You know how when you’re about to embark on a big life change, like going to college or getting married, you were wide eyed and didn’t quite know what you were getting yourself into it? And then looking back years later, you wish you could tell your 18 year old self to major in something different or study more? Well moms, what would you go back and tell your preggo self pre-motherhood?

My friend sent me this great video called “Reflections of Motherhood”, created by, and it asks moms if they could go back to just days before they had their first babies, what advice they’d give themselves. Being days away from motherhood myself, I found this video so touching. The advice the moms gave, coupled with the song on the video of course made tears stream down my face!

SO, being due on the 18th of July, I’m curious what advice all the moms out there would give themselves if they could go back to that wide eyed pregnant girl with only visions of grandeur in their eyes. Watch and enjoy the video, and please take a minute to leave a comment of the advice you have for me…I’d love to hear what you have to say!! Thanks mamas!

6 Comments on Hey Moms: What advice would you give yourself days before motherhood began?

  1. Love the video! I say take it one day at a time! I read in an article that although we are so ready to get back to our bodies and our normal self, that a woman’s body develops acoording to nature’s clever plan. And that we should not pressure ourselves to get our figure back for a while. To think of the extra weight as resources needed for the rigors of motherhood. 🙂

  2. That’s good advice, Melinda! I know, I really don’t want to rush myself back into my old jeans and then get frustrated with myself when it doesn’t happen overnight! I just hope when the baby comes I will be so consumed with happiness and taking care of the little munchkin that my mind won’t linger on the fat rolls for too long!

  3. You have been bonding with this baby for 9 months, and your husband has not. Allow him to have different feelings. He may not feel things as intensely as you do at this moment. He will come around. And by the way, there is no such thing as “normal”. Just let it be and enjoy the ride!

  4. That’s good advice LuAnn! It’s true, I’ve felt baby moving inside me for the last 20 weeks — I already feel a strong connection with her. But he often says it’s sort of not fair that I get to experience all the movement and such and he doesn’t. He feels bad when I tell him she’s moving and he puts his hand on my belly and then she stops! I read Jeff your comment and he said he doesn’t think this will be the case because he’s really sensitive and will be girlie about it! Haha! We’ll see!

  5. Courtney, you look lovely and so happy. When the little munchkin gets here there will be so much new learning going on. One thing I would say, once Jeff is ready, let him have a lot of one on one time with her. Let him (when ready) have his bonding time with her. I remember being this ‘mother Hubbard’ and wanted to do everything! Let him help out. It will be good for all three of you. Love you girl! Can’t wait to see the little one!

  6. I really want Jeff to be able to bond with the baby right away, so I think I’ll be good about letting him do as much as possible! I mean, I’ll have to do the feeding, but I’ve already told him that he gets to change all the poopy diapers! Ha! I’m so thrilled to see my big husband hold our tiny baby that I don’t think I’ll be a baby hog, I’ll gladly let him carry her around. And I’ll be following closely behind with a camera snapping away!!! 🙂

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