Today I’ve been inspired to do a post on what I DON’T miss about NOT being pregnant. Yes, that’s not a typo, this time I’m not complaining about the things I miss because I’m pregnant. Often times I’m blogging about my expanding waistline or preggo acne or my expanding waistline, but today I’m going for a different angle. One area I have yet to explore on this blog is the hangover free zone that pregnancy provides. It’s actually quite a lovely place to be. No, seriously…

Think…it’s the morning after St. Patty’s Day…

This morning at around 9:30 a.m., I ventured into the break room in the office and saw four giant pizza boxes that were leftover from yesterday’s St. Patty’s Day beer and pizza festival (that I co-hosted, thank you very much!). One person with sleepy eyes was sitting next to the microwave heating up a slice and another was shamelessly standing there munching away on their second slice of cold pizza. Of course I assumed this to be a hangover induced greasy pizza food binge, because why else would anyone elect to eat cold pizza for breakfast? Uhh…college called, it wants it breakfast of champions back from the adults, please! And here I am, practically skipping into the kitchen to heat up my oatmeal, looking to strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen about last night’s American Idol results. Well, turns out I was the only person watching TV last night. Everyone else was at the pub.

I can remember celebrating St. Patty’s Day hard in my early twenties.  One time in particular I came into work so hangover after St. Patty’s Day that a co-worker actually said to me; “No offense, but you reeeeeek of booze.” Omigawd that’s so EMBRASSING! Luckily that guy got fired shortly after so I got the last laugh. For some reason St. Patty’s Day was/is a reason to binge drink like no other! Green beer – yes please! Irish car bombs – yes please! Jager shots – *grimace* – yes please! Greasy spoon diner at 3 a.m. – obvy! And then, the dreaded alarm clock buzzes 4 hours later and you’re toast.

Even as a more mature adult in the last several years, I’ve still had my share of wicked hangovers. (Like the one I had the day I found out I was pregnant in New Orleans!) But what about when you wake up the next day and your mind instantly starts racing to what you did or said the night before? Surely that happens to others right? It’s like you wake up feeling guilty before your mind even recalls the previous night’s antics. It’s always funny to see my husband wake up on such a morning. With anxiety written all over his face, the first thing he does is checks his jean pockets from the night before for his wallet!! Not sure if he was gambling when I wasn’t looking or fearing pick-pocketers, but it’s like clockwork every time! LOL! I definitely don’t miss this….and I think I can speak for my husband that he probably doesn’t miss the “missing wallet anxiety” since I’ve been pregnant either. I mean, how much fun is it to get loaded when your drinking partner is dead sober?

Thanks to pregnancy, I haven’t had to experience these discomforts in quite some time! Living a hangover/guilt free life is absolutely stupendous! Am I right preggos? Holla at your girl!!!

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