I’m having a baby girl and I’m SO excited! I have to say, there’s probably nothing more exciting than finding out the gender of your baby, whether it be from an ultrasound or in the delivery room. It’s something you think about and dream about your whole life (well, for us girls), and especially so when you’re pregnant. So to finally hear the doc utter the words that I’ll inevitably remember for the rest of my life….well, it’s just such a happy, happy moment.

I thought I’d share how it all went…

I laid on a hospital chair/bed thingy with a giant plasma screen TV hanging from the ceiling so my husband and I could see the ultrasound as the tech guy was swiftly going through and taking screen pictures and labeling them, making sure the baby has everything it’s supposed to. After about 10 minutes we asked the tech if he knew whether it was a girl or boy and he said; “Yes, I’ve passed over it a dozen times!” WHAT! I haven’t seen anything! So then I try harder to zero in on anything that looks like a girl or boy pee pee! Then I saw a giant ding dong and said; “Oh, there it is, it’s a boy!” But that turned out to be a leg. I was like; jeez, I’m kind of glad that wasn’t what I thought it was! HaHa! Then my husband “expertly” claims that about 6 different leg shots were weinises [weiner + penis = weinis]. We both died laughing when he said that and he said that when it’s that small you can’t call it a penis! LOL! Then the tech guy labeled something on the screen as “cervix” and my husband-turned-ultrasound tech loudly proclaims – “Ahh, that’s it, it’s a girl – see, a cervix!” The tech then says; “That’s Courtney’s cervix.” Jeff, embarrassed, asked that his comment never leaves the room. (Oops!)

I was pleasantly surprised when the ultrasound tech suddenly switched the black and gray grainy ultrasound to 4D imagery! In 4D the baby looks a bit more real – like it’s formed in clay! It’s still only halfway through the pregnancy, so the baby has a bit more time before we’re claiming whose nose she has, but it’s pretty amazing to be able to see her so clearly. After 45 minutes of sitting through the ultrasound – and two mid-ultrasound bathroom breaks – the tech leaves to get the doc before telling us what it is!!! So then the doctor comes in and immediately asks us how we met. Come on – tell me already, who cares how we met!!!

So I said: “We met in high school and did that thing where you break up and go out about 500 times before finally taking the plunge when we were 26 and 28.” The doctor said; “Oh really! So who chased who?” And I was all; “Pfft, isn’t it obvy?” Everyone got a good laugh out of that one – even Jeff! Then he says; “Well, do you know what you’re having?” Me: “Not yet!!” Doctor: “It’s a girl” and then shuts off the machine just like that! Man they keep that little nugget of info right until the very end!

It still hasn’t really sunk in yet, mainly because I had to go straight to work after that and I haven’t had a chance to process the news. Now, I know my husband had a moment of being disappointed about the little boy he’s not having this time around, but I think he’s going to be the BEST dad to a baby girl. He’s like this big football player/teddy bear kind of guy, so I cannot wait to see him hold his little girl for the first time! It just melts my heart thinking about it! She’ll have him thoroughly wrapped around her little finger! And I have to admit, even though I’m thrilled to be having a girl, there’s a part of me that has to put the imaginary baby boy aside that I had thought up in my brain over the past several weeks too. Now I know I said last week that seeing that new Justin Bieber movie made me want to have a little boy, but trust me, I’m over the moon about a girl. I guess Baby Bieber will just have to swim faster next time!

So after all you’ve read so far of my blogs and my baby bump pictures, are you surprised to find out it’s a girl?!

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  1. Courtney’s going to have a mini-me!!! And I think I know the name. Congrats you guys!! So freakin’ excited. And about the Bieber baby boy fake-out, he can totally wait! Isn’t it great that now you know that you actually WILL be excited about having a little boy someday?

  2. YIPPEE..IT”S A GIRL!! AWESOME…I’m soooo happy for you guys!! I’m looking forward to a little baby girl!!


  3. LOL Ashley! Yes, you’re right – the next time I have a baby I will be all about that baby boy!!! I got my girl now, I’m happy!!! 🙂

  4. Congrats on finding out about your little girl, Courtney! When I was pregnant with my son last year I had thought I wouldn’t want to know. Then at our ultrasound I just HAD to! So exciting and so great to read about your journey!

    I work with new author Carole Kramer Arsenault. Please email me if you’d be interested in reviewing her new book “The Baby Nurse Bible: Secrets Only a Baby Nurse Can Tell You about Having and Caring for Your Baby” and I’ll send a copy your way. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Abbey! I know, at first I didn’t think I’d want to know the sex of the baby. I thought, this is God’s greatest surprise! But the further along I got, the more people talked me into finding out and I’m so glad I did! It immediately makes everything feel more real and the fact that I can now picture a little girl and get serious about names and nursery decor, it just makes things so much easier – and more fun!

    Oh yes, I’d definitely love to check out that new book. I’m a baby book reading machine these days! I did a pregnancy book review several weeks ago called “Hands Off My Belly” and that one was really good too. I learned A TON and kind of felt smarter than everyone else. HA!!

  6. Congratulations Courtney! I can imagine how excited you are.
    I was at the Doc’s office today and we were able to listen to baby’s heart <3
    I will have my ultrasound on April 7 to find out the sex… I'm sooo excited!
    By the way, I wanted a boy and then, we decided what the name would be if it was a baby girl and now I want a baby girl lol
    We'll see!
    I feel happy for you. Congrats again.

  7. Aww, thanks Monica!! It is truly so exciting to find out the sex of the baby! I absolutely LOVE surprises and this was one of genuine surprise for me! I knew my in-laws were all hoping for a girl because they have all boys on their side, so I didn’t want to let them down, but I didn’t really think my husband would make girls!! HA! But as I’ve always said, I had no feeling either way so it was so awesome to be totally surprise and uber happy with the outcome! My husband is still in mourning about losing that little future football player, but hey, there’s always round 2! I’m so excited for you now, be sure to come back and let me know what you’re having when the time comes!! 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your little girl!! I remember when my mom went in to see what my little brother would be and we were all just so excited. We were all taking bets on what we thought it was (I won $20 thank you). It definitely does make it real and the best part is that you can start buying COLORED items and not just yellow or green. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read more about your exciting adventure.

  9. Thanks Cameon! I’m definitely excited for a little girl! Now it’s time to solidify a name and pick out the nursury!! I like yellow and green, but glad to be able to pick some pinks and purples too!

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