I was all ready to post a funny blog regarding my emerging chipmunk cheeks and thunder thighs, but that will have to wait another day, because today – the baby moved!!!

Well actually, for a couple weeks now I’ve felt what I believed to be very, very faint movement in my belly, but I could never be sure if it was the baby or just gas bubbles! They say first time moms often can’t decipher between the two when it first starts happening. But last week I was sure I felt what could only be described as hiccups, but there were only two, so I wasn’t sure then either! My nightly ritual as I’m lying in bed is to lie very still and try not to breathe so I can see if I can feel something while pressing down on my belly. Last night I definitely felt waves of movement, but it was more of an internal feeling and not one I think you could feel on the outside if you were touching my belly. But this morning before I got up I tried one more time to will the baby to move, and finally, she did! Little girl had the hiccups – AGAIN! But this time there were like 8 in a row, all the same sensation and distance apart! I read last week that I’ll start to feel kicks and hiccups soon, and here they are!

In that moment, I laid in bed just feeling overwhelmed with the miracle of what is happening inside of me. Yes I know I’m pregnant. Yes I see my baby bump growing. Yes I’ve even seen a 4D ultrasound and know she’s a girl! But there’s something about FEELING her inside me that solidifies the whole thing and makes it real. Physical proof that she’s alive and kicking!! I’ve heard people tell me it’s weird when they started feeling kicks and one girl said it freaked her out the first time she felt it! I feel differently though. It just makes me feel so happy and proud and I just keep thinking how sweet it is! I mean, “sweet” really isn’t the right word, but she’s just so small that everything she does will be tooth achingly sweet to me – even before I meet her. It’s like she’s in there saying; “Mommy, I’m getting bigger for you, are you excited to see me??”

AHHH!!!!! I get a ‘lil lumpy in my throat just thinking about it. Look what she’s doing to me – turning me into a big pile of sappy mush! I feel like I want to answer her question; “Yes little bubba, mama’s very excited to see you!”

Hey look – they say you’re supposed to talk to your baby, so I’m talking to her…well, I’m writing to her. The other day Jeff was saying that he saw something on TV about scrapbooking and he didn’t understand why anyone would do that. But then he said; “I guess your blog is kind of like a scrapbook of your pregnancy.” And I said – EXACTLY! This is my diary of my pregnancy, but I’m letting the world in on the journey!

Baby bump watch continues – week 21!

Baby is really getting big now! At 21 weeks she’s about 10 ½ inches long, or the size of a carrot (according to Babycenter.com). If you pull out a ruler and look at 10 ½ inches, that’s pretty big actually! She’s no lima bean anymore; she’s looking like a real baby now, fully intact, just packing on the pounds and length from here on out. And the bump definitely reflects this growth! I’m getting a lot of; “Wow, you’re getting big!” comments these days. But I prefer to hear; “How far along are you? Oh, 21 weeks! My, you’re so small still!” And just to be clear, I did hear that from a lady in the restroom at work this week! So there!

When you were pregnant, how did you feel the first time you felt the baby move? Were you weirded out or in awe? There’s no wrong answer!

9 Comments on It finally feels real – baby girl is moving!!! Plus, check out my 21-week baby bump pic!

  1. I was 5 months pregnant before I realized I was pregnant…long story but when I first felt my baby move, I imagined the movie, Alien…I think I’ve already told you this. That movie wasn’t very old when I got pregnant and that alient coming out of the guy’s stomach is what I thought about. Weird huh? No wrong answer though.

  2. Ok, I need to know how you didn’t know you were pregnant until you were 5 months…I’ve got time to listen. HA! Can you imagine me looking into the mirror looking like I do and it not dawning on me that I am preggo!? But maybe you just carried really tiny!

  3. I was around 5 1/2 months with son (1st baby) and 5 months with daughter (2nd). The first movements were strange b/c I couldn’t tell if it was baby or gas…lol. BUT with daughter towards the end, she would move all the way over to the right side of my stomach. Made me look very weird and would gross my co-workers out b/c I would push on her until she moved back in the middle! It was fun watching her b/c you could set body parts moving around. I think that is all I miss from my pregnacies…the movements!

  4. That’s the best when you get the baby kicks. That makes you realize there really is a “little someone” inside there!! How cute. You are experiencing such neat things…just wish we were closer so we could enjoy these experiences first hand with you. But I love our daily conversations on the phone & through your blog. Tell little Annabelle that Mimi said “hello and can’t wait to meet her.”

  5. First off I must say your belly is so little, you look so cute.
    So, the first time I felt my baby move I was excited. It’s like you finally know for sure the baby is alive! After a few months pass and the baby gets bigger watch out the movement will wake you up from a dead sleep.

  6. Oh wow @stewartmccarty! That’s amazing! I’ve seen a video on another blog where the girl taped her baby moving across her stomach and you could see it plain as day! It was crazy! I’m sure once the movment starts it will be relentless! My grandma said when she was pregnant with my aunt, that every time she sat down my aunt would stand up in her belly! LOL!

  7. Haha Stacy! That’s crazy that the baby will wake me up when I’m dead asleep! I don’t know if I’m looking forward to that!

  8. This blog made me tear up…. (i know what else is new). I am so happy and excited for you Court!!! xo

  9. Aww Vicky, who knows, maybe you’re pregnant too with all this tearing up you’re doing lately!! LOL!

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