So, way back about 7 or 8 weeks ago – when I was on maternity leave for all that time with NO BABY YET, I started to make this little video showing my progression from bump watching each week to baby. Well, I was FINALLY able to finish the second part with pics of Annabelle this week. It’s not award winning or anything, but it’s a cute little vid, so I wanted to share with you!

5 Comments on Watch my new video: From bump watchin’ to BABY!

  1. Court that was beautiful. You did a wonderful job. You are a video pro!! Loved how you set it up to walk us through. ABG will appreciate watching that someday. Of course by the end I needed tissue!!

    Great job!!

  2. You are so making me wish I wasn’t so incredibly photo averse since I’ve been pregnant! I’m 29 weeks, and the last picture I saw of myself I nearly cried at I was so huge, so I’ve been hiding ever since.

    Awesome pics!

  3. Ya, it’s not fun to see yourself get so huge, but you’ve gotta start snapping those pics for historical purposes! Just remember, this is just you now, not the way you’ll be forever! Snap, snap!

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