Anyone who knows me or has been following my blogs for any amount of time (well, since pre-pregnancy) knows that I’m a pop culture junkie. I love the Twilight Saga of books and movies hardcore, and I blame my pregnancy on reading smexy Twilight FanFiction! If you’re not aware of this world of smutty literature, you need to jump in honey, coz HOLY SHIT ITS HOT! I love American Idol and was extremely passionate about this latest season, only to see country boy Scotty win in the end (I waited all season for that?)! And do I even need to remind you of my Adam Lambert obsession? My point is, I’m a Pisces and I live in a fantasyland that I’ve created for myself on my own time and I love to blog about these interests (sometimes) on Life At Thirtysomething, but definitely on my other blog aptly titled Pop Culture Junkie. The strange thing is; ever since I’ve become pregnant, and especially as my pregnancy comes to a close and reality sets in of the baby’s birth around the corner, I find my obsessions seriously waning.  What happened to the old me??!!

Courtney, can't you just love me AND the baby and get on with it?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Twilight and Robert Pattinson (duh!), but I just don’t feel particularly inspired to write anything on the topic these days. My man Adam is performing live concerts in Europe right now and vids are popping up all over the internet, but I can’t be bothered to post them to my blog. I’m reading a baby book right now, but I’ve booked an interview in two weeks on Pop Culture Junkie with an author of a new paranormal romance book, and it’s like pulling teeth for me to put my baby book down to read what promises to be some yummy adult book reading! My how things have changed! All I care about is finding the perfect glider and ottoman set for my baby nursery for all those late nights breastfeeding!! Will I ever get back to the old me, or will all my interests change when my baby enters this world?

Something tells me that when the initial freak out of having a baby wears off and I’m used to being a mom that some of these other interests will come back strong – especially when Breaking Dawn comes out in November! But jeez, it’s a bit strange to just feel so uninterested in stuff I used to follow with such fervor!

Thank God I’m having a girl though. Hopefully she’ll be like a little mini me and we’ll enjoy doing all these girlie things together, like going to see Justin Bieber concerts and attending midnight showings at the movies! But I think the days of staying up until 4a.m. reading FanFiction that I can’t put down are over…that is, unless there’s a baby getting a little grub in while mommy gets a little smut in!

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