Over Christmas break I was back home in Indiana spending some quality time with family and friends and not drinking. I say “not drinking” because you really don’t notice how much you drink over the holidays until you can’t. Because when you can’t you have a lot of time to sit around and watch movies. And I watched some really bad ones. Anyway, after lounging at my parent’s house for 10 days I realized that 1) Drinking with friends and fam used to be my favorite past time and 2) Time goes slow when you’re dead sober. I’m making myself sound like a freagin’ lush here but I’m def not. I’m totes normal, but who doesn’t go overboard over the holidays and check themselves into a self-imposed detox program on January 1st? I usually do. This year however, I was hangover and guilt-free every morning. It was actually quite refreshing, despite its general boringness.

I’ve found that my form of alcohol has turned into dessert. This isn’t good but how else am I supposed to get my fun? I was getting tipsy off cherry pie alamode and cookie dough ice cream. I was experiencing the Giant ‘O’ over key lime pie and moose pudding. When I ordered key lime pie after steak at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve my dad gave me this look and laughed while saying: “Jeez Courtney, PIE TOO!” My eyes literally popped outa my head as they eyeballed his 16 EMPTY BEERS (ok, more like 4) and said: “HEY I CAN’T DRINK THIS IS MY FUN LEAVE ME ALONE DAAAAAAAD!!!” His shoulders immediately drooped and he averted his eyes fearful of what preggers might do next.

Don’t worry, the husband will drink for you during these months

My husband was getting his drink on nightly with my brother and one night he asked me to take them both to the bar on our way home from dinner. At first I said no out of pure selfishness. He begged saying this was his “last hurrah.” Whatthefuck does that mean anyway? I’m pretty sure he has like 6 more months of last hurrahs until our freedom is shattered by the baby – I MEAN THE GLORIOUS BIRTH OF OUR BABY. I on the other hand, had my last hurrah in New Orleans back in November and I ‘aint getting another one for a longass time. So this whole “last hurrah” B.S. better not be a reoccurring excuse or else we’ll have ‘words’. But alas, I relented and dropped them off promising myself that a chocolate shake at Steak ‘N Shake would be my midnight reward. Well, Steak ‘N Shake was packed with a drive-thru line wrapped around the building. GREAT! Forget it. Annnnnd, now I’m back to being annoyed by the husb and bro for enjoying themselves at the bar. Last hurrah my ass.

The good news is: I don’t miss drinking. I haven’t craved beer or wine or even a marg since I’ve found out I’m pregs. But I miss the hell out of Diet Pepsi. I mean, I still have one about every other day or two, but I used to have like 4 a day, so this is def a sacrifice for me!

Baby bump, sort of

Anyway, one thing people immediately do when you tell them you’re pregnant is stare down at your stomach. They can’t help themselves. I had friends and fam ask to see how big my belly is and friends in faraway places have asked me to send baby bump pics. So I took one this weekend when I hit my 12 weeks – 3 full months! Technically, I think the 1st trimester ends at 13 weeks, so I’m almost in part 2 of pregnancy. I’ve seen pics online of girls showing their naked bellies and I don’t know that I have the confidence to go all nude belly on you, but I’ll do my best to capture the growing bump as it progresses – fully clothed. I still don’t think this looks like much, other than someone who’s had a little too much dessert over the holidays! But whatever, the ‘lil bb inside is going to show when he OR she is ready!

For fun, check out this YouTube video of a pregnant girl’s growing belly. I don’t know, but it kind of creeps me out that I don’t see her head.

7 Comments on You don’t realize how much others drink until you can’t. Plus, my first baby bump pic!

  1. You look great!! Just take it slowly. One of my greatest expectations once you guys were born was jumping right back into a pair of skinny jeans. NOTTTT! I was totally deflated when I couldn’t squeeze or stuff myself into those jeans. So pace yourself – there’s still 6-months to go.

    Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy journey. Hope you do some videos too!!

    Mom – (Mimi or Grams)

  2. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for the follow. I am following you back now.
    You look wonderful – beautifully pregnant! Congrats! Hahaha – that’s too funny about your hubby drinking – glad you don’t miss it! When are you due?

  3. Thanks DP! Guess what, my husband told me last night he wanted to go to Vegas with his buddies for a “last hurrah.” He said LAST HURRAH again!!! I told him he needed to read my blog post! Ha! I’m due July 18th!

  4. OMG! Congrats, Courtney!!!! OMG. I LOVE Babies.I wish you nothing but great health to you (& the bambino) and lots of happiness!!! I have a 10yrd daughter, I miss newborn (he he) smell…anyways, lots of love and good wishes goes your way. I hope this child can adjust to its mommy’s obsession (that we all share).

  5. Ha! Thanks SeekingBecca! If I have a gurl, you better believe there will be a Robert Pattinson calendar at the very least in the baby room!!!

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