Today I’ve been married for five whole years. On June 17th, 2006 I walked down the aisle in a beautiful church with stained glass windows and arched ceilings; an emotional dad on my arm, and a husband with a quivering bottom lip (awww!) waiting for me at the altar. (Hey, when I think about how skinny I was back then, it makes me wanna cry too!!) Fast forward five years, and we’re no longer Midwesterners, we’re Californians. And I’m no longer that skinny Minnie I once was; I’m 9 months pregnant with our first baby – and I’m as big as a house! The screwy part is; I’ve got baby on the brain and you know what that means? I totally forgot to do anything special to celebrate my fifth year of marriage! Oops!

If I wasn’t pregnant, or if I was a lot less pregnant, we’d be jetting off to some tropical island somewhere and enjoying the beach on this milestone anniversary. But not now! I don’t think I could even be in a car for a few hours to go to some cool little California getaway for a weekend. I’m too pregnant for that. I’m like a ticking time bomb – ready to blow any minute! I need to stay close to home and ride this thing out. And so it is, nearly full term pregnancy has hijacked my big anniversary and I’m feeling guilty that I’ve got nuthin’ for the hubs as a gift and nothing planned for a celebration. The best I could do on short memory was make reservations at a fancy Chinese restaurant for tonight because that’s Jeff’s favorite cuisine and I usually never eat it with him. Annnnnd I’ll pay for it. Does that count for something? I even forgot a card. (OMG, I’M HORRIBLE!) I asked Jeff if he wanted anything for our anniversary after I came clean that I hadn’t gotten him anything yet and he said no, not to worry about it. But I know he’s lying. He wants something big and expensive. So I asked him if maybe he wanted a nice Pack ‘n Play for his new daughter and he perked up all girly-like and goes; “OKAY!!!! :)” Idk, but I think he was feigning enthusiasm…

This is probably the first of many forgotten anniversaries that will surely come in the future once we have this baby and additional babies. I only hope we don’t get really bad and make life all about the kids and forget to maintain our own relationship as hubby and wife. So many people do that and I’m really going to try to NOT do that! I mean look, I’m not forgetting about the fact that this pregnancy has totally killed my Hawaiian 5-year anniversary vacay, so for year 6, we’re going to do it up big time, with or without baby!! So we’ve got that on the horizon within the next 365 days, and I’m stoked!

I can definitely say I’ll never forget my 5-year anniversary, even if it has nothing to do with how we celebrated or what we gave each other. I’ll always remember how swollen my feet and ankles were. I’ll remember the back pain while sitting on the floor folding freshly washed onesies as I think back to dancing at my reception with wine in my hand and a pretty wedding dress on. Maybe we’ll watch our wedding video tonight. That sounds like a plan. However I’m sure Jeff will put the kibosh on that. We’ll end up watching another freaking marathon of “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel. Hey ladies, don’t be jealous….

Happy 5TH wedding anniversary, Jeffy! I love you long time!

6 Comments on 9th month of pregnancy high-jacked my 5-year wedding anniversary!

  1. Congratulations to you and Jeff!
    And don’t feel bad about not remembering, pregnancy has made me sooo forgetful, it’s incredible. lol

    By the way, because I don’t know you personally and I live far far away, I didn’t know for how long you were married before being pregnant and I was thinking about that like 3 days ago after I read your post! and now, there I have the answer.
    Again, congrats to you and Jeff! You might not do something as big as going to Hawaii but I’m sure you will never forget when you hit the five year mark. 🙂

    By the way, I turned 28 weeks yesterday! 12 more weeks and I’ll be a mommy!

  2. Yes, I’ll definitely never forget my 5-year anniversary, Monica! I remember after my 1-year anniversary a coworker was telling me how she was so glad she waited until she’d been married 5 years and was 30 when she got pregnant. She said it was the perfect amount of time to have fun with just her husband and the perfect age to procreate. And here I am, in exactly the same spot as she was – and I totally agree! It’s really a great time in the marriage to start a family. We’ve had plenty of time with just us, it’s time to share our lives with little ones! 🙂

    Only 12 more weeks to go – getting close!! I remember when I hit 12 weeks and I was freaking out! It just seemed so soon! And here I am with only 4 weeks to go now! AHHH!!!

  3. Congrats! I’m a day late and i guess that means i forgot some sort of anniversary of my own, oops!!

  4. That was so are right stuff first…it overtakes romance. Time for that later. Well be ready for next year to take care of little AGR while you and Jeff snorkel in Hawaii. Or how about we all celebrate…grandparents too and we Go. Well watch true babe..

  5. Oh Oh, looks like grandma slipped the baby name! It’s sooooo cute! I’ve always loved that name! 🙂

  6. I know, it’s like my mom’s favorite thing to say in the whole world – the baby name! She’s tried to leak it so many times on so many different Internet sites, I can’t keep up!! HA!

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