I cannot believe I only have 12-weeks to go before I’m a mother. And who knows, it could even be less than that if little Ms. Life Changer decides to come early. It’s funny, but pregnancy seems to take FOREVER, yet it flies by so fast I don’t know where the time has gone! You think you have so much time in the beginning, so you put things off for later, and then suddenly you’re 12-weeks away from giving birth and you realize there is still so much to do! This can definitely make for an expensive three months if you wait to buy all your nursery furniture and sign up for pregnancy/baby classes at the end like I have.

Speaking of pregnancy classes, they sound like a fabulous idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know all the ins and outs of child birth before you walk into what will surely be the most painful experience of your life? If an expert is going to give me advice on pain management – I WANT IT! But jeez, this all day class doesn’t come cheap. We’re talking like 200 bucks! And then you have to learn about breastfeeding (class = $50), because what the hell do I know about feeding a tiny human from my boobs? And then what if your baby chokes on your boob food – you need to know baby CPR! That’ll be 50 bucks for me and 50 bucks for my hubby.  Cha chiiiiiing!

If my husband had it his way, we’d skip all this “nonsense” and just figure it out as we go. He likes to say that babies have been born for centuries without all this fuss – he calls stuff like this “snake oil” and he doesn’t trust that it’s necessary. We went to a Cord Blood Banking class and he was practically poking his eyeballs out and clawing at the door to get out! Sure, it’s easy for him to want to skimp on classes like this because he’s not the one that going to be pushing a watermelon through his…you know, and he’s not the one that’s going to be up at 3am feeding a crying baby, or trying to figure out how these damn pumping machines works! Why don’t you just throw me into the deep end of the ocean honey, I’ll figure out how to get back eventually. Don’t you worry!

You add all these classes together with all the blood tests and ultrasounds you have to have between your regular doctor appointments and stuff really begins to add up. And like I said; don’t forget about that nursery crib, dresser, rocking chair, etc.! Having a baby is a MONEY PIT! Jeez!

BUUUUUT, aside from all that stuff, as I’ve said all along; pregnancy is a magical experience. When the baby is to the point where they’re moving like crazy, not just single kicks but swirls across your belly that are visible through your clothes – that’s pretty amazing! When she’s been still for a long time during the day, I start to miss her and push around on my belly to wake her up! It’s the strangest sense of bonding that you go through with your little baby because you haven’t even met her, yet you feel like you know her… it’s hard to explain. I’m anxious for the day that she enters this world. I know life is going to change forever and for that, I’m scared. But I’m also so excited to meet her and hold her little body and finally put a face to a…kick? I can’t believe it….only 12 more weeks….OMG! *bites nails*

Baby bump watch continues – week 28

Happy Easter! As you can see, I’m in my Sunday best! It’s not the best bump watch outfit, but I was too lazy to change for the sake of a picture today.

Seven months pregnant. Wow. Every time I round out to a new month it always feels like a major milestone – which at this point, it is! Baby is a lot more active these days, like I said, and it’s fascinating to see. According to Babycenter.com, she’s now two and a quarter pounds and measures 14.8 inches from head to toe, or like the size of a Chinese cabbage. She’s blinking her eyes and with her developing eye sight she can now see light from the outside of the womb. No wonder she was moving around so much today when I was reading a magazine on my back patio enjoying the sun…she was sunbathing! I’m envisioning her tossing from her belly to her back every 15 minutes to get an even tan! Isn’t she sooooo cute?!

2 Comments on On the home stretch – entering my third trimester! (YIKES!) Plus, check out my 28-week baby bump!

  1. You look amazing, love the dress! I just wanted to say that if you can’t make it to the classes, you will survive. Luckily, the hospital will give you all kinds of information and hands on learning to care for baby and breast feeding, etc. The class I went to focused on breathing and really that was the last thing I was able to focus on when I had a baby coming out. All I can say is get the drugs girlfriend!

  2. Thanks Stacy! I got the dress from H&M (non-maternity) when I was only like 14 weeks pregnant, so I was happy to see I could still wear it at 28 weeks! Oh, and I plan to get the drugs, girlfriend!! I wouldn’t get my teeth pulled without getting numbed, and I’m not having a baby without getting those pain meds!!

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