBA someday so we can retire early and live off our kid’s fortune!!!

Have you picked out any names? What names would you consider?

This is that sticky question that can sometimes be a mind field conversation when someone asks what baby names you like. Best case scenario: the person immediately raves about the names you like and you suddenly feel even more assured on your choice. Worst case scenario: You have your heart set on a name for whatever reason, and the person immediately tells you why the hate it, or even worse – they don’t say anything at all. Oh great – now you have no idea what they’re thinking! I have an idea for a girl name, but I’m at a total loss for boy names! If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section!!! I’d love to hear what people like for both boy and girl names!

Alright, so those aren’t all the questions, but just a snap shot of the ones I liked best. These kinds of journals are great because it forces you to start thinking about bigger picture things beyond your pregnancy, like what kind of parent you want to be. And this is really something that every couple should discuss before having their baby. Now, if only I can get Jeff to at least sit down and listen to how I answered the questions on how we’re going to raise our kid! 🙂

Alright, baby name suggestions please!

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  1. We were going to name Kora “Delaney” at first. I still love that name. 🙂 We went with a K name instead. If it were a boy, we liked Keagan.

  2. Love your post! Names are always the fun part. I made a list of my top four fav names and taped them to the fridge. Everyday I read the names and was able to slowly cross names off until I knew what my baby’s name would be. Also, think about what letter you prefer and go from there, oh, think about the initials too. My boy names were Pay ton, Tate, Brady, Trevor. Girl names Elyse, Audrey, Alana, Elana.

  3. Stacy, that’s a good idea about posting baby names for me to look at daily and narrow down. Jenny recommended a cute baby name website called http://www.nameberry.com and you can do searches on names in vintage, classic, stylish, etc. categories and also how many syllables or what letter you want it to start with! How cool? I like the names you had chosen for a boy or girl, and I think you picked the best of each category. Payton and Elyse is so cute! Plus, your last name goes really well with like any name!! I have to be careful on what I choose because I have a single syllable last name. I don’t want a single syllable first and last name baby!

  4. Thanks Sarah! I checked out your blog too and loved reading your “Gender Dilemma” post! I told some ladies in the break room at work about it and they asked me to send them the link! Loved you reading the baby name in your garden, so sweet! I can’t wait for that moment! 🙂

  5. Great job Courtney. Make Jeff sit down and fill out the questions. It’s kind of nice to see if you’re on the same page. And I’m sure you will be. Thanks for the nice things you said about me and dad. We loved watching you and Shaun grow up and being a part of your lives during all those years. It was especially fun when you guys were in grade school and juggle ADT work, school activities, and all that went with it. We always enjoyed being part of your friends too. They were always so much fun!! You and Jeff will be awesome parents!! You’re the best!!

    Love, Mom

  6. I like kid names when there won’t be 5 other kids with the same name in kindergarten – but not so odd, that the poor kid has to always pronounce or spell it. My kids were: Brittany (lots of little Brittany’s – not too many 34 yr old Britt’s), Brooks & Blake. I stayed in one starting letter – there were so many names I had to limit choices. Anyhow, I do like last names as first names: Cooper, Tate, Bryce, Barrett, and my two favorites: Brooks & Blake!!

  7. Thanks for the ideas Colleen! I think Brooks is cute! Is that a boy? I like Tate too, but since I have a single syllable last name I need a multi-syllable first name! It’s funny you suggested Barrett because my brother suggested Garrett today! But he’s just trying to think of football star names! HA! He even suggested Major. Major Rice. Oh brother!

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