Having a baby in mid July is kind of an awkward time when it comes to finding clothes to wear in early summer, especially considering I’m now as big as a house and it’s hot as hell outside.  We’ve already discussed how wearing long maxi dresses may be comfortable, but my wicked thunder thighs rub up against each other as I walk and it drives me crazy. I’ve resorted to maternity Spanx to remedy this issue and I guess it works, except it’s a pain when you have to go the bathroom 80 times a day. I have to dance my preggo ass back into those damn Spanx every time I pull ‘em back up! And maternity shorts are a no go. My legs have totally failed me in the second half of pregnancy. What happened to them? Oh ya, they got fat too. Let’s not forget that my gym has a rockin’ pool scene in the summer and since I like a nice tan, you better believe I’ll be hitting up the pool for as long as possible. But then I’ve got to wear a bathing suit! Oh Lord, how much more of a beating can my self-esteem take?! I used to hear some women say they feel really sexy in pregnancy, but not me. I feel cute at times, yes, but dead sexy? HELLZ NO! In my Babycenter.com email this week it said that “many women still feel very sexy this far into pregnancy”, and I wanna know who these women are and what they’re eating.

Yesterday, I spent an hour in a dressing room at Motherhood Maternity trying on dress after dress and top after top looking for the one that’s going to make me look preggo skinny. None of them did. I just had to settle for the least depressing looks and call it a day. It’s so hard to find clothes that make you look and feel good when you’re 8+ months pregnant. On the one hand, you don’t really want to be buying clothes this close to your due date, but when the weather is totally going from mild 60s/70s to 80s/90s, you have no choice but to wear less, and that friends, is a challenge when all your exposed limbs are suddenly chunky and full of cellulite.

I remember last August going to dinner with one of my friends who was 6 months pregnant at the time and I asked her how it felt being pregnant. She surprised me with her response when she said; “You experience a lot of body image issues when you’re pregnant.” I thought that was so weird because I’d never heard of anyone saying that before. I just thought when you were pregnant you got a big belly and kind of full other places too and that was that – it was expected. But now I totally know what she meant, because clearly I have body image issues too. I mean, I’ve got nothing but love for my baby bump, but it’s all the other stuff that goes to shit that can play on your self-confidence! It sucks big time, not gonna lie! I said I’d keep it real for ya, so I am! But I know that things will improve after I give birth – especially if I breast feed, which I intend to do. But before it gets better, I have 7 weeks for it to get worse! OH MAMA MIA!!! Have mercy!

Baby bump watch continues – week 33!

According to Babycenter.com, the baby has passed the 17 inch mark and weighs over 4 lbs, or about the heft of a pineapple. The baby is rapidly losing that wrinkly alien look and filling out to her chubby little self, obviously causing my belly to get bigger. Babycenter says that by now I’m no longer “sashaying” around, but most likely waddling and bumping into chairs and counters when I walk passed things. Ummm…this has been happening since WAY before my 33rd week, Babycenter!! In early pregnancy I swore I’d never waddle, but damn, waddling just feels good. I mean, it’s the only way I can maneuver around these thunder thighs!

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  1. I’m experiencing those body image issues too… I understand, but still… believe me when I say you look so beautiful on your picture.
    I really do look pregnant now, my belly gets a little bigger each day BUT I’d never felt so fat in my life. I have thunder thighs too and yes it is hard wearing a dress.
    It is so weird, I’m starting to feel so heavy even though I’m only 25 weeks. Everyone, family and friends tell me that pregnancy has really made look more beautiful because I was sooo skinny but it is hard to believe them when you don’t feel good in your own skin.
    Long story short, I totally understand how you feel.

  2. Thanks for understanding, Monica – I know it’s def not fun feeling so chubbo all the time! I think 25 weeks was kind of the time where I started to go from feeling really cute and dainty pregnant to feeling the girth really pack on. It is hard when people tell you that you look so great or that you’re glowing because it’s like you just can’t see it when you look at yourself in the mirror! But whaddya gonna do? Just gotta suck it up and try to eat healthy and get some exercise to stave off the excess poundage. My problem is that when I hit my 3rd trimester I just became the WORST eater. I eat tons of dessert and fatty foods all the time now, I can’t help it. I feel like my baby is living on a steady diet of Wendy’s Frostys, M&Ms, movie popcorn, pizza, and bagels! I need to eat healthier, but it just doesn’t appeal to me like it did in my 2nd trimester, when all I wanted to do was eat good shit so my baby was super healthy. Ugh!

  3. huney,

    you look mahhhvolous! i know the whole body issue thing is real, but once you start breast-feeding & exercising again (yeay for mommy-n-me classes) you’ll feel better. just a few more weeks, woman! waddle to your heart’s content!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Cristina! I know, I’ve actually never looked forward to getting back into exercising regularly more in my life! Just got the BOB stroller for trails and jogging and I’m def looking forward to mommy and me boot camp classes at the gym! I know the weight will come off, maybe not overnight, but it will eventually. It’s just the final home stretch of pregnancy that makes you feel so blah!

  5. Yeah…7 more weeks to go!! How fast it has gone…it’s been 2 weeks that we were out there…my how time flies.

    And you look awesome. You know that little girl is going to read your blog someday and say you were the most beautiful mommy of all!!

    Hang in there kiddo!!


  6. The weight will come off…this is not permanent! Don’t let yourself focus too much on your body image, now or after the baby is born. Enjoy every last second of this pregnancy because you will never be preggo with your first again. It all goes so fast and before you know she will he 8!!

  7. Good advice, Natalie! Thanks for putting it into perspective. I feel like you only tune in to the blogs where I’m complaining about my weight! I talk about more stuff than this! haha! Don’t want you to think I’m this terribly shallow preggo or anything, just being honest about the whole gammet of my feelings throughout these 9 months!

  8. I love your honesty! You say the stuff that every pregnant woman feels/thinks but noone discusses!

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