I have never prepared for anything more in my life than for having a baby. Ok, a wedding is a very close second because that was a year and a half in the making and included loads more money, pre-marriage counseling with a priest, pre-cana courses, moving in together, and a body overhaul that included Weight Watchers and lots of time logged on the treadmill! Come to think of it, all that wedding prep was a lot of work too! But having a baby certainly seems more life changing and educational than which wedding flowers are in season and the best honeymoon destinations!

I feel like I’ve been preparing for a guest to arrive that is taking their sweeeeeeeeet time in getting here! I’ve had the nursery done since May, I have a diaper caddie sitting in the living room complete with diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer and those dang newborn sized diapers are so darn cute that I just want to use them already! I’ve had my hospital bag packed since early June, and the car seat has been secured in the car by a professional car seat installer since mid-June. We’re ready for baby. Like, really ready. Oddly, I’m a big time procrastinator, but you’d never know it by my baby nesting gusto! My husband finds it fascinating to watch! Ha!

So I figured while I’m waiting around for the baby to enter her new home and see her room for the first time, I could at least show you, my dear readers! So I’ll first say that I didn’t go crazy fancy or uber creative in putting this motif together. Originally, I lacked creativity because I didn’t know the first thing about decorating for a baby room. After doing a search on “baby nursery decor” I was blown away by the little worlds that people have created for their babies with the use of wall decals, cool paint and a hip modern style. And after seeing that, I DID want to have fun with wall decals like trees and her name in fancy font like what I found on Etsy.com, but my husband put the kibosh on that. He couldn’t get it out of his mind that the decals I was thinking about are not like stickers or something tacky – they were super freaking cute! But oh no, since we were paying to have the walls freshly painted, we weren’t going to be applying anything else to the walls besides picture frames. WHATEVER. FINE. Sometimes all that “out of the box” decorating creativity is intimidating anyway!

So together, we chose this cute bedding set from Babies R Us that is a jungle theme for girls. Jeff’s family has a thing for monkeys because apparently his dad used to look like one, so Jeff was in love with a girl room that incorporated monkeys. Great – this decision was easy and not too girly for him! The colors however, were not that easy to deal with when it came to painting the room. Originally, I wanted to avoid the traditional baby pink walls for girl rooms. But my new bedding was lilac, browns, olive green, and orange. A lilac room would really match well with what we had, so I decided on a two-toned painted room with lilac on top and beige on the bottom. So not all pink!  We added a chair rail to break up the paint and crown molding along the ceiling for a nice finishing touch.

I’m really happy with the way it came out. Ya, I didn’t get my decals, but I think the room is really cute, comfy, and most important — practical. It’s my new favorite room in the house! And it smells like jasmine with one of those good smelling oil scent thingys with the sticks! I often just go in the room and sit on the glidder and rock back and forth imagining my little girl… 🙂

So without further ado…enjoy the baby nursery! (You can click on the image to enlarge!)

The bedding collection, crib, dresser, and glidder/ottoman set are from Babies R Us. The leaning shelf was purchased on Amazon.com. (I can’t remember the exact brand!)

8 Comments on Baby Nursery in waiting…

  1. good job, mama! love it! can’t wait to see ur mini-me in the room, with the beautiful surroundings u’ve worked so hard to design!

  2. Awesome job girl! Love the babies room and wow she has a lot of clothes already! It’s just the beginning, Elyse is a clothes hog, (actually I am) already every dresser is packed and the closet is full. Can’t help it since girl clothes are so cute!!! Love the colors you picked, pink can be so over the top. Call me sometime now that you have the time, I’m always just hanging out.

  3. It’s beautiful! I’m 32 weeks and I have NOTHING done… Except for the stroller. lol
    And if you got your crib at Babies r us I think we might have the same! I love it!

    Hope little AGR arrives soon!

  4. Thanks Cristina and Stacy!

    Stacy, I’m actually so surprised with myself because I’ve barely bought any clothes for the baby! I’ve just received a ton of clothes from my shower (and work shower) and my neighbor gave me a TON of baby clothes form her little girl (named Peyton!). It’s fun buying the little baby clothes, but I think it’ll get even more fun when she’s about 12 months + and walking and can really show off her little outfits! Then I’ll probably go nuts with the clothes!!

  5. Oh yay, great minds think alike! 🙂 I love the crib too – it’s so pretty and looks so elegant in the cherry wood! Yes, hoping baby comes any time now, but just trying to enjoy these last moments of peace! 🙂

  6. The room and everything looks so cool!! Can’t wait for little ABG to be part of the family. I know she’s going to be a lot of fun…and you guys are going to be in 7th heaven.

    I’m so glad you’re on top of all of this and organized…I just know you’ll be a great little mommy!! So proud of you guys!!

    Mimi and Grampy are just waiting for the wonderful news of our little grandbaby!!


  7. your daughter’s room is gorge! can you swing by and do a room in my house. you know, in between nursing and napping and all. 🙂

  8. Aww thanks, Cam! Glad you like the baby room. I love it too, it’s my fav room in my house!! 😉

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