One thing people ask me a lot is what kinds of cravings I’ve been having over the course of my pregnancy. Of course they bring up the cliché preggy combo of ice cream and pickles, but I’ve gotta say that after being pregnant for a while, I kinda think that stuff is made up. I mean, I’ve never wanted a hot fudge sundae with jalapeños on top or anything! Blech! If anything, I found myself craving healthy things, like black olives and green peppers on my salads and pizza! And APPLES! I can’t get enough apples! I think it’s because early in pregnancy I was SO dehydrated that anything that was juicy was appealing to me. Buuuuuuuut lately I’ve found myself cravings…oh yes, DESSERT! Any dessert. Even if I’m not hungry, I simply cannot walk passed a left over brownie in the break room at work.

I mean, I try to be good. But the more pregnant I get, the worse my resolve is. There’s this one guy who has an M&M dispenser in his office at work and I look forward to walking by every day about 1:30 to snag a handful of this chocolate, crunchy delight! I try to be quick because preggers over here doesn’t really want to get caught in his office taking candy when he’s not even in there! I envision myself standing there taking the lid off the dispenser and just shoving my hand in the jar and grabbing a whole handful of M&Ms, and then the guy walks in behind me! I’d probably swivel around dropping M&Ms in my haste and throw my hands in the air screeching, “IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!” I know I’m not myself because today I even ate a handful of Skittles from the break room. (THAT DAMN BREAK ROOM!) I cannot tell you the last time I ate Skittles before this. Skittles suck. But today, they were magical, fruity goodness! And then tonight I came home and Jeff has not only bought blueberry scones from the grocery store, but a chocolate candy bar and some sort of peanuty chocolate bite thingys. He has no regard for my waistline.

Pregnant pants don’t give warning signs

In fact, that’s what makes these cravings so possible to indulge in when you’re pregnant. For a non-preggo to graze the left over desserts on a daily basis at work, they’d soon notice the result of their poor decisions in how their pants fit. But when you’re wearing pants with a giant nylon pouch in them that lets your belly expand, you never get that little warning sign that says it’s time to cut off the dessert splurges! But I AM trying to eat healthy for the most part, as I’ve said, and I’m still hitting the gym three times  a week, so hopefully these dessert cravings don’t catch up with me too much!

But to answer the original question about what I’m craving, here is what I heart more than anything during pregnancy…

  • Wendy’s Frosty – I literally cannot drive past a Wendy’s without stopping. Jeff has stopped arguing with me about it.
  • Ice cream – No specific kind, maybe chocolate shakes if I must choose.
  • Brownies – I was never a brownie lovah before this and now they’re simply God’s gift.
  • Black olives
  • Green peppers
  • Chocolate milk
  • Movie popcorn covered in butter and salt – Ok, this is nothing new…

I’m just happy that I’m not one of those poor pregnant girls that crave eating or smelling tire rubber or something strange like that! Just trust me on this, I read a lot of preggo books, and this is a for realz thing. I’d say my cravings are pretty normal, and lucky for Jeff, they haven’t required him to go out at 3am to satisfy any of them. Not that he would do that anwyay!

4 Comments on Coming clean about my pregnancy cravings…

  1. I agree with you Court. Cravings do happen but pickles and ice cream please, just a myth (at least for me it was). Thats amazing that you still go to the gym, you go girl!!!!

  2. The gym is my reading time! I read my preggo books, my smexy fanfiction, or maybe just a mag! I just feel better after I work out. Also, hopefully it offsets the cravings a bit!! 🙂

  3. WOW PATTY! I’m stunned that you have actually commented on my blog! You cracked the internet code – you figured it out! HA! You go girl!! 🙂

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