As soon as I heard someone utter the phrase “babymoon” a couple months back, I immediately informed my husband that we needed to take a last hoorah babymoon to Hawaii. I mean, if this is like a thing that lots of expectant parents do, we obvy have to do it too. Then, last Sunday I was reading in my weekly email that now is the time to start taking mini babymoons over the weekend to cool destinations to reconnect with the hubby. But before I even had a chance to suggest it to my husband, he calls me up at work on Tuesday and says; “Hey, what do you think about taking a little trip up to Northern California along the coast and staying in a little cottage this weekend? It’ll be our chance to reconnect.”

Um…could he beeeeeee a better husband right now?

He then mentioned that there is no TV, no internet connection – probably bad cell service, and barely any restaurants. Suddenly this little trip is starting to sound less appealing. Come on, no internet? But I wanted to show Jeff that I could “rough it”. So we hopped in the car on Friday night and drove three hours up the coast through super windy, barf inducing narrow streets and arrived at our cottage in Mendocino County.  If the house had a backdoor, it would be a shotgun shack. There was a roaring fire cooking in the old time fireplace, eggs from the hen house in a basket on our kitchen table, and loads of simplistic charm. I woke up on Saturday morning to a sunny little cottage and the smell of coffee and bacon – just like my Granny’s house (God rest her soul!). Jeff had laid blueberry pancakes on a plate for me and was looking oh so cute as he scrambled up the fresh eggs that were in the basket the night before. I could seriously get used to this! We ate breakfast at the little two-top kitchen table that separated the kitchen from the family room and marveled about how this is so different than anything we’ve ever done before!

My dog Indy on "happycrack"

Fortunately, the weather this past weekend was abnormally beautiful for this time of year, so we enjoyed blue skies and 70 degrees as we trekked across the street with our dog Indy in toe and headed down to the beach. Man, was it gorgeous! We let little Indy off leash and threw sticks with him for about an hour and I’ve never seen that little pup happier! He was getting bolder with the water and playing around in it, and at one point he just started spinning in 360 degree circles like a mad man on happycrack! It almost brought tears to my eyes! And I thought; if it makes me this happy to see my dog enjoying himself, imagine how it will feel taking my kid to the park or something! Then we headed back up to the cottage and got some snacks and a book and sat outside in the Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the sun for the rest of the afternoon. We finished the evening off with dinner overlooking the ocean, and a game of pool at a local bar (which we’ve NEVER played together and it was so fun!) and we were back home by 8:30pm. Man, it felt like the longest day ever and it was still relatively early for a Saturday evening!

This little trip was a great time to reconnect with the husb and just talk and listen to each other without all the distractions of TVs, phones, laptops, etc. taking our attention away from each other. I felt like we grew closer and laughed more than we have together in a long time. It was SO refreshing and I highly recommend everyone take a little babymoon to the boonies with their husband – even if you aren’t pregnant! But this still doesn’t mean I’m giving up on that last hoorah in Hawaii!!

Baby bump watch continues – week 17!

So you know how every pregnant woman kind of “pops” at some point in her pregnancy and she’s no longer mistaken for a non-pregnant person? Well, week 16 – and definitely this past weekend – was when I popped! Jeff just kept looking at me smiling and saying how neat it was that I’m showing now! He said he feels like he has to tell everyone that I’m pregnant when he’s talking to them. I said; “Why, so they don’t just think I’m fat or something? Haha!” He said; “No, because I’m so proud.” AWWWWW. Seriously, this new man is giving me a freagin’ toothache because he’s so sweet these days! (And I love it!)

It wasn’t until Jeff took this photo of me at dinner on Saturday night that I realized just how pregnant I was starting to look! It was kind of shocking but heart melting too. Aww…finally, physical proof that there’s without a doubt a little bubba in there!

7 Comments on A ‘babymoon’ to the boonies is what every expectant couple needs! Plus, my 17-week baby bump pic!

  1. Jeff is so sweet! Sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend away from it all. You look amazing and yes baby bump is present, love it!

  2. I swear I have stayed at the same “cottage”. Remember if you do go to Hawaii – I am the local expert. You are looking preggo!

  3. Wow Colleen – same cottage?! It’s so remote, not sure how anyone finds this place, but it’s to-die-for cute! And WHEN we go to Hawaii, I will be asking you for recommendations on what island, etc.!

  4. Looks like that must’ve been a fun and relaxing weekend. Indy looks like he had a good time. I’m so glad Jeff is excited and you both are excited!! This is really a neat time for both of you guys and all of us!! It will be so cool to meet this new little person. And yes Court you do now look pregnant. But you look so pretty too!!

    I can’t wait to see you!! You guys take care and keep up the great articles.

    Love, Mom

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