Nope, I have not had my baby yet. Yes, my due date was Monday the 18th, and today is FRIDAY the 22nd. And I’m still f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g pregnant!

The anti-climatic passing of my due date has caused me to feel somewhat depressed in the past few days. I wake up every morning at 9am with the sun shining in and no contractions or a soaked bed under me (you know, from water breaking!) and I just pout as a lie there. I’m almost through three full weeks of maternity leave with no freaking baby! There’s only so much you can do to pass the time before it starts feeling like Groundhog’s Day and you’re doing the same thing over and over again. The highlight of my day is going to the dog park with my husband and red puppy and walking the 20 minute loop around the park. That’s about it! And then every few days or so I go to the pool and do my own little version of water aerobics to help with flexibility. Today, Jeff said he was going to the gym and I wined; “Well, what am I supposed to do?” And he said I should go to the pool. I then said; “I’m so sick of the pool.” And Jeff’s all; “Who says that???”  

The hard part is that throughout this whole journey you look toward this arbitrary delivery date that your doctor gives you and everything revolves around that date. You begin to love the sound of that date…the number becomes perfect to you – it’s going to be your child’s birthday! And then when the date comes and goes with zero fanfare, it’s SO deflating. And then people are constantly calling, emailing, texting, Facebook stalking trying to find out the latest news and all I can say over and over again is: No baby. Annnnnd it can definitely add to your depression/frustration over this whole lack of a baby situation! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really sweet that so many people are interested. I just didn’t realize HOW MANY people were this interested! It’s pretty cool actually.

The bottom line, I will have the baby by or before Monday, July 25th – my official induction date. So I’ll be a mommy in 4 days or less. So when I say it like that, it makes this entire blog post sound kind of complainy for complaining sake! But I think those ladies that have had late babies can attest to the feelings I’m feeling. It doesn’t matter that you know the baby is eventually coming; it’s just that you can’t wait to meet your little one that even one more day is too many days to wait!

But now I’m trying to just be patient and enjoy my final days, baby free. Patience is a virtue they say. Soon, I will be doing ‘round the clock feedings, diapering, and sleeping – all with a super packed schedule that is recommended in my current baby book “The Baby Nurse Bible”. After reading this schedule, it really opened my eyes to the hard work this is going to be – not that I ever thought it was going to be a cake walk! But there’s something about seeing a 24 hour schedule laid out for you in half hour intervals that include; “Mom, take a shower”, which definitely makes reality set in. Sooooo…maybe I should shut up about going to the pool?

Alrighty peeps, this will be my last blog post before the baby is born! I’ll try to get my birth story out as soon as I can find some free time to blog after the baby is born! Hmm….free time after the baby is born…. Perhaps these are mutually exclusive things here? Ha! Well, I’ll do my best! I’m sure my excitement over sharing the news will help me power through! Talk to you on the other side!

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  1. I thought a lot about you yesterday. I hope you and Baby Girl are doing great and everything went smoothly.
    Can’t wait to hear from you again from the other side lol

    Come back soon! 😀

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