I’ve been M.I.A. on Life At Thirtysomething for an entire week because I’ve been entertaining my parents who have been in town since last Wednesday, and left today. Annnnnnd now I’m sad. 🙁 I was all set to write a blog post about the growing discomforts of pregnancy in the later preggo months, but now I just feel like sulking.

You see, I live in California and they live in Indiana. Although the distance sucks because I’m really close with my family, I’ve been willing to deal with it because I LOVE California weather! The blue skies, scenic mountains, and variety of places to see and things to do are why people want to live here.  However, since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had people telling me left and right that when I have a baby I’m going to want to be closer to home – I’m going to want my mom. That’s what I hear ALL the time. I kept saying; “well, that’s probably true, but I don’t know how I’m going to feel until I have the baby.” But now, I truly get it. I mean, I’m really good about keeping in touch with my mom and dad by phone and email – practically daily, and of course they read my blogs to keep up on my pregnancy. But to have them out here while I’m pregnant makes me realize how sad it is that they can’t be around for most of my pregnancy. It’s weird to me that the next time I’m going to see my dad I won’t be pregnant anymore – I’ll be a mom. Luckily my mom is coming back just next month for my baby shower. And my brother…well, aside from seeing me at 12 weeks over Christmas (with no baby bump!), he’ll never see me truly preggo, which is bizarre to me as well.

Soon-to-be mama still likes to be babied!

What’s interesting is that there’s been a notable uptick in the speed of my growth from 24 to 25 weeks and with the extra poundage comes more physical limitations for me, which is definitely frustrating. So to have my parents here it’s just nice to be….taken care of. My mom is uber maternal and she just loves taking care of people. If I wanted ice cream, she’d go get me some. If I wanted to drag her around from maternity store to maternity store when the weather was 80 degrees outside (and she’d probably rather be drinking wine in the sun), she’d go with me and critique my maternity ensembles – if you could call; “everything looks great on you” a critique!? Hey, that’s what moms are supposed to say I guess! She folded laundry, cooked my favorite meal, baked my husband a birthday cake, and helped me clean up after every meal. I guess as I get closer to being a mom myself and knowing things are about to change, it’s nice to have my mom around who wants to baby me a bit longer. After all, carrying 20 extra pounds of weight is starting to have an impact on me now, so who doesn’t want to be taken care of in this state?

And I appreciate my dad too because he always provides the comic relief in any situation. He’s just got this budding grandpa feel about him and he definitely keeps Jeff entertained with all his Vietnam War stories, knowledge of aviation history, and random nuggets of wisdom that he never forgets to pass along to anyone who will listen!

I’m sure it’ll be really hard when the baby comes to have my parents come to visit and be so helpful and then poof – they’re gone again and I have an empty house and a crying baby. The thought already depresses me! But I’ll figure it out. We all have to grow up and start our own families at some point, but there are just certain things, liking having a baby, that make you appreciate your parents so much more than you did before.

Baby bump watch continues – week 25!

Mom got in the bump watch baby pic, for fun!

As I mentioned, there’s definitely been a noticeable difference in my pregnancy from week 24 to 25, which means baby is definitely growing! According to Babycenter.com, she’s now 13 ½ inches long and about a pound and a half, or the size of a rutabaga. She’s filling in and getting fatter now, and if we could peek inside the womb, we’d be able to see the color and texture of her hair (if she has any)! She’s moving quite frequently these days and I know she hates it when I wear tight pants that cut into the space of her already cramped little house! I guess it’s time to get bigger pants. Ugh. Can I just say that yesterday I was walking briskly up to the bus to go home from work and the old bus driver goes; “Hey, do they call you BIG MAMA in your neighborhood yet? HAHAHAHA” And I’m all; “NO!” And he’s all; “Not yet! HAHAH” And then I took a seat and laughed-cried.

7 Comments on Missing my family as pregnancy progresses… Plus, check out my 25-week baby bump!

  1. awww, you & your parents are so cute! i love it! i can totes understand how you are missing your family, but you’ll be surprised how much they visit once they truly can help you with the baby. they might be so smitten with their granddaughter, they may decide to move to cali!
    ps– you are looking so fabulous; i think pregnancy really becomes you.

  2. I agree, you are looking fabulous all preggo. I think the glow they always talk about kicked in!

  3. Thanks Cristina & Ashley! I’d LOVE for my parents to move out here. That would be the perfect scenario for me because I LOVE Cali and I just want them to come here. I think if I moved back I’d always miss this place, so I hate the idea of having to choose between where I like to live and being close to family. Let’s just bring the whole clan here and call it a day! Too bad it’s just so darn expensive to live out here. Midwestern peeps scoff at the prices out here and I totally understand. I did too at first, but I got used to it and that’s what I tried to tell them!

  4. Awe…we miss you guys too!! Made me teary eyed knowing we’re so far away and we’ll definately want to see that baby more often. We had so much fun just relaxing and seeing all the fun sites. (Thanks). For an FYI you look so pretty pregnant…and I know you will be a great mommy…and Jeff a great dad!!

    That’s what moms like to do..take care of pregnant daughters!! As THE day gets closer you’re going to need more help and especially after the baby arrives. Be sure to let me and Patty now how we can help you once you get home.

    Thanks again for a memorable vacation!

    Love, Mom

  5. You look fabulous and I love your stylish top! Having family close by sounds wonderful. I have not lived close to family since the day I got married, and I have managed. You can do it Court, get a group of mommies together for a support system to help fill the void. If you would like help on starting up a mommy group in your town let me know and I can help you out!!!

  6. Ya, I’m definitely joining a mommy group after I have the baby. The hospital I’m delivering at has one for different ages of babies, so I’m looking forward to that!

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