Dang, why didn't I think of a Gender Reveal Party??

I can’t believe in one week from today we’ll find out the gender of the baby! This date once seemed so long ago and now here we are, about to know whether we’re having a baby boy or girl. Although I’ve said before that I have no feeling whether it’s a boy or girl, for some reason in the past two weeks or so, Jeff and I have started to refer to the baby as a “he”. I don’t like saying “it” and “he/she” is a mouth full to say, so “he” is just easier. I’d honestly be happy with either one at this point. I think in the beginning I was leaning more towards wanting a girl, but somewhere along the way my stance became more neutral on the sex. Maybe it was seeing Justin Bieber’s adorable baby videos in his new movie “Never Say Never”, I don’t know. HA! But either way, we’ll know very soon! And don’t worry; you’ll be the first internet address I tell! 🙂

You don’t like my baby name? Well SUCK IT.

Now let’s discuss baby names. Not necessarily names we like because, well, that scares me. YOU scare me. Your judgey opinions and the silent dead air you give me after I tell you a name I like reeks of disapproval. And…and…I can’t take it! Now, let’s talk etiquette. It’s very common to ask a pregnant girl what she plans to name her baby. It’s a great conversation piece. But look people, you’ve gotta try hard to keep your opinions to yourself. That is, unless you love the name, and in that case – shower me with praise for the name that I have chosen! And if you don’t, then just tell me it’s cute and move on. I’ll know the difference by your level of glee. But I’ll feel appreciative that you didn’t just shit on my Grandma’s name that I plan to reuse or something!!

You'll take the name I give you, baby.

It used to drive me nuts when I’d ask girls what they plan to name their baby and they’d say they aren’t telling anyone because they don’t want to hear negative feedback. This used to be like nails to a chalkboard for me. I was all; just freaking tell me. Who cares? But now I get it. People can be insensitive unknowingly, and when I say people, I’m even talking about my own family! My mom warns me not to come up with any of those “weird names”; my dad tells me whatever I do, don’t name my kid after my husband’s grandpa; my brother texts me that he’s “not a fan” of the boy name I like; and my father-in-law says he doesn’t like the girl name we like because he once knew a girl with that name and she was fat. REALLY! REALLY? I mean it’s not like I’ve gone all celebrity-like and landed on a name like Pilot Inspector or Buddy Bear for my kid!! I like classic names, so gimme a break!

Because of this, I’ve basically stopped telling people what I like. I claim to not have a clue yet. But really, I have a clue. And I’m not telling you. Or maybe I will if the mood is right. But the moral of the story is; it’s super duper hard coming up with a name to give a person that they’ll have their entire life. The pressure! And then when you’ve got someone like my husband who requires a Biblical name somewhere in the name, then it really gets tough! One time I picked a first name and he said it wouldn’t make the grade because it’s Old Testament. WHAT! So I picked a middle name that was New Testament and asked if we’d get extra credit from the Good Lord! So you can imagine, by the time Jeff and I agree on a name, I’m pretty relieved. So when I hear someone say they’re not a fan it’s really disappointing. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, but it’s hard not to. So just be sensitive Mr. & Ms. Opinionated, and whatever you do, don’t give me any lip on the name I like!! Hmph!

Ahhhh, I feel better now.

If you’ve had a baby or are pregnant, did you or have you shared your baby names with friends and family? And did it bother you when people shared their negative opinions?

2 Comments on One week until the BIG GENDER REVEAL!! Now, let’s talk baby names…

  1. Just tell me the names already!! Are any of the names we discussed still in the running? I can’t wait to hear what the sex will be next week, so exciting!

  2. Um….trying to remember what we discussed, but I don’t think so! We’re still iffy on a boy name but we have a girl name in mind……………………!

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