For some reason, the idea of registering for baby stuff has brought forth some mild anxiety for me. This is so different than when you registered for your wedding, because this has little to do with what you want and mostly to do with what you need. Well the problem is: hell if I know what I need! Nipple pads – huh? Butt paste! WHAT! So after letting my friend Stacy – mother of two adorable kiddies – in on my budding registry anxiety, she, being the super sweet person that she is, sent me an email with her baby gear “must haves!” And you have no idea how helpful this is going to be to me this weekend at Babies R Us. So I asked her if she minded if I repurposed her email as a blog post to help others who may be suffering from the same fears that I am – and of course she said “sure!” So without further ado, here’s Stacy…


Hey Courtney!

I was thinking about you this morning and thought I would quickly put together my top picks for baby gear.  When you go into Babies R Us it can be overwhelming for new moms, so here is a list of my favs! I hope this helps you a bit when you go to register, enjoy!

Must-haves and my FAVS:

Baby monitor: Angelcare.

Bumbo seat with tray: Helps baby learn to sit, great for high chair, travels well out to dinners.

Baby swing: Fisher Price Papasan cradle swing (a must have in my book!).

Boppy pillow with one extra washable cover: Great for nursing and for baby to lay in.

Car seat:  Britax brand, think about getting the one that grows with baby.

Exersaucer or doorway jumper: I preferred doorway jumper and so did my kids, but you only need one or the other.

Baby Carrier: Bjorn brand is very comfortable and washes up in machine very nice, plus daddy can wear it too!

Strollers: This is a big thing, so you must try them out. Handles can be too low for tall parents, the wheels can be cheap and not roll properly, and some don’t even have drink holders!  My top picks would be: Graco snugrider car seat frame because its very light and your baby car seat will snap right into the frame from car to stroller. However, if you buy this, plan to get another stroller when baby is no longer in infant car seat.  Try out Britax B-ready stroller because it will grow with baby, or BOB strollers are built well!

Diaper Bag:  This is something that will become your purse as well as diaper bag.  You will have this bag for a long time (at least until baby is out of diapers and bottles).  Boxy Brand backpack is stylish and practical.  Yes, it’s a bit pricy at $170.00, but my girlfriend has one and loves it!  If you can’t find it at the stores check out  It’s made from really nice material; and can fit onto stroller, and the best part is that it doubles as a backpack.  You will need a backpack since your hands are going to always be full and anything on your shoulders just don’t work.

Bottles:  Make sure you buy glass since they are best for baby – plastic can be harmful.

Baby blankets:  Three or four swaddle blankets are wonderful. The baby feels best when they are wrapped up tight mimicking the womb. Also, “sleep sacks” are my fav because you don’t have to worry about baby pulling blankets onto their face.  Get two in each size (small and large).  I used these until my kids were a year old! You put baby in and zip them up! Make sure you get the sleeveless ones.

Bath tubs:  I mostly used the bathroom sink; it was just easier for me.  But if you feel like you need one make sure you get one that folds up and can be stored under the sink.  Example would be Summer brand mothers touch bather.  Plus, you can throw the cover into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Lots of burp cloths:  Best ones are the big pack of Gerber cloth diapers – you will use these every day, all day!

Baby shoes: ROBEEZ! These are wonderful baby shoes, great for when baby learns to crawl and walk.  They are all leather and stay on baby’s feet (most things they kick off).  I believe you can only buy these at Stride Rite shoe store.

My fav stores for kids clothes: Gymboree, Janie and Jack, GAP, and Lands End.  The material washes up great and color stays longer than other brands. Yet, babies out grow clothes really fast so you don’t need to worry about this until they get older!

Onsies and socks: Gerber brand (socks with tight top, otherwise they will kick them off) can be a staple outfit in the warm months and just have a few fav outfits for when you go out and about!

Things you can probably do without:

High chair: Too big and takes up lots of room. Get one that fits onto a regular chair. You will be pleased.

Diaper Genie: The bags are a pain and it still smells! Get small plastic bags to keep in nursery, put dirty diaper in the bags and take out to the outside trash can.

Wipe warmer temp:  It’s always off and they are a pain. Get wash clothes or throw away cloths for when baby is a newborn. Run under warm water or regular wipes will be just fine.

A million baby outfits: Baby will grow super fast from size NB to 6 months.  Yes, they do go through a few outfits a day with spit up and wet pants, but the less you have the less you have to store and wash!

Well, I hope this helps you get started! Happy baby registering!!!!!

Thanks Stacy!! 🙂

6 Comments on Baby Registry Must Haves by my friend and mom of two!

  1. I nannied for 6ish years, and I cannot say enough good things about the BOB stroller. Handles SO well (from general strolling to walking to mild off-roading), carrier-compatible, easy to fold and get into a car and fits kids who are 5 years old! Of all the strollers I’ve used, BOB’s have always been my favourite.

    Ditto on the Bumbo seat as well. Super useful.

    Have fun at Babies R Us!! 🙂

  2. So I agree with your friend that Diaper Genie’s suck big time but you know what doesn’t suck??? Diaper Dekor! They are the best. I also have nannied/babysat for about oh 16 years now and the family I currently am with has one of these and it is THE BEST. It much simpler to use than the Diaper Genie and totally masks/hides/gets rid of the smell of diiirrrttty diapers. So I highly recommend. And I googled it for you and they have it Babies R Us 🙂

  3. Awesome list Stacy. So glad you put that together. That can help Courtney and everyone figure out what little ABG needs. Love it. I better start setting aside because I can see lots of fun stuff to get her.

    Also, one of the things I got for both Shaun & Courtney was a “diaper service” which I truly appreciated versus having to clean those things myself.

  4. I am impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I see a blog thats both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the matter is something that not many people are talking intelligently a

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