I now live in the land of baby mania. You know your life is changing when a tour of a maternity ward, getting your walls painted, and learning the art of breastfeeding is now considered an exciting weekend!

On Friday I attended a fun event called “Mom & The City” put on by my birthing hospital, John Muir, and I had a great little time! The hospital has a brand new state of the art maternity ward and they were showing it off to moms-to-be, but not without some added fun like mocktails (think – alcohol free martinis and mojitos!), appetizers, free hair styling, prenatal massages, manicures, makeup application, and a preggy fashion show! I went by myself, giving my husband a free pass since I knew it was mainly for my enjoyment, and it was so neat being around so many other pregnant girls. I occasionally see other pregnant ladies out and about, but never so many in one concentrated place! It was like being a foreigner, or an alien, returning home to “my people” when I walked in the door! It’s neat to just automatically be on the same page with so many strangers. We talk due dates and back pain and we just get each other! Plus, it’s interesting to see how pregnancy affects other people. Some people didn’t really seem that big yet but seemed to already be struggling to walk, whereas others looked like they were 5 months along and apparently about to give birth any minute! You really do realize that pregnancy affects every woman differently.

In touring the birthing center, I was impressed by the size of the labor and delivery rooms. They’re massive! Plus, the one we saw had a super nice view of Mount Diablo here in Northern California. I thought; “How serene would that view be in the middle of the day or at dusk in mid-delivery!” But I’m pretty sure the room with the view is not standard and I’ll be looking at a brick wall or the parking garage outside of my window! After the maternity ward tour I got my hair done (where my stylist said she gained 50 lbs. during pregnancy and I immediately loved her!) and then sat and watched a fashion show put on by Motherhood Maternity and Pea in the Pod. It was great! Then I got the most amazing five minute prenatal massage ever, where she worked the shit out of my tailbone where I have all my pain – likely linked to the baby pressing on my sciatic nerve. OUCH! In fact, after talking with another preggo in the massage line she told me this exact same pain is happening to her and her doctor said it was this nerve – that just so happens to be the largest nerve in our bodies! GRRREAT! If anything, I feel relieved knowing this back pain I have is something specific and not just a general back pain side effect of pregnancy. Plus, saying “sciatic nerve” sounds so scary and clinical and people will feel more sorry for me when I complain about it now…

It’s lower back pain and now leg muscle pain like this that makes me want to be done with pregnancy. I’m over it! By week 30 I’ve decided it’s time to move this thing along – no more stalling! I think this is God’s way of getting women through the initial fear of the childbirth delivery process. By the time you get to the end of your pregnancy you’re so uncomfortable you’re just like: GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE PAIN!

*Next post I’ll detail my other weekend adventures: a breastfeeding class and operation baby nursery!*

Baby bump watch continues – week 30 (whoohoo!)

I can’t believe I only have 10 more weeks of pregnancy! Time is zipping by at lightning speed now. Thirty weeks just sounds like such a huge milestone. I had a 30-week ultrasound yesterday and my doctor says the baby is about 3.7 lbs at this point. And according to Babycenter.com, the baby is about 15.7 inches long, or about the size of a head of cabbage.

Babycenter warns that in my third trimester my first trimester mood swings will return again (they certainly have, my husband can attest to this!); I’ll have difficulty sleeping (YES!) and my feet may be getting bigger and permanently, so I might need to invest in some new shoes. This is driving me crazy and it’s so true! I can’t wear any of my shoes so I’m relegated to sandals that have some room for my feet to spread. How is this even fair? Again, it all goes back to those bastard ligaments that are just getting so damn lax on me! What we women go through in the name of childbearing…

Ugh, 10 more weeks of pain and suffering for my little chicki-poo. But I’ll gladly put up with it because I love feeling her so active in my tummy. I play games with her where I push on my belly and she pushes back. How freaking cute is that? Strange on some level, yes, but adorably amazing on a bigger level, VERY!

4 Comments on Mocktails! Maternity Ward tour! Preggy fashion show! Oh my! Plus, check out my 30-week baby bump!

  1. yeay for mocktails & massage! i think you should get a massage every week, considering you are carrying jeffy-poo’s first born– it’s the least he could do for you! ps– you’re looking fantastic! i can’t believe it’s been seven months already!

  2. Courtney, you look so freakin’ CUTE!!!! You’re carrying so high, obvie…

    I had the worst sciatic crap ever. And it all started RIGHT when I found out I was preggers… Thats the worst, when you’re holding your lower back, praying one of your legs won’t give out while you’re walking…good times and loose ligaments!!! I love that you are blogging thru your pregnancy…its letting me live vicariously again 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more…



  3. Thanks Cristina! I should be getting prenatal messages and be walking on red carpets all throughout my house these days – Jeff is slacking all over the damn place! HA!! It’s been 7 1/2 months already – you gotta count every minute of my pain and suffering! HAHA!

  4. Thanks Cassi! I’ve had this nerve pain since about 6 months but I just thought it was normal back pain for pregnancy. But it’s def gotten worse as the baby gets bigger. I’ll be so ready to get back to normal after all of this! But then I have to contend with all the “post pardom” crap that no body ever talks about, but you’re suddenly walking around with a 10 lb maxi pad in your paper underwear and crying while you poop. Oh what the future holds for little ole me…! *wahhhhhh*

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