I did good on the plane mommy!!

I was so nervous to take Annabelle on her first plane ride last Thursday. We had a 4 ½ hour flight from California to visit family in Indiana, and I was a freaking stress ball the whole day leading up to that plane ride. I lost sleep over it days before as I methodically planned out how our day was going to go; between feedings, diaper changes and what she was going to wear on the plane. I knew the altitude change could cause her some discomfort, so I wanted to be sure to feed her as soon as we took off so she was swallowing, which would help relieve the ear pressure. Buuut, of course Ms. Anna B. decides she wants to eat as soon as we got on the plane. NOOO! This isn’t how I planned it – she was supposed to wait for the plane to take off! Jeff was getting so irritated with me and told me to calm down and I replied back curtly: “Jeff, just deal with me, OK?” This is odd for me because usually I’m the laid back one and he’s the one always getting his panties in a bunch. But on this day, my panties were all bunched up.

Thankfully, the plane took off within 15 minutes of our departure time and AB was still hungry, so I poured her another bottle and she sucked away as we climbed to 30,000 feet. No big deal. She slept some, ate some more, looked around a bunch, pooped a couple whoppers in her dipe and I had to change her in the bathroom – which, thank the Lord, had a changing table (Virgin America)! I felt sorry for the poor woman in the aisle seat. I apologized in advance for any annoyance sitting next to a baby will surely cause. Recently, a girl in my mom’s group recounted an icky story about her baby’s first plane ride which included a bitchy ice queen in the aisle seat next to her. I was practically shitting myself when I realized we were in the window and middle seat. But halleluiah, aisle lady was a grandma just returning from visiting her newborn grandson – jack pot! Annabelle turned out to be a dream baby the entire flight. She never cried and when she started to fuss I just stuck her on the boob and all was well in the world. The noisy tikes were the toddlers. Especially the one directly behind us that had a penchant for screaming like the Boogie Man was jumping out of his closet. *sighs*

What the….teething at 10 weeks????

I'm not trying to be difficult, mommy! 🙁

SO, what do you think about the most when you go visit your family and you have a new baby? That’s right, BABYSITTERS! I had my week of baby free outings all planned out. Movies, football tailgating, date night, girl’s night – whatever. Hey, what are two sets of grandparents good for anyway? But I never even saw it coming………after trying to feed her a bottle several times to no avail, and noting the absorbanent amount of drool pooling on Annabelle’s chin in the last couple of weeks, we realized that she’s showing all the signs of TEETHING!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The average baby starts teething at 7 months. Annabelle is not even 3 months yet!! Apparently early bloomers can teeth as early as 3 months, and in some cases, they may not cut a tooth for several months, but they’ll show signs early. I mean seriously, of all the weeks to go on a bottle strike, it’s the week when I have babysitters coming out of the woodworks? Child, this just ‘aint fair!

I guess the bottle’s nipple must hurt her sore gums when we try to stick it in her mouth and so she tongues it away and cries this heartbreaking cry of pain unlike the hungry or sleepy cry. And here I am getting up first thing in the morning and staying awake until midnight pumping bottles to have for all my baby free nights and it was all for nothing. Jeez, what does a formula fed baby do when she’s teething? Does she go on a bottle strike and just cry a million hungry cries? Does she eventually give in? I don’t know how those mothers get through this part. But I now feel chained to my baby. I was a nervous Nelly on date night last night. (Thankfully, she slept the whole time we were gone.) Today I ventured out to the mall to walk around and within an hour and a half I got a frantic phone call from my husband that went something like this: WHERE ARE YOU ANNABELLE IS CRYING GET YOUR BUTT HOME NOW JEEZ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I’M DYING MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!! So I rushed home feeling like I was in jail. Good grief, I hope this bottle strike biz doesn’t last long. I’ve gotta go back to work in 6 weeks!

But you know what the worst part of teething is so far? It’s that nothing feels better to my baby then gnawing on her mommy’s nipples to relieve some of the gum pain. GREAT. No, it’s awesome. Feels amazing. (OMIGAWD MY NIPPLES ARE DYING!!!)

Oh and the other amazing part is that I now have to take my baby tailgating in the Baby Bjorn on Saturday. Really, who wants to see a mom drinking a beer with her baby chilling on her chest and then breastfeeding a while later? People are judgey and mean. Screw it; I’m making Jeff hold her. People don’t judge father’s holding babies and drinking beer. It’s like, expected.

So this is my glorious vacay back home so far; a teething baby out of her element with a 3 hour time difference. Oh and, she’s suddenly showing favoritism and will only let mommy and daddy and my mom hold her. Anyone else gets cry face and bleeding ears. SUPER!

This goes to show that just when you thought you had it all figured out, your baby will throw you for a whole new loop, and you’re back to square one. *shrugs*

Oh well. I’m pouring a drink for myself — I need to numb the nips before baby’s next feeding.

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  1. Hi, this is Jeannette from 5weeksearly.blogspot.com! Found your #newmom hashtag on twitter and I had to read about your first plane ride because ours is coming up next month! I heard a rumor that you can ask the flight attendants to set up the restroom for you to change diapers. Did you do that? Any other tips for navigating the tight space?

  2. Jeannette, Annabelle did amazingly well there and back on the plane ride. I just made sure to feed her at take off and landing so her ears wouldn’t pop. She slept a lot and ate several shorter sessions throughout the flight. Thankfully, Virgin America has changing tables in the bathrooms, which are larger than what I’m used to on Southwest Airlines. That was a saving grace because AB had 4 dirty diapers on the flight home!! l apologized in advance to the person sitting next to me just in case they had to get up a lot to accomodate a baby. Luckily, I sat next to a grandma on the way there and a Labor & Delivery nurse on the way home — they completely understood! Good luck on your flight!

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