I’m officially on maternity leave now for the next 4 months –WHAAAHOOOO!!!! I used to say a couple months back that I hope I get to enjoy the 2 weeks of maternity leave I have before the baby’s due date so I can just enjoy the “calm before the storm” and have a little “me” time. You know, get some last minute things done. But now I’m all about popping this baby out ASAP – screw the ‘me’ time! If all those extra hours of sleeping in aren’t even comfy and I’m self-conscious rockin’ a bikini at the pool, what’s the point? But with that being said; I’m definitely being productive this week and getting some much needed last minute things done.

Choosing a pediatrician

When choosing a pediatrician, do you go for length of experience or someone you can just relate too? Jeff and I went to a “meet the pediatrician night” at a local pediatrician practice (which came recommended by my coworker) and we had our choice of an older pediatrician with 20 years of experience and lots of OPINIONS, or the younger pediatrician that has little babies still and believes drinking alcohol in moderation while breastfeeding is A-OK? I mean, obvy I want to go with the one who is cool with the drinking! (Please pediatrician, don’t guilt me into waiting another 6 months before I can have a margarita on the rocks with salt!!) I thought for sure that Jeff was going to say the younger doc didn’t seem as knowledgeable and she wasn’t as assertive in speaking in front of the small audience she had at the office that night. But he said he’d prefer her because he likes the idea of someone he can relate to and someone that can essentially grow with our baby since she’s fairly young (like early-mid 30s). I’m kinda cool with either because it’s not like we can’t change our minds and go with a different doc if we don’t feel comfortable with her after a couple appointments. So deciding on a pediatrician –CHECK!

Choosing the right child care center – educational offerings vs.price

Visiting child care facilities is hard because obviously you want to go into a place that is totally pristine and everything is in perfect order. You want older, motherly looking ladies that are retired teachers caring for the infants and you want it to be dirt cheap. The reality is, most daycare places are going to look a bit out of sorts by the end of the day with a bunch of babies and toddlers running around and it’s going to stink like dirty diapers and cleaning solution. The ones that tell you they’ll have your baby speaking fluently in English AND French by 6 months old sound amazing, but when it’s like paying a second mortgage to send your kids there, you find yourself re-evaluating whether the smell of dirty diapers and cleaning solution is really all that bad. And as long as everything else seemed acceptable, in this case, price may be king. I still want to tour a couple other places, but do you realize that spots are filling up for child care 4-5 months from now?? The baby isn’t even born yet and we already need to get her on a “list”. Good grief! So, deciding on child care – almost CHECK!

Pampering and general housekeeping

My new haircut!

Let’s see…I’ve had a mani, pedi, eyebrow wax, and cut and highlight all in the last 3 days. Hey, you never know when you’re going to be able to get away and do this kind of stuff with a newborn in the house, so you gotta do it now! I went to a movie and enjoyed having the popcorn all to myself! I’ve gone on walks, the beach, and the pool and I stretch every morning to help promote flexibility – which equals comfort – in these final days of pregnancy. Other random productive things I’ve done this week include several loads of laundry, paying a parking ticket, cleaning my makeup brushes, reading baby paperwork stuff, exchanging some baby items and tomorrow – a dry run tour of the hospital maternity ward, parking and the registration process! I feel like I’m really getting things done!

Am I going to be pregnant FOREVER?

I have this irrational fear that I’m going to be pregnant forever and never have this baby. I’m due in a week and a half and my doctor won’t let me go beyond a week past my due date, so I know that at the very most, I’ll have a baby in no more than 2 ½ weeks. At first I thought I’d go early because everyone I’d talked to said they went early – as if it’s contagious and I can catch the “going early bug”. But now I feel like I’m going to have to be induced and the baby is STILL not going to want to come out, so they’ll have no choice but to give me a c-section. AWESOME. But one thing I’ve learned from all the reading research I’ve done throughout this pregnancy, and classes I’ve taken, is that you have to be flexible with the child birth process. Obvy I’d prefer a V-birth, but if a c-sec is what it takes to get the baby out, then by all means, do what you gotta do. So like I said last week, my birth plan is pretty simple: Get the baby out – and gimme the drugs! Here’s to hoping little Miss Stage 5 clinger decides to come out SOON and greet this big ole world and let mommy have her body back!

6 Comments on Maternity leave pre-baby checklist: pampering, pediatrician, daycare. Last minute prep before baby!

  1. Courtney I love your new hair cut! Young and stylish look, you hot mama you!!!!
    Little miss better be coming real soon, do lots of walking it helped me!!!!

  2. Ahhhh Courtney, motherhood is just around the corner. You look lovely darlin’ and the glasses, so stylish!!!

    Can’t wait to see that little ‘mini-Courtney’…

  3. Thanks Stacy! I’ve been walking every day this week and I feel SO much better. I’m also hoping that it’s helping the baby to “drop” some more!

  4. Thanks Auntie Bethy! Having the right shades can make anyone feel better about their look! 🙂

  5. Your new haircut is awesome! I don’t know why I have had the feeling that you were going to deliver this week… 3 more days to go and see if my feeling is wrong lol

    It is sooooo nice that you are almost done, I’m really so jealous! I don’t know why i thought being pregnant in the summer was going to be fun. I live in Canada (yahooooo) and it is so hot right now. I don’t want to be pregnant anymore!!!! 🙁
    Lucky you… I hope my feeling becomes a reality 🙂

  6. Aww thanks Monica! I hope you’re right and I go into labor this weekend!! It’s def hot here in Northern California too – like mid-90s/100 degrees! Yikes! I’m down to 3 dresses that I can wear since it’s too hot for jeans and I don’t have maternity shorts. I’m ready for it to cool off a bit! The good thing is; my laundry load is light! 🙂

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