When Annabelle was about 9 days old we had a professional photographer drop by our house for a little newborn photography session, and I finally have the pics to share with you! (I took forever to pick my images; I could’ve had this A LOT sooner, BTW!) I can’t believe how small Annabelle was during this photo session! I miss that tiny little body, but not those sleepless nights! I love flipping through these pics, but of course I get to the ones with me in them and I can’t stand the way I looked! Obvy you want your baby to be teenie tiny when you do newborn photography, but we poor moms are only a week postpartum and still swollen, bloated, and sporting a major baby bump! But what are you going to do, this is just a snap shot in time and it’s the reality of what I looked like then. And besides, it’s not about me anyways, it’s about little Annabelle’s brand new life captured in a series of sleepy moments!

This session had its share of unpleasantries. First, in order to get your baby to be a sleepy little Gumby that’ll do whatever the photographer wants without waking, you need it to be EXTREMELY warm in your house. So, on a day when it’s like 90 degrees outside, we have the temperature in our upstairs pushing 85 degrees – talk about a sweat locker! My hair was sticking to my forehead and when I was holding a naked little baby in my arms, our skin was sticking together! And then you’ve got my husband who is this big football player type that turns into a pissy little thing at the first sign of heat. Man was he a GRUMP during this session. You could even see a bead of sweat on his forehead in one of the photos! Aside from the heat, when you carry around a diaper-less baby you’re asking for problems. As the photographer patiently held Annabelle and rocked her back and forth with calming white noise in the background, Annie B. decided to squirt green shit down the poor girl’s shirt! Thankfully, she was super understanding since apparently this happens all the time. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough for me (Hello, I’m 9 days into motherhood at the time!), Annabelle gets so relaxed in her sleep that she pees all over the photographer’s blankets that she was sleepily lying on! Oops!

I’m really glad we did this because we have these perfect photos of my little baby girl when she’s brand new to this world. I cried when I saw the first teaser picture above. I just couldn’t believe that was my little girl. She just looks so beautiful and peaceful, and we’ll have these to look back on for a lifetime. It’s so special.

By the way, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re looking for a newborn photographer, I recommend Kristy of Studio Six Photography. She’s super nice, patient, and talented! And if you do decide to go with Studio Six and you let Kristy know you were referred by me, Courtney Rice, you’ll get a $40 credit towards print purchases from your photo session – AWESOME! So take advantage of that if you’re interested!

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Those are the most beautiful pictures. How sweet she is and was as a brand new baby. She has really grown in the last two months. Feel like I’m missing a lot.

    You and Jeff look great in the pictures. But Annabelle is totally sweet and adorable. Just want to hug her. Looking forward to Friday.


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