If baby looks like this, safe to say it's a GIRL!

Ok, I’m joking about letting my 8-week old daughter choose her gender. The girl is a SHE all the way. But this post topic has been inspired by all the dimwit people who ask me if my baby – covered in pink with pink blankets wrapped around her – is a girl or boy. Now, obvy a baby can pretty much look like a boy or a girl, depending on how you dress them, but when my baby is dripping in pink frilly shit, do you really need to ask? Let me also state that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the most politically correct (PC) place to live on earth – it’s so annoying. Letting your kid choose their gender is SO San Fran. Maybe you’ve heard about people letting their child choose their gender vs. giving them a gender specific name and dressing them in gender specific clothing. I saw a story on the news recently where this one couple wasn’t sharing with friends what the gender of their baby is. He/she had a name like “Sam” and wore lots of yellow. Their 3-year old son was forbidden to tell anyone whether he had a brother or sister. How far will people go to make a statement, really? Go freaking hug a tree.

My husband and I went to an art and wine festival this past Sunday and three different people asked us if Annabelle was a girl or boy before complimenting on how cute she is. And then tonight the cashier at the grocery store asked me if AB was a girl or boy before complimenting her. GAH! It’s not like baby girl is masculine looking (if babies can even look masculine!?); but that’s just people being cautious. It’s like not saying “Merry Christmas” anymore – people are afraid to offend someone. Heaven forbid you assume my pink baby is a girl.

Of course you’ve got “forward thinking” celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt letting little Shiloh, their first daughter together, dress like a little boy because she’s a big tomboy and wants to be like her brothers. And then they go on record saying they’re not going to push anything on her and if she wants to dress like a boy, she can. Now that’s fine with me…lots of girls are tomboys. But I just think by Brangelina doing this; suddenly it becomes the trendy thing to do. And now everyone stops to think before complimenting someone’s baby.

If she's dressed like this, then you can ask if she's a boy or a girl!

The next time someone asks me if Annabelle is a girl or boy, I’m going to act really annoyed and ask them what they think. Hell, by the 2nd or 3rd time someone asked us this on Sunday we started sarcastically replying that we’re letting her choose her own gender. People would laugh and just say; “Hey, you never know these days.” Ugh…that’s so annoying. The day political correctness inhibits our ability to compliment babies without walking on the gender eggshells, we’ve got problems, America.

And by the way, an early Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

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  1. Court-

    This is just what people say, I guess. It happened to me daily with both my kids. Payton always in blue head to toe and Elyse in pink from head to toe. These individuals obviously do not have kids.
    You can always just give them a look and say really you have to ask?

  2. So funny! I have a daughter and a son. Each one was constantly called the opposite even when they were pretty much always covered in girlish or boyish attire! Including blankets, pacifier, bottles, etc… One time two old ladies approached and one commented on how cute she was to my son… the other old lady said to her friend ‘Duh, he’s a boy, see all the blue!’ I LOVED it! I’ll never forget those entertaining ladies! I LOVE reading your blog! Enjoy motherhood. All stages, none of them last very long and they grow FAST! I have a 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Not sure how! lol

  3. Ya, I’m really trying to enjoy this age and I find myself asking Annabelle to not grow up too fast and to stay this size for a while. In the first few weeks I was really wishing things would speed up so we could get to the easier part, but now I’m all; OK, slow this train down, baby doll!

  4. Ya know how you said the thing about can babies actually look masculine..well my son Maddox does. From the moment he came out he really did look like a little “man”. We dressed him up in his little sisters old clothes one day.. because a cold front came in and we were not prepared with clothes for him and he made the worst little girl ever. I’ve never got the whole is it a boy or a girl but people seem to need to comment on his hair color and it got so annoying that I started saying things like “no I’m his mother I was not aware of his hair color”

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