Today is July 18, 2011…

Do you know why this date is significant, dear readers? Well, today is my baby’s DUE DATE!!! Today is the day I’m supposed to meet my baby girl…the love of my life, the apple of my eye – the doll that I get to dress up every day for at least the next 5 years…. But I don’t know, something tells me little one is getting cold feet. This little chica is turning out to be stubborn as hell! And she doesn’t get it from me!!! SO, because of her lack of urgency in joining this world, I now have an official INDUCTION DATE of July 25th. Yep, if my stage 5 clinger doesn’t come on her own in the next 7 days, she’s getting forced out!!

Oh why me? Why did I have to go and eat such horribly awesome things that taste so good throughout this pregnancy that baby doesn’t want to ever come out? Why would she give up pizza and daily Wendy’s Frosty’s for a bland milk diet? (I can’t say I blame her in that regard.) People try to make me feel better about my still being pregnant problem by saying I’ve created such comfortable living quarters in my belly that the baby just doesn’t want to come out. And then I feel comforted. But technically I know that has nothing to do with it. I just don’t get why some babies come 2 weeks early and some come a week late and have to be dragged out kicking and screaming (no pun intended!).

These days, I feel like a total masochist. I can’t wait to feel contractions – bring on the pain! (Sure, I say this now!) I learned in my birthing class that this is the only time in your life when pain equals a good thing because you have to feel it in order to get the baby out. Apparently, a contracting uterus is no walk in the park.  You know the saying: no pain no gain! But I’ve felt nothing – no contractions, at least I don’t think. I feel little aches and pains here and there, but nothing consistent, so I don’t know if they’re contractions or if last night’s bratwurst just isn’t agreeing with me.

My celebrity friends are rubbing their newborn babies in my face!!

Can I just tell you how jealous I am reading about all the celebrities popping out their babies in the last few weeks? As I’m sure every loyal reader of Us Weekly knows, about 90% of Hollywood has been preggo this year, including Kate Hudson, Pink, Jewel, Victoria Beckham, Alicia Silverstone, and Natalie Portman, to name a few. And one by one, I’m reading about them all dropping like flies and having their babies. And here I am…all alone on my pregnant island (no more celebrity friends 🙁 ) and I’m dying of envy.

NEWS FLASH: I just read that even Ivanka Trump had her baby today. I thought for sure she was way behind me. HMPH!!

Ahhhh well, even though I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever, there is definitely an end in sight – and it’s 7 days or less. Even though I think I’m ready, nothing can really prepare you for the responsibility of being a parent – especially of a newborn, because you don’t really know what the hell you’re doing! It’s an overwhelming thought and even now, days away, I still find it so surreal that it’s almost here…

My final baby bump watch pic – 40 weeks!

Forty freaking weeks pregnant! Ten months! Two months shy of a YEAR! I’ve been pregnant for so long, I literally can’t even imagine not being pregnant now! It’s become my identity! So anyway, this is my last baby bump watch picture. Even though I’m SO ready to not be pregnant anymore, it’s kind of bittersweet knowing this is my last weekly bump pic! It’s been an amazing journey to say the least. actually says this week: “It’s hard to say how big your baby is now…” HA! I’m just praying little girl doesn’t literally walk out of me a freaking teenager at this point! I actually gave little girl a pep talk today as I rubbed her extended little footsie poking at my side. I told her that it was ok to come out now, not to be scared! Mommy and daddy love her and are ready to meet her, so it was time to enter this world! I hope that eases her cold feet a bit…!

P.S. Does anyone think I look skinnier in my40 week bump watch pic than I did in my 37 week bump pic in the same dress and pose? It’s all that walking I’m doing I think! Just sayin’!

6 Comments on Ok baby…it’s your due date…WHERE ARE YOU??? Oh fine – check out my 40-week baby bump!!!

  1. Unfortunately, baby will not come with a manual. I myself hoped to get one, but it never came. None of us know what to do, we just do what we feel is best and lots of trial and error. I’m still doing this with my now 5 and 6 year old. Best advice on this topic is read lots of books, it has helped me a lot with my two kids on what to do in particular situations. So many books out there that are tailored to your specific need, just google your topic and a list of books will pop up!!! Or call me and I can send you one of my many books, lol.
    Enjoy your baby girl and do what YOU feel is right! Mother’s instinct (you will have one) is always right!

  2. Sorry about that previouse comment, dropped my phone and it sent the comment unfinished. As I was saying you look great…and a little thinner because it looks as if the baby has definitely dropped. Thats a good sign! You’ve always looked really fit regardless.
    Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that it happens this week. Preferably the 21st. (My 38th wedding anniversary) That would be so cool.

  3. 🙁 Sorry ..but I went over due with my first 2 pregnancies! 1st- 2 1/2 wks. finally came on his own..then second 2 weeks induced! and Finally my daughter was 4 days past my due date! I loved to eat when I was preg. and my Mom always said that they (babies) didn’t want to come out they were getting fed too well in there! 😉 Don’t worry your little one will come!
    Good Luck!

  4. Court it’s hard to believe you’re almost at the finish line. Have absolutely loved reading about the journey over the past 9 months. You’ve been such a trooper and you’re writing is awesome!! Looking forward to the next journey with the little Rice girly girl!!

    I’m thinking you need a webcam so Grampy and I can see how she’s growing up. haha. Anyway we are excited and know you and Jeff will be great parents.

    Yes you do look thinner and you’re right…probably being away from all the food at work may have caused you to lose….plus all the walking and flexibility work you’ve been doing has probably been really helpful!!

    Take care, Love…Mom

  5. Oh my Lori, 2 1/2 weeks! I’d die, I’d die! It’s bad enough that I may have to go an extra week. I cannot imagine 2 1/2! You’re a trooper!

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