Wow, I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast. I started this blog in February 2010 as a way to capture my feelings going into my “dirty thirties” and to blog about all the exciting things I’d plan on doing with my life moving forward.  And now here I am at 31 already, and it wasn’t too long ago that I was freaking the EFF out about turning 30! I thought it meant I was old and my youth was swiftly slipping away. But ironically, the 30th year of my life has been the best of my life! And it definitely started with a bang!

My 30th birthday celebration actually started a month before my actual birthday on March 19th when my husband totally surprised me and flew me down to Palm Springs to see my favorite American Idol alum, Adam Lambert, perform in concert. On that trip, we got a private tour of Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs estate by its current owners and something really stuck out to me from that tour that had nothing to do with Elvis. Our lovely tour guide hostess gushed about how cute Jeff and I were as a couple and asked if we had any kids, and we of course said no. With that, she perked up, sucked in a quick breath and smiled before saying; “I see you having a little girl…” And she started to elaborate but stopped herself saying that this was another topic altogether, eluding that she had some kind of psychic gift! I never forgot that and well, she was right – baby girl is on her way!

Then, a week later I boarded a plane to Cabo San Lucas with three other girlfriends for a long weekend of fun in the sun to help celebrate a couple of us turning 30 in March. Too bad it rained the whole time, but it was a wonderful trip. I remember on our final night we were all sitting at a table at an outdoor bar on the beach, where we consumed THREE bottles of champagne, and I got all champagne-induced teary revealing to the girls that I had taken my last birth control pill that night. They all gasped and didn’t realize that Jeff and I were ready to start a family. And truthfully, I didn’t know if I was ready either, but I don’t think you ever really are. And besides, we weren’t going to “try”; we just weren’t going to be actively avoiding it anymore. And now a year later here I am, almost 6 months pregnant!

Then to ring in my actual 30th birthday, Jeff surprised me yet again and took me down to Hermosa Beach/LA to have a glam weekend with our friends searching for celebs at the hottest hot spots in Hollywood and Beverly Hills! I will never forget my 30th birthday – how could I? It was the best.

Because I had turned 30, I felt like I needed to do things to challenge myself and keep myself in shape despite my advancing age! So I trained for 3 ½ months for a 65 mile bike marathon in the spring and I taught myself right then and there as I crossed the finish line that I could do anything I set my mind to. So to prove that this was true, I trained for a half marathon on foot in the fall and ended up beating my own expectations for myself and ran the whole time – beating my husband by 4 minutes!! And to top it off – I was 5 weeks pregnant when I ran that and didn’t even know it!

To round out the year, I took a few more trips to LA, New Orleans, and Gulf Shores, and as you all know now, I found out I was pregnant in November and have been blogging about my pregnancy journey ever since. For news that was quite a shock to me, and something that took a few weeks to get used to, I’ve whole heartedly embraced pregnancy and I absolutely love it. And to think, all these fun travels, confidence building challenges, and life changing surprises happened in my 30th year – when I thought the “fun” in life was walking the plank! Yes, the irony! I’m here to say folks; life really does begin at 30!

Baby bump watch continues – week 23!

According to, it’s time to get dancing! The baby’s sense of movement is well developed by now and her keen ears are now picking up sounds outside of the womb, like my dog barking or the vacuum running! Surely she can hear her daddy’s loudass voice too! Between you and me, sometimes on Saturdays when I’m leisurely getting ready for the day and listening to the “Hottest Hits” station on Comcast, I dance in the mirror and get a HUGE kick out of seeing the baby bump bounce around! There’s nothing funnier than seeing a pregnant girl drop it like it’s hot! I’ve promised Jeff that one of these times he can film me dancing and post it in a blog. He said that’ll be his one and only contribution to my blog! Ok, I’ll sacrifice my pride and self-respect to give you all a good laugh…well maybe.

6 Comments on The BEST 365 days of my life. Plus, check out my 23-week baby bump watch pic!

  1. I’m looking forward to that dance video. I can see her dancing on the table now like you did when you were 3 yrs old. And doing the “Annie” song/dance.

    What a great journey you had during your 30th year! I’m so proud of you for your tenacity, pushing yourself to see what you can accomplish, for being the young lady you are, and most importantly for being my daughter! I remember 31 years ago on Saturday when I had a little girl and it was one of the greatest moments of my life!!

    You’re going to be an awesome mom!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Alright, one of these days I’ll film myself dancing and post it on this blog. Or maybe not. LOL!

  3. Omg it’s been a year already….can hardly believe it. I remember you blogging about your 30th and it seems like it was just a few weeks ago. Well life certainly has a way of surprising you at every step. Of course this one “the baby” is a good surprise. And a life changer.
    Happy belated birthday Courtney, this coming year will be so amazing and special. It will outshine them all!

  4. Thanks Mira!! Yes, life is about to change majorly, but I’m getting more and more ready for it with each passing day!

  5. Just wait…it only gets better! Speaking from experience, the 30’s only get better! I have reached a point where I’m enjoying getting older and with that comes a different type of confidence.

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