With 3 weeks until my due date, I’ve taken my final class of pregnancy – childbirth preparation! From 9-4 this past Saturday, Jeff and I learned the various techniques of pain management, watched videos of women giving birth with and without an epidural, and learned all the many details I’ll need to know to help prepare me for this monumental event coming up. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been experiencing anxiety about childbirth the closer I get to it, but thanks to this class, I feel a lot more prepared and a little less anxious. And one thing I’m positive about is that my birth plan is going to be pretty simple: gimme the drugs.

Lately, when thinking about childbirth, I have this feeling like I’m driving right into the eye of a tornado. I know I’ll make it through the storm, but I have no idea the extent of the damages I’ll endure to make it to the other side! And don’t say I’m being dramatic – have you seen movies? I mean, I know they dramatize childbirth, but it’s not like I’ve spent any time in my life watching real labor and birth, so all I know is what I have seen. I was even watching that new show on Lifetime, Born Every Minute, and that’s supposed to be real life, but of course they only show the drama, drama, drama. After my first childbirth nightmare from watching that show, I decided it was time to stop watching! To calm my nerves, I keep reminding myself that this is only one day of my life, and millions of women have gone through this before me and they are just fine. And hey, if I can do a 5-hour, 65 mile bike marathon (in which I wanted to literally amputate my own feet and ass afterward!), AND run a 13.1 mile half marathon nonstop in the same year – then I can do childbirth. It’s all about perserverance and not giving up. I can do this, I can do this – this is my mantra.

Slow dancing through labor

That being said; understanding the techniques of how to deal with labor can’t hurt. Of course Jeff was all; “Do we have to go to this? This NOT how I want to spend my Saturday.” But he needs to understand that this isn’t just my thing, this is our thing and he definitely has a role in getting us through this. Jeff thinks this kind of stuff is for hippies, so I was a little nervous when the instructor had us stand up and slow dance with each other as a way to stretch my hips and help release a hormone that is thought to move the reproductive process along. But to my surprise, a few minutes later Jeff asked for my notepad and pen and wrote down; “slow dance to release oxytocin.” Awww, so cute! You better believe that when I’m at home and experiencing the first stages of labor pain, we won’t forget to slow dance to get this show on the road!

While watching the video of a woman giving birth sans an epidural, I literally held my breath the whole time! Why oh why!!? I know every woman is different and each have their own reasons for wanting or not wanting pain management drugs, but when I see how miserable “natural birth” looks, I’m just like give. me. the. drugs. In fact, in a class of about 30 couples, only 2 ladies said they wanted to try a drug free birth, but even they didn’t seem sure! I wonder if they’d changed their minds by the end of the class!

And finally, we did a really cool exercise at the end where our partners poured a cup of ice in our hands and we were supposed to hold it for 90 seconds and breathe through the stinging cold pain – like we would through labor. The first time we did it we were supposed to have a focal point in the room, and the second time we did it we had to close our eyes and envision our happy place. When it’s over, whatever helped us get through and focus less on the pain is supposed to let us know what we’ll prefer during labor. For me, I definitely prefered eyes closed. I had a simple picture in my head of me floating in the pool with a salt-rimmed margarita, a good book, and a skinny body! I’ll say the pain was definitely less noticeable in my happy place!

To my surprise, Jeff told me that Saturday was probably the most memorable day of this pregnancy for him, and I think it’s because of the bonding we went through as we learned how to manage this tornado together, and he saw just how much I’m about to go through to bring our ‘lil baby into this world!

Baby bump watch continues – week 37!

Well, baby is now considered full-term! I may have 3 weeks until my due date, but I could go into labor at any time. However, according to my doctor this past week, I’m still on track with my due date and as of Thursday, she didn’t see any signs that I’ll be going early, at least on that day! Babycenter.com estimates the baby weighs about 6 1/3 lbs and measures over 19 inches long.

One thing I learned in my childbirthing class was that right before you give birth you experience a strong “nesting” urge to prepare for baby. And boy have I had that! I enjoy nothing more than washing all the new baby clothes, folding them, and organizing them into draws or in the closet by size group! I chuckled to myself when I was reminded of this whole “nesting” thing as I was upstairs literally ironing tiny baby dresses! I HATE ironing — I barely iron my own clothes! When am ever going to be ironing baby clothes once the baby arrives? Probably NEVER! But even if little girl only gets to wear some of these newborn sized clothes once; at least they’ll be wrinkle free and picture perfect! Oh it’s been SO long since I’ve played “dress up” and I cannot wait to get started!! 🙂

4 Comments on My birth plan: Give me the drugs. Plus, check out my 37-week baby bump!

  1. Awe Jeffy is so sweet…to hang in there with you on a Saturday…and really get involved. I know he’ll be a trooper there in the delivery room. I’m so glad you guys are both clicking and in a rhythem for when lil …..comes along!! Looking forward to that beautiful little baby girl!!

    I’m so proud of you for being so involved in learning all about how to stay healthy, doing the very best things to ensure you know what to do in each stage, and how to make sure your baby has the very best before birth and afterwards. You’ll be a great little mommy!!

    Love, Mom

  2. It’s so nice when hubby’s get involved. Just because you are carrying baby, going through all the changes, and preparing for childbirth does not mean the hubby can sit out. Glad to hear Jeff is stepping up!!!!
    You will do great, def. go for the drugs girl!!! Can’t wait to see pics of your bundle of joy in just a few short weeks. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call I will do my best!

  3. Yes, Jeff has been great throughout this whole process. Pre-pregnancy, I honestly didn’t think I thought Jeff would be like this during pregnancy, but he’s really been amazing. I’m lucky. And I know he will make an even better daddy to a little girl! I can’t wait to see it!

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