My anxiety over baby registering has proven to be warranted, because this stuff ‘aint easy kids! As you saw in Friday’s blog post, my friend sent me a really nice list of her “must have” baby gear to help get me started with the registry, but as I was in the weeds of it, I realized that I needed her to hold my hand throughout the whole stinkin’ process!

Knowing my husband was coming along to register, I really didn’t want to feel like we were spending a week registering at Babies R Us on Sunday, so I decided to take care of the “basics” online before dragging my dear husband to the store. The online registering is helpful because you have the benefit of reading customer reviews for all the products, but this also adds HOURS to the process! Plus, there are like 50 million brands for the same thing, so how do you know which ones are the best? And when it comes to things like breastfeeding pumps, nipple pads, measuring bottles, and the wide range of baby feeding accessories, you can quickly feel like you’re drowning in your own ignorance. I did my best with the baby feeding section, but I have no idea if I got everything I need. I guess I’ll figure it out when I’ve got a screaming baby and I go to reach for something and realize I don’t have it. Oh the joys of first time motherhood!

What is this! Whatever it is, I want it...

So after spending 3 ½ hours registering online, I braved the Babies R Us super store the next day and it was like baby heaven! Angels parted and a church choir starting humming as Jeff and I walked through the doors. This place was magical! And also unbelievably overwhelming! So after we got our registry gun to scan the products we wanted we moved to aisle one – baby feeding. Oh not again! I picked up one product and Jeff wastes no time starting in on complaining about me taking too long. I almost blew a pregnancy fuse right then and there. I actually think my death stare scared him a little! But thankfully, he zipped it like a good boy after that. I really didn’t want him to be bored, so I gave him the gun so he’d have a job to do and then he got a little more into it after that. MEN!

Just as I anticipated, when we got to the stroller/baby carrier isle, I was so totally clueless. I immediately starting wringing my hands saying I needed to talk to a sales associate and Jeff was like; “No, we don’t need to ask anyone, let’s just go with this…” and then he goes all bat-shit-crazy scanning whatever stroller is in front of him without my approval!! THE NERVE! Finally, I had a sales rep explain to me the difference between a travel set and buying the pieces individually and I was able to make a much more informed decision. What’s up with men and never asking for directions or help? Annoying!

Two hours later we were finished – for now! Of course I went home that night and started reading the product reviews of the stuff we chose in the store and if the reviews weren’t that good it set me back again. UGH! Like I said; this is hard! My advice for any first time preggo would be to leave the husband at home (or drag him along if you feel you must) and take a trusted friend who’s had a kid in the last few years to help you navigate through the massive array of choices. When we were walking out of the store I looked up at Jeff and said; “See; that wasn’t as bad as you thought, right?” And he corrected me – “No, it was every bit as bad as I thought.”

Jeez! I should’ve splurged and got Jeff a pacifier while I was in there!

Baby bump watch continues – week 24

<—- Is that a halo over my head? Anyway, I can’t believe I’m 6 months pregnant now! It just seems like a major milestone in the pregnancy. In the last week or two the baby has been doing some major gymnastics, kicking like crazy all day! According to, she’s growing rapidly, having packed on 4 ounces in just the last week! She now weighs over one pound and she’s the length of an ear of corn. I’m kind of going through this phase of just being in awe of the whole process. It’s so surreal to me that there is a human being growing inside of me and it’s hard to explain how I already feel like I know this little girl. It’s just such an amazing experience and I know that when I’m not pregnant anymore I’ll definitely miss it. But I still have 3 ½ months left to enjoy pregnancy to the fullest. I just hope I have my nursery and baby gear all figured out by then!!

6 Comments on Ay yi yi! Baby registry woes! Plus, check out my 24-week baby bump!

  1. Registering is so overwhelming! There are really just certain things you will need right away once you get home from the hospital and the rest can wait, I learned that the second time around lol 🙂

  2. Ya, the second time around I’ll be a seasoned pro! But this time, I should’ve brought with me a seasoned pro! The husband was no help!

  3. court, you should read that book i gave you on the different brands– that might ease the stuff-buying process a bit, if nothing else! as for jeffy-poo, i don’t blame him. imagine if he took you shopping at napa auto parts or some man store like that! ps– you’re looking so cute with your halo & bb bump!

  4. I have read your book gurl!! It’s overwhelming too because they’re still tons to choose from! I guess I just want someone to tell me exactly what I need in every category so I don’t even have to think about it! I want the easy way out!

  5. Omg! You look so cute! Do you have an updated post where you share your experiences with Babies R Us? What’s the verdict? Yay or Nay?

  6. Hi Jess, I don’t think I did a post specifically on Babies R Us, but it was def a good experience. I’d go to a big huge one that has everything instead of one of those half Babies R Us/Toys R Us stores if you can. Good luck if you’re registering soon!

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