Remember about 5 weeks ago when I blogged about my new weight loss journey of “losing the baby lump”? Well I’m here to tell you friends: it ‘aint easy. I’ve heard that people have said it’s bold or brave of me to be so open on my blog about my goal to lose the weight (because what if I don’t?); but hell, doesn’t every new mom want to lose the weight? I’m just talking about it – out loud! I wish I was blogging today about the 15 lbs I’ve dropped since I last wrote about this, but I’m not.

I was really hoping to blog bi-weekly on my progress and shrink down before your very eyes. But the reality is that I’m still struggling with REAL motivation to change my lifestyle. Sure, I’ve been going to the gym about 4 days per week since Annabelle has been 8 weeks old. I thought just going there was a huge step in the right direction. Hey, won’t jogging for 25 minutes and lifting some weights melt off 25 lbs? Guess not. I’ve lost 5 lbs. in the last 5 weeks. I’m at a new plateau. This week my husband went to the gym with me and he told me that I need to “make it count.” Apparently he thought I didn’t look like I was “into it” on the treadmill. Well no shit. But he’s right. So yesterday at the gym I decided to step it up and make it count. And I was thrilled today to be sore from my work out! No pain no gain!

They say diet is 60% of the battle

But the bigger problem is not what I’m doing at the gym. The bigger problem is my diet. I still eat like I’m 9 months pregnant. Ok, I don’t eat Wendy’s Frostys everyday anymore, but I definitely don’t eat healthy at all. This is what’s holding me back from real weight loss. The annoying thing is that I know this; but I can’t seem to change my ways. It’s really REALLY hard to go from eating whatever you want for almost a year of pregnancy, to suddenly cutting out all the yummy stuff in favor of salads and broccoli. Blech. I think I need to go on Weight Watchers. I did this for my wedding and lost 13 ½ lbs and never looked better in my life. I felt amazing and I know I can do it, but once I commit to it I really have to do it. And I think I’m just putting it off for because it means life is over I have to eat boring stuff.

I go back to work in a few weeks and I really want to look my best. Unfortunately, I can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants yet. So tonight I went to the Gap to get a couple pairs of pants to wear for the next couple months at work until I shrink down. I go into that dressing room trying to squeeze my ass into pants that a year ago would’ve been HUGE on me, and now I can’t even button them. It’s mucho depressing. I walked out of there hanging my head. And then I went to Wendy’s. This is my problem; I feel bad about my gut and then Wendy’s makes me feel better. But I did get a salad……..annnnnd a baked potato with butter and sour cream (oops!). I just HATE having to live my life counting calories. But until I get back to where I want to be, I’m going to have to.

ANYWAY, to make a long story short, I’m still working on “losing the baby lump.” I know I’ll do it and I’ll never just leave this flab on, only to add onto it with baby #2 – HELLZ NO! Vain girl will do it – it’s just a matter of time.

Tell me; if you’ve had kids, did you have a super hard time losing the baby lump? And if you’d like, please share how you were successful at getting your post baby body back! Any tip helps!

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  1. Hey Courtney. I love reading your blogs. Working out is my thing…it’s my job and I love it! Sure fire way to get your body back….heart rate! Gotta keep your heart rate up at a certain intensity to get results. Otherwise it’s good you r being active but you won’t see the results you want. Tip 2…intervals. They r great for weight loss and quickly increasing fitness. Whatever cardio you choose, do 30-60 sec sprints then 1-2 min at a lower level but still high enough to keep heart rate in target range.
    Assuming your resting heart rate is @ 60… Your target heart rate will be 150 or higher when working out.
    I did intervals on the treadmill to get back in shape after baby 2 and I’m in the best running shape of my life now!!!
    Hope this helps.

  2. courtney,

    i love how honest you are in your blogs. here’s what i’ve found works for me: find an activity that’s fun and a workout. switch up your routine at the gym, like swimming/ aqua aerobics, yoga & pilates, or a weight lifting class that tones & burns calories at the same time. if the gym isn’t fun for you, go outside and hike, ride a bike, roller skate, etc. you live in a fantastic area, with lots of trails and sunshine. you just need to find something you really crave to do every day, and then you will be motivated to keep doing it.

    as for diet, quit fast food cold turkey. don’t go to any more wendy’s or subways or any of them. if you need a quick bite, stop at the grocery store and grab something from the deli– whole foods has a phenomenal selection of healthy, prepared foods. drink a glass of water before you eat– this alone will save you hundreds of empty calories. i could go on about how a vegetarian diet is ideal for losing weight, but that’s a whole other diet step.

    also, manage your proportions– each item on your plate should only be the size of your fist, and the greener and fresher, the better for your body. increase your protein and decrease your carbs & sugar. eat a healthy snack every 2 hours, then your meals will be smaller because you will feel full throughout the day. this also increases your metabolism.

    easy to say, hard to do, but i know you can do it because you are awesome.

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! This is great advice! I will definitely start doing intervals on the treadmill. I like the idea of pushing myself really hard for 30-60 seconds and then going back to a normal pace. What a great way to burn calories and build muscle. I’ll also try to remember to use the handle bars on the machines to check my heart rate to ensure it’s around 150. I appreciate your tips, it gives me something to shoot for!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement and recommendations, Cristina! I do need to mix up my work outs more so I don’t get bored. You’re right on the whole diet thing. It’s def harder than it sounds, that’s for sure! I just wish I had a live in chef that could cook me yummy healthy meals all day, every day!

  5. I love how honest you are in your blogs. here’s what I’ve found works for me: find an activity that’s fun and a workout. | 😛

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