Because I have another blog called Pop Culture Junkie, I consider it my duty to be an expert on all things pop culture. Well actually, I’m an expert on whatever is worthy in my opinion, and ladies and gentleman, Justin Bieber has been deemed worthy. So believe it or not, I had three other girlfriends (all 30+) that wanted to see Justin Bieber’s new documentary-style movie “Never Say Never” this weekend, and no duh, we all LOVED IT!! Oddly, I walked away from the film thinking: Ok, Justin Bieber makes me want to have a little boy!!

Honestly, what tugged this preggers heartstrings wasn’t how cute the Biebs looks doing “The Dougie” dance, but watching the ridiculously adorbs home videos of him as a little bitty boy playing the drums or a guitar that was bigger than he was and seeing such talent and passion from kid at such a young age! And then seeing the really tight relationship JB has with his mom maybe made me shed a tear or two. I hope I have a close relationship with my kid someday like that! He’s so precious with his mom and it’s so endearing to see!

Aside from the maternal side The Biebs brings out in me, the kid is unbelievably talented! He can play the drums, the guitar, the piano, and sing and dance – and he does all really well! He’s basically like a musical child prodigy! This makes me want to encourage any kind of talent my kid has at an early age. I want to be sure to pay attention to things they like to do or activities they really excel in.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was draw. I sat around for hours drawing little people in soap opera-like story lines in which they got married, had kids, had affairs, had sex (oops!), got divorced, re-married their brother-in-law, etc.  At first I used to say I wanted to be a cartoonist, and then it changed to a screen writer because I loved telling stories (go figure!). But as a kid growing up in the Midwest, jobs like being a cartoonist or screenwriter sounded like jobs you can only have in Hollywood! So I eventually put the pencil down and moved on to other things. So as I become a parent, I want to ensure my kid feels like they can do anything they set their mind to with a little hard work and persistence.

So back to Justin Bieber – this little guy is a cutie-patutie and I highly recommend seeing his movie! If you’re my age, you’ll likely look at JB with a maternal appreciation, but hell, he may awaken the 13-year old girl in you and you might just swoon *a little*! OOPS!

Baby bump watch continues – week 19!

Hmm…somebody is noticably bigger this week! It could be the baby, but I think my really fattening Saturday and Sunday food selections might have a little something to do with it! *shrugs shoulders*

But anyway, the baby bump is going to start growing at rapid pace now according to One thing I’m happy about is that the bump is getting rounder and harder so I finally look preggo to the unfocused eye! I hated before when my emerging bump was all jiggly when I walked and I could grab fat rolls! Now, I have a rock solid stomach! Too bad my abs under all this baby are weak as hell these days!!

Just one more week before we find out the sex of the baby!!! The closer I get the more anxious I am to know! People ask me all the time if I want a boy or a girl and of course I’d hate to say one and feel like a total ass for being disappointed when I find out it’s not what I wanted! So my answer is this: I eventually want two kids, a boy and a girl. So it really doesn’t matter what I have now, because either one is a win for me! But for my second, I’ll want the opposite of what I already have! I don’t know, maybe I should change my answer when people ask me what I want to this: I’d like a baby Justin Bieber!!

10 Comments on Justin Bieber makes me want to have a baby boy! Plus, check out my 19-week baby bump watch pic!

  1. ohmyword- you’re too stinking cute with your 19 week belly! i feel like i was as big as a house (ok fine, at least an apartment) by the time i was 19 weeks!

    truth? i secretly (ok, it really wasn’t a secret) wanted a girl. i mean, the tulle? the hairbows? the dresses? i die of cuteness. I mean, what the heck was I going to do with a boy? I know nothing about boys.

    My baby BOY Carter is six months old- and I absolutely ADORE being a “boy mom.” So much so, that I even want more.. BOYS! Crazy, huh? Boys totally have super cute clothes- maybe not near as may options as girls, but heck, it’s pretty fun to dress them like little men! love it.

    it’s only normal.. to feel drawn to one gender over the other! and it’s OK to be a little disappointed.. lol. I know I was. And i’m almost 99% positive that it doesnt make me a terrible mom.. or at least i hope not!

    YAY team blue! 🙂

  2. Ha Ashley! Well I agree that it’s probably normal for girls to be more drawn to wanting a girl and guys probably want a boy. I do want a mini ME someday – haha! But seeing those cute little home videos of Justin Bieber made me picture myself with a little boy and it was totes endearing! I’m glad you’re finding having a boy just as fun as a girl and that shopping for clothes is fun too! I do think dressing them like little men is a must!

    p.s. In that 19-week bump watch pic I totally feel huge!!! I ate so freaking poorly this weekend that I think the bump is 70% cheeseburgers, banana pancakes, and movie popcorn and 30% baby today! HA!!

  3. court, you really are glowing! pregnancy certainly agrees with you, friend! and if you have a mini-jb, auntie bullet will be spoiling the dickens out of him! you better hope for a silent talent like art, or you might end up with a drum kit in your garage.

  4. Thanks Cristina! I know, I’m rethinking this drum idea because that could get annoying REAL quick!!

  5. Now how do you think your daughter’s going to fee someday knowing her mamma wanted a boy first?? Ha. Secretly I did too….NOT! I wanted a little girl to dress her all up in cute little clothes with curly long hair. And what did I get – SHAUN!! haha But it is kind of neat to have an older brother – maybe one that is nicer. I always loved having an older brother. It really doesn’t matter to most moms what they have first….really and truly. I didn’t care just as long as whomever was healthy. But you’re right..whatever you have first you want the opposite for the next kid. Although that doesn’t always work either…Jeff!!

    Great job..made me laugh a lot and I’m digging the little Bieb myself..Although wish he would pull up his pants and quit acting silly!!

  6. Forgot to say you look great!! Watch the eating because the lbs. really come the last few months. Just a heads up. I got up to 164 lbs. and your brother only weighed 6 lbs. Go figure…my figure has never been the same!

  7. Well I’d be extactic if I found out I’m having a girl first! It’s easy to want a girl because you get to dress them up and stuff, whereas wanting a boy takes a little talking yourself into it!!!! So the Biebs just helped me want a boy a little more since he was such a cutie pie as a little bb!!

  8. The little beiber!! I’m thinking you are really excited about all this baby stuff!! I’m looking forward to the little bb too…

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